Aug 14
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SWIFT eCard Platform: Quality Greetings, Thoughtful Savings

Are you looking to maintain meaningful connections with your valued clients and customers, our SWIFT eCard portal provides a cost-effective way to send high-quality eCards without committing to a subscription or package.

SWIFT is a proven and reliable solution that effortlessly fulfills all business needs and only pays per recipient.

Businesses are preparing Christmas campaigns, and SWIFT’s eCard platform stands out as the ultimate choice to send greetings, elevate your messages, enhance relationships, and redefine your engagement with clients, managers, and more.

What is SWIFT eCard Platform?

SWIFT is an innovative system by Zone1 intellect, meticulously tailored to cater to the unique requirements of small businesses. Think of it as your astute virtual assistant, proficiently sending chic digital cards to your clients, partners, and team members. Imagine having both a skilled graphic designer and a lightning-fast courier all wrapped up into one efficient package.

As the Christmas season draws near, SWIFT seamlessly transforms into your dedicated companion, ensuring your Christmas greetings reach their recipients flawlessly. Be it a birthday celebration, a holiday occasion, or a spontaneous gesture of gratitude, our eCard platform empowers you to effortlessly send a multitude of well wishes on behalf of your organization.

Are you an individual user gearing up to send a batch of a hundred Christmas eCards for your organization? If affordability and efficiency are what you seek, then look no further than our Swift eCard portal! Operating on a user-friendly “Pay As You Go” model, you’ll only be charged an economical 50 cents per recipient.

It’s remarkably noteworthy that our pricing structure for this module stands at an impressive 60% lower than that of our competitors. Get ready to experience a budget-friendly and seamless eCard sending journey with Zone1’s Swift eCard

SWIFT: Your Business’s Ultimate Greeting Solution

SWIFT eCard platform is tailored to suit all kinds of organizations who are seeking to send Christmas eCards for business or share a handful of eCards on special occasions or aiming to make a memorable impact. In addition, managers, small business owners, and professionals can all find value in having SWIFT.

Efficiency and Speed:

Because we understand the value of time SWIFT eCard system lets you create and send polished eCards in a snap, ensuring your greetings reach their destination promptly. Select the eCard, customize it for your specific occasion, add your recipient contacts, and hit send.

Brand Brilliance:

Your business’s unique identity is vital that’s why SWIFT offers you to enhance your eCards with your company signature, logo, and personalized message, ensuring every communication radiates your professional image by keeping its identity.

Personal Touch, Professional Impact:

Forge meaningful connections with clients, partners, and team members through personalized messages for each recipient or group of recipients. SWIFT empowers you to add that personal touch that makes your communications stand out.

Streamlined Management:

SWIFT understands that managing recipient lists efficiently is crucial for your busy schedule so in SWIFT you can import a list of recipients in groups and send group ecards for each list with just a few clicks.

Flexibility for Every Occasion:

Whether you’re acknowledging employee appreciation, celebrating milestones, or sending holiday greetings, SWIFT provides an array of designs to suit every occasion, just like you tailor your business strategies.

Versatile Communication:

In a digital age, versatility is key. SWIFT eCards can be sent via email, making it convenient to connect with your business network wherever they are.

Budget-Friendly Brilliance:

We know smart investments matter. SWIFT’s pay-per-recipient model lets you exercise budget control, ensuring you only pay for the cards you send.

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Why You Should Use Christmas eCards For Business?

How SWIFT Can Enhance Business Relationships?

From seamlessly sending eCards for business on various occasions to establishing meaningful connections with high-level managers, breaking language barriers, and embracing a new dimension of marketing, SWIFT empowers you to make a lasting impression that drives success.

Experience the difference firsthand and unlock the potential to cultivate stronger relationships, boost engagement, and revolutionize your client connections.

Sending eCards for Different Occasions, Celebrations:

With SWIFT, you have a versatile tool in your arsenal that lets you effortlessly create and send Christmas eCards and will be with you in every occasion that matters. Whether it’s a birthday, or sending work anniversary eCards, event invitations, SWIFT’s array of designs and customization options ensure that your eCards leave a lasting impact.

Not to mention that corporate Christmas eCards typically maintain vibrancy and usability for approximately 10 times longer than regular cards.

Better Communications:

Imagine having a sophisticated way to reach out to managers within your organization. SWIFT enables you to craft eCards that convey your respect, gratitude, and professionalism.

A personalized eCard can be the bridge that fosters better communication and collaboration with those who drive your business forward.

Bilingual Communications:

Breaking language barriers becomes a breeze with SWIFT. If your business operates in diverse regions, SWIFT’s bilingual capabilities allow you to send eCards in multiple languages, ensuring that your messages resonate authentically with recipients across the globe.

Large-scale companies find it hard to communicate internally and externally, here comes the power of the corporate greetings eCards platform.

New Approach for Marketing:

SWIFT ushers in a fresh era of marketing and client connection. Gone are the days of traditional emails that often get lost in the shuffle. By using SWIFT eCards in marketing, your messages stand out, reach to the recipient on Social Media, such as Facebook or email.

And offering a unique and memorable way to engage clients because people are 10 times more likely to keep personalized business eCards than others.

SWIFT Features For The Best Experience:

Our dedication led us to create a range of SWIFT eCard features meticulously designed to cater to diverse business needs, a commitment that shines even brighter given our pay-per-eCard approach, prompting the necessity for comprehensive tracking.

Fully Customizable eCards:

Customization is paramount in B2B eCards. With SWIFT, you can personalize the message, select the eCard you prefer, add your logo, company URL, and signature add personal touch depending on the occasion. With SWIFT eCards template, you’ll find a variety of creative eCards designs to use.

User-Friendly Interface:

The SWIFT interface is meticulously designed to offer a seamless experience for users of all backgrounds and requirements, epitomizing true user-friendliness. With just a single click, you gain the power to track and monitor effortlessly:

  • Total eCards Sent: Track the eCards sent count in each campaign or in general.
  • View Rate: Track how many ecards are viewed, how many are not viewed yet, and lastly how many are bounced.
  • Campaign Billing: Monitor your billing for the last campaign and the previous ones.
  • Activity: the account activity by the number of ecards sent every month.
  • Scheduled eCards: Set the time and date of sending earlier as you need. Doing this for group recipients, or per recipient, is an easy process with SWIFT

If you have any concerns, you can find answers in The Help tab. Alternatively, we welcome your feedback in the designated section.

Real-Time Analytics:

Keep your finger on the pulse of your campaign’s performance effortlessly. Gain insights into user engagement, message interactions, conversion rates, and an array of other valuable metrics. This data equips you with the power to strategically enhance user experiences and elevate the triumph of your campaigns. Our ultimate objective revolves around supplying you with the essential data required to steer your eCard campaigns toward unparalleled success.


Zone1 Intellect prioritizes your data security. We’ve taken meticulous steps to ensure that your information remains in dedicated server space, distinct from any other data on our cloud server. This level of separation and security extends seamlessly to the SWIFT eCard platform as well. We provide top-tier security measures, routine updates, and reliable backups all converging to safeguard your business’s sensitive information and privacy.


Don’t let your communications be lost in the shuffle. Take a proactive step to foster genuine connections with SWIFT for sending Christmas eCards, turning interactions into opportunities to build lasting business relationships.

Create your SWIFT Account today and see the difference SWIFT can make for your business.