Here, when you are not!

ewysh is a unique eCard and communication app designed to keep your bond with loved ones alive after your departure from this world.

Personalize heartfelt messages, design poignant birthday cards, and curate cherished videos. Appoint a ‘Next of Kin’ who will have the responsibility to report your passing. Once verified, your pre-scheduled eCards, videos, and essential documents are securely dispatched to the chosen beneficiaries, exactly as you’ve arranged in your account. It’s not just a process; it’s a testament to enduring love and memory. Subscribe to ewysh, and continue to touch the lives of those you hold dear, even in your absence.

Your Trusted Companion for Post-Life Messages

Step 1: Begin Your Journey

Register for a complimentary, secure account. Once you’re settled, select the plan that aligns with the number of Wyshes you wish to send. Then, identify your trusted individuals as your ‘Next of Kin(s)’.

Step 2: Capture the Moment

Whether you’re recording in real-time or uploading from your collection, ewysh offers flexibility. Use it as a vault for treasured memories and essential documents, set to be shared upon your passing.

Step 3: Identify Your Beneficiaries

Designate family members, close friends, or even work colleagues as beneficiaries. These chosen individuals will receive a personalized message from you, intended to be delivered upon your passing.

Step 4: Craft Lasting Memories

Delve into personalization by creating unique content tailored for all your chosen beneficiaries. Whether it’s a special occasion, a heartfelt message, or just because, ensure every moment is treasured.

Step 5: Deliver with Love

Even when you can’t be there to say it, ewysh ensures your message gets through. Guarantee that your sentiments reach your loved ones precisely when you intended.

Step 6: True Peace of Mind

Rest assured in the knowledge that your carefully crafted Wysh will be delivered to your loved ones, carrying your sentiments and memories exactly as you envisioned.


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