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Zone1 eCard platform comes with a set of standard tools, specially developed to create your perfect eCard that conveys your message to your audience uniquely.
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System Features

Your Own URL

The platform will run on your branded corporate URL! Upon providing us with the desired URL (example;, team Zone1 will register the domain name on your behalf. If you prefer, you may register your own. Simply point to our DNS and let us do the rest! If you want your eCard platform to show up under your existing company URL (example;, we will work closely with your IT department to make a simple host entry on your DNS. Once this has been done, team Zone1 will set up your branded platform, upload your customized eCards, test your system, and you are ready to go!

Data Protection

The client is the sole and exclusive owner of the trademarks, logos and all other identification used in connection with the client, including client’s authorized users. The uploaded data to the platform by the client and the authorized users, such as customized messages, email addresses, personal information and recipients’ information, are properties of the client and protected from distribution, release, or any other use under the Zone1 Privacy Policy.

Automated Updates

New updates are downloaded and installed immediately they are available, keeping your platform up-to-date. The update patches are performed to address security vulnerabilities in existing platforms and they contain bug fixes, new styles and navigation systems to assist in improving user experience.

Network Restrictions

For the companies that want to take advantage of our platform for employee recognition, we have included a network restriction that could be implemented to close the network. This will restrict the ability to send eCards or general messages to the associates of your organization. The managers and employees communicate within the network and will not be able to deliver the messages to external e-mail addresses. The messages will stay within the provided email domain(s) network.

Mobile Social

In this day of advancing technology, it’s a fact that most people use their phones for everything; from email to Facebook. Our platform allows you to deliver a rich and engaging brand experience to any mobile device! In addition to this, your users will be able to work on their own mobile devices and operating systems to customize and send their eCards on the go! The specially designed mobile app will redirect your platform domain users to their secure accounts with ease! Zone1 provides mobile access to the branded eCards via the responsive website and/or via the downloadable app.

Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

Sending eCards can save costs and be more efficient than sending traditional print cards. For many businesses and institutions, mailing a traditional print card to clients, customers, donors, subscriber list, etc. is a cumbersome process, let alone the labor required. Usually, the time and money clients would devote designing and mailing print cards speaks inefficiency. Quite often, clients can save money and a lot of valuable time by opting to forward a business holiday eCard. Also, the recipient is furnished with a richer experience and clients can use online technologies with eCards to fulfill a number of marketing initiatives they have.

API/AD Integration

Our platform has the ability to connect your software applications such as your intranet, internal programs and most popular apps to the eCard platform through API (Application Program Interface) to allow the transfer of certain information, as directed by the client, to the eCard platform The API is a set of routines, protocols and tools for building and connecting software applications. Integration with your AD (Active Directory) is a great opportunity to use our Single-Sign-On option so your users don’t have to remember more passwords. Team Zone1 will work closely with your IT team to specify the type of API or AD requirements and set the rules to make the connection happen and allow Single-Sign-On feature.

Multiple Languages

With Cure, global organizations now have the ability to provide their associates with a platform covering multiple languages! You can create the full site in multiple languages, including all the site-pages, functionality, buttons and processes, giving the user the option to switch between the available languages. Engage your global community users to share and communicate from one place without the need to create multiple systems with different languages.

Brand Choice

eCards for each brand! This feature will allow your users to select from the available brands/logos, and they can apply the logo on the eCard with one mouse click (all in one screen and under the same design). This powerful feature will deliver significant cost and time savings.

User Features

Secure Access

The eCard platform provides your employees with a branded and secured way of promoting their corporate identity internally and globally. The Closed Platform version offers maximum security to its users. It features secure login upon email address verification and allows privacy and content protection.

Activities and Actions

View a historical listing of every eCard delivered and monitor the recipients who have or haven’t opened the eCards. You can also receive an email notification informing you of when a message is read. View, sort, modify scheduled eCards and manage them in the activity record.


Creating an address book allows you to easily generate an eCard mailing list. The address book is completely managed by the individual user. The user will have the ability to sort, update, add/or delete any contact. The contacts’ list is equipped with standard fields to accommodate the imported details such as e-mail address, name, phone number and company name. Contacts can be entered manually or imported with Advanced Upload Component (AUC) via a CSV file.

