What is your preferred method for customizing your eCards?

With over 20 years of industry experience, Zone1 eCard Platform recognizes the wide range of preferences businesses have when it comes to greetings eCards. That’s why we provide you with fast, branded, and visually appealing options to create the perfect branded eCard for any occasion. Our options cater to businesses of all sizes, ranging from enterprise-level organizations to small companies with just a single user. Explore our offerings below to find the best fit for your business!
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eCard platform Design Solutions

If you have one or more of these, Zone1 is the solution for you!

Holiday Greetings

Spread cheer with Holiday branded eCards, perfect for every celebration and tradition around the world. Connect, celebrate, and share!

Everyday Use eCards

Boost morale and spread positivity. Ideal for saying thank you, congratulations, welcoming a baby, or wishing a speedy recovery!

Automated Birthdays

Make every birthday memorable. Schedule and send personalized wishes, celebrating team members’ or clients’ special days effortlessly!

Event Invitations

Create buzz and ensure high attendance. Perfect for corporate gatherings, webinars, and festive parties – all with a simple e-invite!

Employee Appreciations

Recognize and commend staff achievements instantly with branded eCards. Foster a culture of employee appreciation, and enhancing employee engagement!

Work Anniversaries

Celebrate career milestones and honor loyalty with work anniversary ecards. Automate the process to recognize and appreciate every dedicated year of service!

Each of these modules can be integrated into a single, comprehensive portal customized for your specific needs.
An unlimited number of branded eCard templates can be incorporated under each module.

How exactly can Zone1 assist with the eCard templates?

Here’re Our eCard Template Options

ecards templates

Design Your Own eCard

Because you’re the best one who knows your client, design your own ecard by uploading the designs in PNG or JPG format for standard templates, or in MP4 format for video templates.

Our team will work on embedding the design into our corporate eCard platform so you can create your own ecards fully branded with your company guidelines.

ecards templates

Use Zone1 To Design Your eCard

eCards is about stunning and compelling visuals to deliver the target message. Because of that, Zone1 corporate ecard platform team will help you with custom B2B eCards by providing mock-ups and creative ideas.

All you need to do is share with us your thoughts, what occasion, and for who, and the job is done!

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Select Designs From Our Library

Zone1 offers a wide range of creative B2B eCards templates that are designed to fit every business need and occasion.

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas eCard or a birthday eCards, we have the perfect template for you. Zone1 eCards templates are fully customizable, so you can add personalized message and branding to make them truly unique.

If you don’t have the time, with Zone1, you can create professional-looking eCards for every occasion and send them to your recipients with ease.

ecards templates

Do-It-Yourself With Swift eCard

Design your own eCard now is easier with Swift eCard.

If you’re a single user looking to send a few hundred holiday eCards on behalf of your company without the need for registration, multiple users, or design customization, then Zone1’s Swift-eCard portal is the perfect solution!

Select your desired eCard design, add a personalized message, and upload your logo. Once you’re satisfied with your eCard preview, simply upload your recipient list and then, send eCards online or share on social media!

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eCard Template Types

Whether you opt to design your own eCard or choose from Zone1’s diverse collection of designs, our platform caters to all your template requirements. We provide three types of widely utilized eCard templates that Zone1 can adapt in collaboration with you, to perfectly align with your business requirements.


The standard eCard template boasts a sleek, beautiful, and email-friendly design. It is ideally suited for corporate eCards, meticulously crafted to ensure seamless delivery and compliance with all necessary standards.


Animated eCards provide a dynamic and engaging experience, complete with videos, illustrations, and music. This leaves a lasting impression on your recipients, who can enjoy the eCard directly in their web browser.

Photo Upload

Photo eCards empower your community users to personalize their eCards by uploading their own images, such as team pictures, or even humorous photos, thereby strengthening their relationship with their contacts.

Happy Clients with Our Corporate eCard Platform

corporate ecard platform clients
corporate ecard platform clients
corporate ecard platform clients
“This is an excellent new technology that has made engaging our clients by celebrating those special occasions in their lives in a very easy to maintain system. The excellent support from the Zone1 team makes you feel not like one of the many but one of the privileged few; with personal email follow up and step by step explanations for anything you may need help with. They exceeded my expectations!”


“Being in 52 countries worldwide, your service allowed us to uniformly communicate to our partners. The site was easy for users and everyone at zone1 was quick to assist. Thanks for making us look so good!”


“We were very pleased with your custom ecard application. The development and setup process was painless, and Zone1’s customer service was very responsive. Our users were impressed with the ease in which they could quickly send a personalized holiday greeting to their business contacts. We would not hesitate to recommend Zone1.”


corporate ecard platform clients