Effective communication is the bedrock of business success, and the Zone1 eCard Platform is poised to support you with our cutting-edge digital eCard solutions. We offer a smooth and straightforward way for you to stay in touch, ensuring no special occasion goes unmarked! Below are answers to some of the most common questions. If you don’t find the answer to your query here, we’re always available to assist.
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Answers For Your Common Questions About Zone1 eCard Portal

Sending animated eCards to your recipients via the Zone1 eCard platform is a straightforward process:

  1. Select a design that suits your preference and customize it in line with your company’s branding guidelines.
  2. Craft a personalized message for your recipients.
  3. Import the contacts to whom you wish to send the eCard.
  4. If required, you can include a digital signature for a personalized touch.
  5. Decide on a date and time for sending the eCard – you can schedule it for later or choose to send it immediately.

Once these steps are completed, the Zone1 platform promptly dispatches your eCard via the selected method – be it email or SMS – to all the contacts on your list. Check our blog about animated eCards.

A notable feature that Zone1 provides is the capability to share your eCard on social media. This allows you to either post the eCard directly on your profile or send it via private messaging.

The Zone1 eCard platform provides you with the flexibility to schedule the dispatch of your eCards at varying times, according to your preference and for different recipient lists. During the eCard customization process, you can specify your desired date and time in the “Sending Date” section.

To manage your scheduled eCards within your account:

  • Navigate to the “Activity” section.
  • Choose “Scheduled eCards” from the dropdown menu.

Indeed, Zone1 employs a dedicated database to guarantee paramount security and excellent performance. This means that your data is encrypted and securely stored in its own isolated database on our cloud server. For full transparency, our team is committed to helping your IT team understand every facet of our security system. To support this, we will provide you with the Zone1 Security Kit.

Indeed, you can. Zone1 is a corporate-branded eCard platform that facilitates business branding through the SWIFT system.

SWIFT system allows you to incorporate your logo and your company domain into your eCards. You can learn more about the SWIFT system in its dedicated section.

To include multiple signatures on an eCard, go to the customization page and scroll down until you find the “Manage Signatures” option. By clicking on this option, you’ll be able to add and customize several signatures, which can be used whenever needed.

Absolutely! You can send group eCards and allow other individuals to sign your eCard. To accomplish this, simply customize your eCard and choose the option that permits multiple senders. This invites them to add their own personalized messages and signatures to the eCard before it’s dispatched.

We recognize that as a business, robust and responsive customer support is critical for your success with our eCard platform. Our commitment to support prioritizes:

  • Aiming to respond to any support request within one business day.
  • Providing clear and honest communication about the status of issues, timeframes for resolutions, and any limitations.
  •  Ensuring our support team understands your unique needs and goals to provide the most appropriate guidance and solutions.
  • Making our support team accessible via email, phone, or live chat.

Ultimately, our objective is to make the support process seamless and stress-free, enabling you to concentrate on what truly matters – establishing meaningful connections with your customers through our eCard platform.

Rest assured that your data, contacts, images, and personalized messages are secure with Zone1. Our privacy policy guarantees the protection of all information uploaded to our platform. Our skilled team consistently monitors and updates our privately-owned equipment and software to ensure the utmost level of security. Our business model gives top priority to security, updates, backups, and operations, aiming to provide the highest degree of protection for your business.

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Zone1 offers integration with APIs and Active Directory, enabling our platform to seamlessly integrate with your existing software applications. Our API facilitates the transfer of specific information from your intranet and internal programs to the eCard platform. In addition, our integration with your Active Directory activates our Single-Sign-On feature, thus eliminating the need for multiple passwords. Our team is committed to working in collaboration with your IT department to set up the necessary protocols for a smooth integration process.

Absolutely! We offer a free trial of our service. This allows you to experience our platform firsthand and explore the benefits of our features before making a commitment. Simply register for the demo and you can enjoy our service without any expense.

Try our free demo.

Indeed, Zone1 simplifies the process of creating customized eCards using your own photographs. You can upload your images in either PNG or JPG format to the designated area within the artwork. The platform allows you to resize and adjust your photos to ensure they complement the overall design seamlessly.

An eCard for business is a digital greeting card that companies can dispatch to customers, partners, and employees to cultivate engagement and nurture relationships.

To create a digital eCard with Zone1, you have three options:

  1. Design your own eCard and provide Zone1 team with your files.
  2.  Allow the Zone1 team to design your eCard. Just share your ideas with us and we’ll get to work.
  3. Do-It-Yourself with the SWIFT eCard system. Select a design from the Zone1 gallery and customize it as per your preference.

You can also use the SWIFT system to design the eCard yourself. Read more about Zone1 eCard options for further details.

To monitor the delivery of an eCard, you have two options:

  1. Select the “Notify me when the eCard is viewed” box before dispatching the eCard. This way, you will receive a notification every time a recipient views the eCard.
  2.  Utilize the analysis dashboard to keep track of the status of each eCard.