Import Contacts

The Advanced Upload Component (AUC) will automatically format your CSV file for proper listing. Upon notifying the user and receiving action permission, the Advanced Upload Component (AUC) will organize your contacts and remove the duplicated entries. This happens during the upload procedure, if you are not familiar with creating a CSV file, that’s okay! Easy-to-follow instructions will be provided.

Sync Contacts

The platform will help you keep track of hundreds of contacts across multiple sites and services. The syncing-your-contact feature will also help you to keep your contacts up-to date effortlessly.

Distribution Lists

User-Managed Distribution Lists (add-on to the Address Book) allow users to create unlimited separate contact groups in order to channel specialized messages to each group. The Global Distribution List module allows the administrator to upload and manage corporate contacts for all registered users to view. Through this Master Distribution List, contacts can easily be added, modified, or deleted by the administrator, saving a vast amount of time and energy.

Group eCards

Sharing eCards with others is a great idea. Apart from saving time, it makes sure you don’t have to send multiple eCards to the same person. For example, you can create a birthday eCard, select other users from your community and invite them to write their own personalized message on the same eCard! The eCard will be delivered to the recipients on the selected delivery date containing all the personalized messages entered by the users. The recipient will appreciate the way you and your colleagues gathered to celebrate her through the unique birthday eCard.

Mail Merge

Mail Merge is the automatic addition of contacts saved in your address book to the message you send. You can add multiple recipients at once in order to facilitate sending your eCard. With Mail Merge, each message is a separate mailing. This means that each recipient will believe they are the sole recipient of each message. You can use Mail Merge to send the personalized eCards by name to recipients in your address book or in a distribution list.

Scheduled eCards

You have the option to select a future date to deliver your messages. If a future date is selected, you will always have the option to push this date further or stop the delivery of the message, if necessary. The scheduled messages will be saved under the Scheduled Messages tab for easy overview and access. Once sent on the selected dates, the message will be transferred from the scheduled messages section to the history section. Schedule your Christmas or birthday eCards months in advance and never worry about them again.

Sending Profiles

The admin will be able to assign a user (As assistant) to another user (The executive). The assistant can be assigned to more than one executive to send on behalf. When the assistant login, a list of allowed executives to send on behalf will be in place (As assigned by the admin). The assistant will be able to manage the executive’s signature, the recipients list, select the eCard design and start sending on behalf. The ecards will be delivered to the recipient’s inbox as coming from the executive’s email address (Account).


Use the Reminder’s Calendar to create unlimited reminders to help you to keep-up with important events. You will have the option to control how the reminders are delivered to you! Also, you have the option of selecting whether to receive reminder notifications or not. If you prefer to receive reminder notifications by email, turn the “Reminders” feature ON. If you prefer not to receive them, turn it OFF. Also, you can edit or delete reminders from your calendar.

Admin Features

Detailed Reports

With the Dated Reports feature, you will be able to easily specify certain dates/periods to generate the reports you desire. Dated Reports has proven to be a very useful tool to retrieve information quickly and efficiency. You will have the chance to view a historical listing of all eCards delivered by all users, as well as the ability to view the amount of eCards sent out by each associate.

Manage Users

The ‘Manage Users’ feature is an excellent feature to keep control of all activities and performance of your platform. You will be able to add or import new users and send them automated invitations with temporary passwords to set their login credentials. You will have the opportunity to activate or deactivate registered users and keep user record up-to-date. User Group: Executives will have access to eCards which are not visible to regular users. Editing user information or deleting actions are available as well. Once a user is deleted, the user will not be able to access the platform anymore.

Manage eCards

As an admin, you will be able to manage the eCards by making them active or inactive. Executive eCards are exclusive templates designed to be used by the corporate executives only. However, you will have the option to make the eCard visible for executives only or for everyone (All users).

