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Manulife Canada is a leading financial services group that offers a diverse range of protection and wealth products and services to individuals and corporate customers. Founded in 1887, the company has been helping Canadians with their financial planning for over a century. Manulife had over 35,000 employees worldwide, with a significant portion of that workforce based in Canada.

The management sought a solution that would allow them to establish and nurture relationships with their contacts, notably clients and customers, in a manner that was both personal and meaningful. This need was particularly pronounced during the holiday season, and the solution had to accommodate bilingual communications in both English and French.

Portal Facts

Type: Enterprise (Bilingual)

Number of Users: 1,800+
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 11,800+
View Rate: 77%

Design Examples

Corporate greeting ecards
Corporate greeting ecards Manulife
Corporate greeting ecards


Manulife encountered a significant challenge in uniting their employees and associates on a single platform for dispatching ecards during the festive season, in both English and French. The requirement was for a portal from which administrators could effectively extract reports on usage and user activities. They needed an efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly way to send personalized greeting cards to their global contacts. The utilization of physical cards presented logistical issues and high costs, and lacked the flexibility for immediate customization. Manulife’s management was in pursuit of a solution that could encapsulate the brand’s distinctive style and music-centric ethos, and effectively communicate this to their employees and clients.


Manulife was in pursuit of a solution for their new project, and Zone1’s eCard platform, with its unique features and modules, emerged as the ideal resolution for Manulife’s distinctive challenges.

1. Brand Customizable eCard Platform: Zone1’s platform granted significant creative liberty to Manulife’s bilingual users, enabling them to create and distribute ecards that were uniquely personal and consistent with the brand’s identity. A key aspect was the integration of custom artwork from Manulife’s skilled in-house design team, offering a wide range of design options that encapsulated the company’s aesthetic.

These ecards were more than just messages; they were personalized expressions from Manulife’s users, extending the brand’s identity and effectively conveying its unique style and ethos. Acting as brand ambassadors, the ecards subtly communicated Manulife’s values to all recipients, promoting brand unity and loyalty.

In summary, Zone1’s platform not only facilitated the creation and dissemination of ecards but also provided a tool that effectively communicated Manulife’s unique ethos in a personalized and meaningful way.

2. National Reach: Zone1’s digital platform offered significant advantages, such as instantaneous ecard delivery, irrespective of the recipient’s location. This overcame the geographical limitations that can plague traditional mail delivery and was particularly valuable given Manulife’s national footprint.

Furthermore, the digital nature of Zone1’s platform made the ecards universally accessible on any device with internet access and created a lasting memento from the otherwise transient experience of card exchange.

3. Real-time Analytics: Zone1’s platform incorporated valuable real-time analytics that enabled Manulife’s bilingual users to monitor the reception and interaction with their ecards. They could track key metrics such as open rates and gain a deeper understanding of their contacts’ engagement patterns.

The platform also offered an admin portal with robust reporting capabilities. This allowed admins to generate comprehensive reports, offering an overview of platform usage statistics, from the most active users and popular ecards to peak activity times.

Overall, by combining individual user tracking with broader statistical insights, Zone1’s platform offered an unprecedented level of insight into Manulife’s outreach efforts, ensuring that every ecard sent had maximum impact.

Critical Factors

1. Immediate Implementation: Given the tight timeline and the need to launch before the holiday season, rapid implementation of the Zone1 eCard platform was a critical factor. This required efficient coordination, clear communication, and prompt troubleshooting of any technical issues that might arise during the integration phase.

2. Seamless User Onboarding: It was essential to ensure that Manulife’s bilingual users could quickly understand and use the platform’s functionalities. This necessitated the creation of intuitive user interfaces, detailed user guides, and possibly training sessions to expedite the learning curve and encourage user adoption.

3. Rapid Template Design and Approval: Developing ecard templates that encapsulate Manulife’s brand identity was a crucial task that needed to be expedited. This process involved collaboration with Manulife’s in-house design team, followed by rapid iterations based on feedback and timely approvals to meet the launch deadline.

4. Robust System Performance: With a potentially high volume of ecards being created and sent during the holiday season, ensuring the stability and performance of the platform was critical. Rigorous pre-launch testing and proactive monitoring were necessary to prevent system failures and ensure seamless user experience.

5. Immediate Access to Real-time Analytics: Since one of the project’s goals was to monitor the platform’s performance and user engagement closely, setting up and making the real-time analytics accessible from the get-go was a critical factor.