In Zone1, we offer three types of eCards:

  1. Standard eCard Template: This provides a sleek and email-friendly design that is ideal for corporate eCards. It’s designed to guarantee seamless delivery and adhere to all necessary standards.
  2. Animated eCards: animated eCards deliver a dynamic and engaging experience with videos, illustrations, and music, leaving a lasting impression on your recipients.
  3. Photo eCards: These allow your community users to personalize their eCards by uploading their own photos. This feature not only strengthens your brand identity but also gives users the flexibility to customize their B2B eCards.

Feel free to have a consultation with Zone1 to find a solution that best fits your needs!

Indeed, you can track the status of your eCards either directly from your dashboard or by visiting your Activity section, where you can check the status of sent, bounced-back, or group shared eCards.

Zone1’s eCard platform is 100% mobile-friendly, providing a seamless and engaging brand experience on any mobile device. This enables your users to customize and send their eCards from anywhere, at any time. The platform can be accessed through a responsive website or a downloadable app. Both options are designed for easy user redirection to their secure accounts, where they can track and monitor their activities via the dashboard.

If you choose to send your eCards instantly, the delivery time depends on the quantity of eCards you’re sending at once. Typically, they get delivered within a few minutes, and sometimes even within seconds.

With real-time reporting and sophisticated analytics, a project manager can effectively oversee the eCards dispatched by the team or any platform user. The manager has the ability to analyze various activities, conversion rates, user engagement, content included in each message, and more. This empowers you to maintain and elevate the user experience, while also ensuring the success of each campaign.

Yes, Zone1 eCards are entirely safe to open as they originate from verified domain names and are sent from cloud servers equipped with robust security software.

To verify whether your eCard has been received and viewed, make sure to enable the “Notify me when the eCard is viewed” option before you press send.

Additionally, Zone1 provides an advanced analytics tool that allows you to track and monitor your eCard campaigns effectively. To verify the status of sent eCards, you can visit your “Sent Items” under your Activity tab.

We aim to get your platform up and running as quickly as possible. Generally, we ask that you allow up to 72 hours for the setup process. This 72-hour period begins after we receive your logos and branding guidelines for platform branding and setup. Our team works efficiently to ensure that your platform is up and running smoothly within this timeframe. If you have any specific requirements or deadlines, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

We make it easy for you to have your eCard platform running under your own domain name. Simply provide us with your desired URL, such as “yourcompanyecards.com”, and we’ll perform a domain check to ensure it’s available. We’ll also reserve the domain name for you. Alternatively, you can create your own sub-domain under your company URL, such as “ecards.yourcompany.com”. Whatever your preference, our team will work closely with you to set up the platform on the desired URL.

Absolutely! At Zone1, we offer you the flexibility to create an eCard design that suits your needs and brand it as your own. If you have a design in mind, we can modify any eCard from our collection to meet your requirements and apply the final branded designs to your account. Alternatively, if you prefer to have Zone1 create your eCard, our team will work closely with you to create stunning templates that perfectly complement your corporate branding and organizational needs.

With our eCard services, you can be confident that you’ll have a solution that meets your unique requirements and exceeds your expectations.

In order to create eCards that meet your unique branding requirements, we will need your logos and designs based on the template specifications. Our team will work closely with your creative team to ensure that the eCard design and layout follow your branding guidelines and meet the necessary template format.

At Zone1, we take security and performance very seriously. For this reason, we do not share our platform database with our clients. This ensures that your data is kept secure and your platform performs at its best. Your database will be saved and managed on our servers, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your data is in good hands. Additionally, if you ever need to terminate your database, you can do so by simply requesting it.

We offer flexible license periods to fit your needs. You can choose from three, six, or twelve-month license periods, depending on your specific requirements. For example, if you only need to use the platform for the Christmas Holidays or certain holidays, you may want to choose the three-month license period. If you’re planning to use the platform for special events, recognition programs, automated birthdays, or all-year-round greetings, you may want to select the twelve-month license period.

Absolutely! At Zone1, we believe in transparency and simplicity. That’s why we only charge a one-time branding and setup fee for the entire relationship with us. We understand that hidden fees and charges can be frustrating and confusing, which is why we’ve made our pricing structure as straightforward as possible. With our eCard services, you can be confident that you’re getting a high-quality and reliable solution at a fair and reasonable price.

We’re committed to making our eCard services accessible to a wide range of organizations, including those in the health, non-profit, and educational sectors. That’s why we offer a 10% discount to these organizations as a token of our appreciation for the valuable work they do. We understand that these organizations often work with limited budgets and resources, and we want to do our part to help them achieve their goals.

The ongoing costs for our eCard services are for license fee renewals and for adding new templates to your account. We charge a cost per template for any new templates you wish to add. Our goal is to provide you with a flexible and scalable solution that can grow and adapt to meet your evolving needs

No, you do not need to provide payment information when you sign up for our eCard services. As your platform is being customized, our team will be in touch with you to finalize your order and to provide you with payment options. We believe in providing a flexible and customizable solution that meets your unique needs, and we understand that different organizations have different payment requirements. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that the payment process is simple and convenient, allowing you to focus on what matters most – sending beautiful and impactful eCards to your customers and employees.

With Zone1, you can send an ecard via text, email and sharing the eCard on Social Media.

With Zone1 eCard platform you’ll be able to send eCard from multiple senders and add multiple signatures.

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