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Christmas Animated Ecards

Spread Holiday Cheer with Christmas Animated eCards

Christmas is a time for spreading cheer and showing appreciation for those you care about. One way to do this is to send Christmas animated ecards. Animated ecards are a fun and personal way to wish your friends, family, colleagues, and clients a Merry Christmas.

Looking for the best Christmas animated ecards?

Get your business in the holiday spirit with the best Christmas animated ecards around! 

Say Merry Christmas to your clients, partners, and employees with a personalized ecard that showcases your brand and sends warm wishes for the season. Whether you want a classic design or funny Christmas ecards, there’s an ecard out there that’s perfect for your business. 

First know why choose Christmas animated ecards.

Why Choose Animated eCards for Christmas in Business?

As a manager or business owner, Christmas animated ecards can be a great way to spread holiday cheer, show your team that you appreciate their hard work, and strengthen the relationship with your clients. 

In 1843, the history of Christmas cards began when Sir Henry Cole was looking for a new way to say Merry Christmas. Here’s how it changes alot:

  • Spread holiday cheer: 

Christmas is a time for spreading cheer and goodwill. Sending Christmas animated ecards is a great way to do this with your customers, clients, and partners. It shows that you’re thinking of them and that you value their business.

  • Show appreciation for employees: 

You can show appreciation for your employees at Christmas by sending them Christmas animated ecards. It shows that you appreciate their hard work and dedication.

  • Improve morale: 

Do you imagine that Christmas animated ecards can also help improve workplace morale?

Employees receiving a Christmas animated ecard from their employer can make them feel appreciated and valued. This can lead to increased productivity and decreased turnover.

  • Increase brand awareness: 

Animated eCards help to increase brand awareness. When you send a Christmas animated ecard to your customers, clients, and partners, it’s a chance to put your brand in front of them. This can help to keep your brand top-of-mind during the holiday season.

  • Generate leads: 

Christmas animated ecards help to generate leads. If you include a call to action in your Christmas animated ecard, such as a link to your website or a sign-up form, you can generate leads from people who are interested in learning more about your business.

A great way to spread holiday cheer is using Christmas animated ecards to show appreciation for employees, improve morale, increase brand awareness, and generate leads. If you’re looking for a way to get into the holiday spirit and promote your business, Christmas animated ecards are a great option.

Before I tell you the secret tips, know more about benefits of Christmas eCards for business

3 Tips for Making the Perfect Christmas animated ecards:

Create Christmas ecards personalized, strengthens your brand relationships. Here’re the tips you need:

  • Make sure your ecards are high-quality: 

Your ecards should be visually appealing and well-designed. They should also be relevant to your brand and your target audience.

  • Personalize your ecards: 

The more personalized your ecards are, the more likely they will be opened and appreciated. You can personalize your ecards by including the recipient’s name, their company, or any other relevant information.

  • Send your ecards early: 

Don’t wait until the last minute to send your ecards. The earlier you send them, the more likely they will be opened and appreciated.

  • Track your results: 

Use a tracking tool to track how many people open your ecards and what actions they take after opening them. This information can help you to improve your ecard campaigns in the future.

Don’t get lost. If you don’t have a design, Zone1 platform gets your back.

Be sure to check our guide on How to make an animated eCard with Zone1?

How to Customize Your Christmas Card in Zone1?

Regarding the previous tips, Zone1 helps you create the perfect eCard design for each occasion with its theme. But without adding your company theme, the message will not be convenient enough, right?

With Zone1 you can design your own eCard as you prefer such as:

  • Create a subdomain for your business to be added automatically in all eCards or add your company URL manual.
  • You can choose from Zone1 templates or upload your design.
  • Zone1 helps you with a forum to fill in, your recipient name and the message.
  • Import all of your contacts and create groups with a personalized message and the platform will send eCards with everyone’s name.
  • By creating distribution lists, you can choose if this group will receive the eCard through Email or SMS with the same targeted message.

And Hola!

You did say Merry Christmas in a new way this year! Keep using Zone1 for special days.

Why choose zone1 for sending customized Christmas ecards?

Zone1 is a trusted ecards platform used by different types of businesses, including corporates, fundraisers, health care providers, educational organizations, and human resources. Zone1 offers a wide range of features that make it the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes, in addition to:

  • Multilingual support: Zone1 supports English, Spanish and French languages to reach your customers and clients in their preferred language.
  • Email and SMS support: Zone1 lets you send ecards via email or SMS depending on how your recipient prefers to reach out.
  • Contact import: Zone1 makes it easy to import your contacts, so you can send personalized ecards to everyone on your list.
  • Branding tools: Zone1 includes tools that let you add your logo, URL, and brand guidelines to your ecards.
  • Security: Zone1 uses a dedicated database to protect your data because our client’s information security is a priority.

Another key point to note make Zone1 trusted ecards platform is that can help you communicate with your teams and clients more personally and effectively. 

Businesses like Smith Anderson, HP Middle East, Matt-Chlor Inc, E-jots, and Bamberger Polymers Inc are already using Zone1 to great success. Contact us today and let’s create something together.


The holiday season can be a headache for team leaders and managers who will need to send tons of greetings to clients and teams, but not with Zone1 and its features. Stand your brand out, and make your clients feel exceptional by only saying Merry Christmas.

June 8, 2023 


Team Zone1