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Zone1 is the leading platform for branded business eCards, offering inventive solutions for any business goals. We serve all businesses, from small companies to large corporations, with features that enhance customer and employee engagement. With our customizable dashboards, personalizing eCards is effortless. Additionally, our robust analytics tool enables effective campaign tracking. We prioritize security and performance, ensuring your solution is tailored and efficient. For businesses with a limited distribution list, our “SWIFT” Single-User portal is a budget-friendly option.

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A Unique, One-of-a-Kind Solution

eCard platform-Your Own Platform URL

Operates Under Your Own URL

Set up your portal on Zone1 system by providing your website URL (e.g. Alternatively, we can create a subdomain for you. With your unique URL, you’re ready to craft your own eCards and proudly introduce your new portal to your users.

Fully Branded and Customized

Our Business eCards system offers you the opportunity to add your brand identity, logo, and signature, in addition to choosing whether to use your artwork or choose one of our templates.
Customized and Branded ecards
eCards platform- Unlimited Sending

Unlimited eCard Delivery

Zone1 allows you to enjoy unrestricted eCard sending to your email list. You don’t need credits, tokens, or to pay per sent eCard. Users have the ability to select and send an unlimited number of messages at the enterprise level.

Unlimited Staff Members

Zone1 provides a business-level solution without per-user or per-activity fees. You can send a secure registration invitation to your entire staff via your own email domain. Your administrative tool is used for user management. By doing this, you can manage your staff and their activities effectively without having to worry about incurring extra expenses.
eCards platform- Unlimited Staff Members
eCard platform-Send-by-email-and-SMS

Sending eCards Via Email and SMS

Zone1’s eCard sending platform provides users with the option to send eCards via email or SMS and to share them on social media in one step.
All you need to do is upload all of your contacts: names, phone numbers, and emails. Then select what you prefer.

Embedding Your Own Designs

Do you have your own creative designs?
Embed them, and our team will work with your creative team to ensure that on every occasion you will have fully branded Business eCards.
ecard platfom- design your own ecard
eCard platform -Multiple Languages

Multiple Languages for Global Companies

Connect with your global user community by providing them with a platform that supports multiple languages, allowing them to switch and use the language that best suits them, creating a central location for sharing and communication.

Start an Internal Community!

Zone1 provides a user community to boost internal communication between the company and all staff. In this way, greetings, birthday wishes, anniversaries at work, and announcements can be shared with eCards. It also helps to foster a sense of community and belonging among staff members.
eCards platform-User Community eCards
eCard platform-API Integration

API/Active Directory Integration

Integrating Zone1 with your API or Active Directory facilitates a seamless sign-in process, eliminating concerns about forgotten or lost credentials and enhancing your user experience. The Zone1 team will collaborate with your IT team to ensure smooth implementation.

Data Protection

Zone1’s platform utilizes a dedicated database to guarantee optimal security and peak performance. This means that your data is stored in its own secure database, ensuring it is not shared or mixed with other data on our cloud server.
eCard platform-Fully Protected Data
eCards platform Admin Reports

Track Your Success and Activity

Ensuring robust monitoring is a top priority for a business eCard platform. The system enables tracking of every action undertaken by staff members, the generation of various insightful reports, and effective user management.

Sender Identity Management

The platform empowers administrators to assign assistants to various executives. These assistants, through the Sending Profiles module, can be linked to multiple executives, enabling them to send eCards on their behalf. The eCards appeared in the recipients’ inboxes as being sent directly from the executive’s email address, not the assistant’s.
eCard platform- Sender Identity
eCards platform- Special Occasions

Smart Special Occasion

An automated tool for dispatching birthday and work anniversary greetings. By uploading a spreadsheet with pertinent details. The module reviews the recipient list daily and sends out eCards on the assigned dates. Administrators can track the status of each eCard and manage the recipient list accordingly.

Include Gift Cards

Enhance your eCards by adding gift cards with ease. Simply choose this feature, insert a link to the gift card, and your recipient can redeem it directly from the eCard. It’s a seamless way to show appreciation or reward someone for their hard work. Whether sending a group birthday card to a client or colleague, this touch adds a special flair to your gesture.

Instant Demo

Zone1 is a custom branded corporate ecards platform designed to fit any type of business, regardless of size or shape. The demo experience provides a realistic preview of the platform before it is launched with your own branding.
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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”


Steve Jobs

“Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room.” 


Jeff Bezos

What Our Clients Are Saying About Zone1

“We used Zone1 to create our Holiday ecard portal and were very happy with the results. With Manulife being such a large company with high demand for holiday cards we needed a fully customizable solution with options for choice in cards and personal messages. The portal was customized in both English and French and allowed for easy user interaction, branded logo selections, personal messages and mass sends. Thanks to Zone1 for the quick turn-around and availability on any issues, a truly customizable ecard solution for any company!”


Manulife logo
“Being in 52 countries worldwide, your service allowed us to uniformly communicate to our partners. The site was easy for users and everyone at zone1 was quick to assist. Thanks for making us look so good!”


“We were very pleased with the Zone1 product, process and team that we worked with. From working on a tight deadline (delivering content before deadline!), to troubleshooting issues and adapting your technology to provide the voting function, we very happy with the results. My colleagues were impressed with the product, the card design, and the fact we met deadline (a new phenomenon for us, apparently).”


corporate ecard platform clients

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