Jul 16
how to make an animated ecards

How to Make An Animated eCard With Zone1?

Sending animated eCard has become a popular way to celebrate special occasions and events in our digital age.

Whether you want to say “Happy Holidays” to clients, “Thank You” to customers, or “Congratulations” to coworkers, a custom animated eCard is a creative and engaging way to spread goodwill.

We’ll explore how to make an animated eCard and share it with your loved ones in steps.

How to make an animated eCard using Zone1?

Animated eCards are a clever way to stand out and make a good impression with your professional contacts because it demonstrates that you value your relationships enough to put in extra effort.

To customize and send digital eCards, Zone1 offers you two options:

  1. To have your own portal under your domain name with unlimited features, allowing users to register and digital eCards for their contacts.
  2. To be a SWIFT subscriber.

For you who don’t know the SWIFT system from Zone1 platform, it’s a single-user portal for business owners or managers with limited distribution lists and limited budgets who looking for an easy-to-use platform to help them send eCards and billing per recipient.

Here’s how to send an animated eCard in steps:

1. Create your SWIFT account:

You will need to complete a simple registration form to create your SWIFT account, to send a few hundred of your Holidays eCard on behalf of your organization.

2. Go to the dashboard:

From the left menu, choose eCards.

ecard platform

3. Select the design you like:

Zone1 provides hundreds of creative animated eCard designs for businesses. Whether you need videos or standard designs, with one click you’ll be able to customize the design as you need.

ecard platform

Once you choose the design, you’ll redirect to a new page where you can personalize your animated eCard.

4. Personalize your eCard:

We believe that every business has its unique style, that’s why personalization matters.

ecard platform

With Zone1 eCard platform, you will quickly:

  • Customize your animated eCard per recipient or for groups.
  • You can add a personalized message.
  • Styling the greeting line.
  • Select the date and time to send the eCard.
  • Add your company logo and link your logo to your website both are optional.
  • Import all of your contacts once.

And to make an animated eCard professional and branded for your company, you can add your company identity, such as logo, colors, and your digital signature.

5. Send and share:

Where do you need to send your eCard?

One of the features that zone1 offers with how to make an animated eCard is that you can share your eCard on Social media, email or SMS.

Why do businesses prefer using animated eCards?

Animated eCards are becoming increasingly popular among businesses as they offer a unique way to connect with clients and employees.

A couple of reasons why businesses use animated eCards include:

  • Animated eCards can be customized with personal media, styles, and colors, making them more engaging and memorable.
  • They can be easily shared on social media platforms.
  • Animated eCards can help promote a brand or product by incorporating logos, color palettes, and images.
  • Animated eCards are more likely to be remembered by recipients than static eCards.
  • They allow you to customize the message and capture the tone and personality of your brand.
  • Animated eCards can evoke emotions and create a personal connection with the recipient, which can strengthen relationships.
  • They can be used to express gratitude, celebrate milestones, and show appreciation to clients or employees.

If you didn’t try to create an animated eCard before, let’s give it a shot with Zone1!

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Whether you prefer formal or funny, Zone1 has a variety.

Creative animated eCards templates to use in 2023:

Looking for some fresh inspiration for your animated eCards in 2023?

More important than asking how to make an animated eCard is where to find inspirational designs!

Zone1 has created creative templates you can customize and use to craft memorable greetings for your business contacts.

Here’re stylish, and fun animated designs that perfect for many occasions.

Option one:

animated eCard templates

Option two:

animated eCard templates

Option three:

animated eCard templates

Option four:

animated eCard templates

Option five:

animated eCard templates

As a business owner or manager who happens to work in a large company culture that appreciates the value of greetings, it will be a burden on your shoulder to learn how to make an animated eCard and send eCards to every recipient, so check how to easily Send Holiday Greetings With Group eCards.

In a nutshell:

To create a stunning animated eCard, keep things simple and stay focused on the message you want to convey. By striking the right balance between creativity and simplicity, you can create an eCard that truly resonates with your recipients and makes a lasting impression.