6. Timely User Support: Given the rapid roll-out, users might encounter issues or have queries about the platform. Hence, a responsive user support system, ready to handle inquiries and provide immediate assistance, was a crucial factor in the project’s successful implementation.

In summary, the critical factors for this project were largely driven by the time-sensitive objective to launch before the holiday season. They included swift implementation of the Zone1 platform and seamless user onboarding to expedite adoption. The design and approval process for brand-specific ecard templates needed to be rapid and efficient. The system performance had to be robust enough to handle high volumes during peak usage, and real-time analytics had to be immediately available to monitor engagement. Lastly, a prompt and responsive user support system was crucial to handle any queries or issues effectively.


The process for this project involved several distinct, yet interconnected stages:

1. Requirements Gathering and Project Planning: This initial stage involved in-depth consultations with Manulife to understand their unique needs, challenges, and objectives. Based on these insights, a comprehensive project plan was created, outlining timelines, deliverables, and responsibilities.

2. Platform Integration: The Zone1 eCard platform was integrated onto Manulife’s URL, providing a seamless transition for users. Special attention was given to ensure the platform would support bilingual users and manage the expected heavy traffic during the holiday season.

3. eCard Template Development: Working closely with Manulife’s design team, unique, brand-specific ecard templates were created to reflect Manulife’s aesthetic and ethos. This collaborative design process ensured that the ecard templates encapsulated the brand’s unique style.

4. User Testing: Before the platform was rolled out to all users, it was initially tested by a pilot group. This stage allowed for feedback and fine-tuning to ensure the templates met users’ preferences and requirements.

5. Platform Rollout: Following successful testing, the platform was rolled out to all Manulife users. The rollout was carried out systematically, with users given comprehensive training and support to ensure they could effectively use the platform and its features.

6. Real-Time Analytics and Reporting: Upon rollout, real-time analytics were utilized to track ecard engagement, providing valuable insights into recipient behavior. This data was crucial in tailoring the platform’s ongoing use and continuously improving its effectiveness.

7. Continuous Support and Improvement: After the rollout, Zone1 continued to provide Manulife with ongoing support. This included addressing user queries, troubleshooting any issues, and continuously updating and refining the platform based on user feedback and analytics insights.


The results of implementing the Zone1 eCard platform at Manulife, even within a limited timeline, were highly encouraging:

1. On-time Implementation: Despite the tight timeline, Zone1 successfully rolled out the platform just in time for the holiday season. This timely implementation ensured that Manulife could leverage the platform for its critical end-of-year outreach.

2. Enhanced User Engagement: Manulife users quickly adapted to the new platform, using it to create and send personalized, brand-specific eCards that greatly enhanced their connection with contacts and significantly bolstered outreach efforts.

3. Increased Open Rate: The platform saw an impressive open rate of over 77%, indicating that the eCards were not only reaching their intended recipients but also resonating in a way traditional methods hadn’t.

4. Insights from Real-Time Analytics: The analytics feature of the platform was greatly appreciated by users. The real-time insights helped users better understand their contacts’ behaviors, allowing them to fine-tune their communication strategies and make more informed decisions.

5. Exceptional Scalability: Even during the high-traffic holiday season, the platform demonstrated robust scalability, handling the increased load seamlessly, and ensuring uninterrupted service.

6. Positive Leadership Feedback: Manulife leadership praised the Zone1 eCard platform for its flexibility, customizability, and user-friendly interface. They acknowledged its significant contribution to reinforcing the company’s vibrant brand image.

7. Administrative Efficiency: With the platform’s robust reporting capabilities, the admin could efficiently manage and understand platform operations. This led to improved administrative efficiency and better management of outreach efforts.

In summary, Zone1 successfully implemented the eCard platform at Manulife within the required timeline, transforming the company’s communication strategy, delighting users, and setting a strong precedent for future digital transformations. The successful deployment despite the tight timeline is a testament to Zone1’s commitment to client needs and project execution excellence.

“We used Zone1 to create our Holiday ecard portal and were very happy with the results. With Manulife being such a large company with high demand for holiday cards we needed a fully customizable solution with options for choice in cards and personal messages. The portal was customized in both English and French and allowed for easy user interaction, branded logo selections, personal messages and mass sends. Thanks to Zone1 for the quick turn-around and availability on any issues, a truly customizable ecard solution for any company!”


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