Jul 27
Holiday Group eCard

Easily Send Holiday Greetings to Everyone With Group eCards

How many recipients are you planning to send Holiday greetings to? Are they clients, employees, or colleagues?

With group eCards, send holiday greetings to everyone with customized eCards, and personalized messages, and send in groups, not individuals in no time.

For business owners, sending holiday greetings to hundreds of recipients can be a daunting task. It can be time-consuming, expensive, and impersonal.

Let’s see how can group eCards solve these problems.

What are Group eCards?

A group eCard is an electronic card that multiple people can sign and write their messages. It is an easy and fun way to collectively appreciate and celebrate special moments and make them more memorable.

They’re a convenient way to keep in touch with remote colleagues, partners, and other organizations to cooperate and send one eCard on a special occasion.

Benefits of Using Group eCards on Holiday:

If you’re still thinking about ditching traditional ways, here are four advantages for eCard for business that might help you make the decision:


Sending a group eCard allows you to reach all of your contacts and stakeholders with one message instead of sending individual cards.

Consistent branding:

A group eCard sends from your organization displays your business logo and name. This helps maintain a consistent brand presence with all recipients while individual cards can lack that organizational affiliation.

Team involvement:

With group eCards, multiple team members can sign the eCard, showing collaboration and involvement from across your organization which creates a more impactful message.

Tracking and analyzing:

Track the overall open and click-through rates for every eCard to determine how effectively it captured recipients’ attention. And actionable insights help you fine-tune the timing, personalization, and design of future group eCards.

Why Businesses Should Use an eCard Platform Instead of Sending Individual eCards?

Sending holiday greetings individually can be time-consuming for businesses for many reasons and challenges, such as:

  • Not Scalable: Sending each eCard manually does not scale as a business grows. It becomes inefficient and time-consuming.
  • Lack of Personalization: Individual eCards cannot be personalized at scale for different recipients.
  • No Analytics: There is no data or insights available on open rates, clicks, etc. for individual ecards sent manually.
  • High Cost: The manual labor needed to send individual eCards rises with volume, increasing costs.
  • Inconsistent Branding: Individual eCards lack the consistent logo, colors, and messaging of an official business eCard platform.
  • Security Risk: Individual eCard accounts may not have the security measures of an official business eCard platform.

As a business’s needs grow in terms of ecard volume, personalization, data/insights, costs, and branding consistency, sending individual ecards manually becomes inefficient, expensive, and poses security risks compared to using an official ecard platform.

That’s why you must consider some factors when choosing an eCard service.

How to Choose the Best Group eCards Platform?

For businesses looking to send group eCards efficiently and professionally, choosing the right eCard platform is essential. Here’re some factors that must be considered to identify a platform that meets all your business needs:

  • Ease of use:

Look for a platform that is intuitive and easy for your employees or users to navigate. It should have a simple interface and require minimal training.

  • Scalability:

Make sure the platform can easily scale to send the volume of eCards you need. Consider the maximum number of recipients it can handle at once.

  • Personalization:

Check that the platform allows you to customize and personalize eCards for different recipient groups or occasion. This includes adding names, images and different occasions such as static or Christmas animated ecards .

  • Analytics:

Choose a platform that provides insights and reporting on metrics like open rates, click-through rates, recipients reached, etc.

  • Branding:

Select a platform that lets you add your company logo, color scheme, and other branding elements to the eCards.

  • Security:

Ensure the eCard platform features include proper security measures like a dedicated database to guarantee optimal security and peak performance.

  • Cost:

Consider the pricing model and total cost of using the platform for your volume of eCards. Look for any discounts for annual or bulk purchases.

  • Support:

Check what customer support options are available, especially important if you’ll be using the platform at scale.

Common Concerns eCards Group Greeting Solve:

Let’s talk about how Zone1 best group eCards can help you and highlight some concerns that you might ask about.

Can you send an eCard from a group?

Yes! Zone1 offers the feature to send eCards from a group, such as employees or managers with personalized messages and multiple signatures.

From the dashboard, while you customize the eCard, choose multiple signatures.

Can you send an eCard to multiple recipients?

Yes. Once you select the eCard with your message, you simply add the recipient’s contact info, such as name, email, or phone number. Each recipient will receive an individual eCard.

In Zone1, you can import your recipients list and create separate lists, if you plan to send different eCards.

How to send a group eCard with multiple signatures?

To send a ground eCard with multiple signatures:

  • Choose an eCard design and write a message
  • Upload all of the signatures you need to add.
  • Schedule the delivery date and time or send the ecard immediately

And don’t forget to add your company logo if you want.


In summary, creating and sending a group eCard involves straightforward steps that leverage the templates, tools, and automation of eCard platforms.

Businesses of all sizes can easily compose one eCard, target the right audience and spread joy at a massive scale, all with just a few clicks.

So, why not try Zone1 group ecards for your next occasion? Sign up for our live demo and try a delightful way to spread happiness, show appreciation, and make lasting memories together.