View Rate

The ability to evaluate the conversion rate for each campaign is included in each standard report. This will give you a clear view on how your campaigns perform through their cycle and the overall performance of the platform. These conversion rates will help you plan for your next campaign. You will also find a more-improved user experience through notification and posting special notes specific to each campaign.

eCard View

This optional report and feature gives you the ability to view a copy of sent eCards including the personalized message that was generated by your user. This will allow you to see how your sent messages look and whether they were sent with your company’s personal standards or not. Based on the access to the sent messages, the project manager will be able to carry out actions like performing a training session, deciding the need for changes, and more. The project manager can also send a generic message to the users. Such messages may include, but not be limited to, instructions on what they should consider when personalizing their eCards.

Bounce-Back Control

Our 505/Bounce Back Report Generator is designed to create a list of the returned and failed messages. The report details will specify the reasons for the delivery failure, type of bounce (soft or hard), failure code and a list of failure codes clarification to ensure you understand each properly. This will assist you in many things, including, but not limited to, advising your users to update their contact lists to perform in an up-to-date manner.

Global Distribution Lists

These lists are created and managed by the site admin only for adding corporate general contacts to different lists. Once a global distribution list is created, it will become visible to users in the directory of distribution lists, from which they can now select contacts to send eCards to. These lists are very helpful for businesses who would like to store general contacts in one place, and with access to sharing the contacts with users. Users may view the contacts and send eCards to them. However, they will not be able to delete, update, or modify any contact on these lists, as only the admin can perform these actions.

Special Occasions

The Special Occasion module is an automated Birthdays and work Anniversaries sending solution. The admin will be able to upload a sheet with the desired data (Names, email addresses, month, and date of birth/ or work anniversary dates), and then select the eCard design. Zone1 Special Occasion module will check every day for the recipients that should receive their ecards and automatically send the greetings on the set dates. The admin will be able to check the status for each sent ecard and manage the recipients list.

Sending Profiles

The admin will be able to assign a user (As assistant) to another user (The executive). The assistant can be assigned to more than one executive to send on behalf. When the assistant login, a list of allowed executives to send on behalf will be in place (As assigned by the admin). The assistant will be able to manage the executive’s signature, the recipients list, select the eCard design and start sending on behalf. The ecards will be delivered to the recipient’s inbox as coming from the executive’s email address (Account).

Sending Hub

The sending Hub module is an add-on to the admin tools. This module allows the admin to create sending campaigns on behalf of the company (The registered users). Simply, the admin will be able to select the users to send on their behalf, upload the recipients list for each user, select the desired eCard design, and set the sending date. The ecards will be delivered to the recipient’s inbox as coming from each user email address (Account). The sending Hub is
completely managed by the admin and can be paused and resumed.


You will be able to view a list of every associate within your organization that has registered on your platform. The list will include any information related to the user. Thus, it is a great way to communicate with your registered users and you will be able to send them messages directly from your admin area. These messages may contain instructions, announcements, assistance and more. You might also want to notify them about any upcoming campaigns along with the launch dates. Communication messages are completely managed by you. They can be sent via email, launched upon user login, or both.

“We were very pleased with the Zone1 product, process and team that we worked with. From working on a tight deadline (delivering content before deadline!), to troubleshooting issues and adapting your technology to provide the voting function, we very happy with the results. My colleagues were impressed with the product, the card design, and the fact we met deadline (a new phenomenon for us, apparently).”


“With over 4,000 employees, sending e-cards on behalf of everyone’s’ business contacts seemed daunting. Zone1’s e-card web application made the process easy, efficient and affordable. The Zone1 team was easy to work with and flexible to our needs. The set up process ran smoothly and timely. Upon rolling out our new e-card site, we received wonderful feedback from the user community. Users found the system simple to use and intuitive to navigate. I would not hesitate to call on Zone1 again in the future.”


August 3, 2015

Emma John

e-Card can promote your brands

Integrating e-Card into business has many advantages, it is what many businesses have incorporated over the years into their long-term marketing strategies and have had great success that they are now developing specially created micro-sites with e-card providers, making this form of communication a powerful and new marketing plan. More and more companies have decided to use this type of marketing plan as the response is so positive…

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