Oct 01
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How e-Cards can help you communicate better with clients!

The internet has made transacting business, selling products and services, very easy to an extent that would have been almost unimaginable in the past. It’s now easier to make your business more visible, and far more potential clients can be reached from various parts of the world just by tapping on a keyboard and clicking on a mouse. Tools like targeted ads, pop-up adverts, mailing lists, and e-mail newsletters provide unprecedented access to a vast potential clientele. All of these have helped many businesses to increase sales and boosts profit margins. You have most likely used one of these at some point or the other to reach your desired audience.

The old tools don’t work like they used to any longer.

However, in achieving all of these, the internet has become rather noisy. Internet users have become wary of the very tools that are designed to get their attention. Think about it, how many newsletters have you ever really read thoroughly? In actual fact, some of them even end up in the spam folder where they are rarely, if ever, seen at all. Pop-up adverts are even worse, most people simply close them as soon as they show up. You would think targeted ads should fare better, but again, when have you ever clicked on the ads section during a google search? You simply skip those and go to your search results.

What all of these imply is that a new approach has to be taken to capture the attention of customers (both old and new) and to ensure effective and seamless communication with them. This has to be something unique and different, which will be captivating in design as well as content.

E-cards to the rescue

The concept of E-cards has the potential to succeed where other conventional tools of internet business communication have failed. The basic idea is flinched from the traditional business card concept where a business outfit or even an individual member of staff creates a little piece of cardboard containing essential details and information about the business. This has been a useful tool over the years; unobtrusive, personal, and comprehensive.

Now, the idea has been scaled up and adapted for internet uses. A business E-card is a customized document that, just like the traditional business card, contains customized information about your business outfit. However, there’s a little improvement on the idea. In addition to the basic information, you can decide to add specific details that will be unique to each customer you’re contacting.

With e-cards you can easily edit and add customer-specific information in just a couple of minutes or even seconds. Now the question to answer is how exactly do e-cards make it easier to reach both returning and new customers? Well, here are a couple of ways in which Ecards will capture your clients’ attention and give them a superb experience with you:


A traditional email newsletter or ad gives itself away as soon as it arrives in the recipient’s inbox. They can already see a part of the content and they think, “Oh! It’s just another annoying advert”, so they simply open and close it or even delete it. This is not the case with business E-cards. Most times, it arrives as an attachment and so the recipient would be eager to check and see what it contains. This way, you can capture customers’ attention more easily and get your message passed across effectively.


A business E-card gives you the opportunity to craft your message and choose a design that stands out. Again, you can capture clients’ attention easily with something so unique, and therefore, you are already a step ahead of your competition in getting the patronage of the particular client you have in mind. Keep in mind that clients would be pleased to know that you made the extra effort to design something specifically for them. This personal touch keeps them coming back and they might even recommend your business to their family and friends too.

Enhanced Feedback

Unlike newsletters and email ads which are often sent from a no-reply email address, meaning that the communication goes only in one direction, and the client or customer has to make an extra effort if they wish to reply. E-cards on the other hand can be sent from a business email address to which customers can conveniently reply if they have any questions or clarifications to make. This way, your product and services can be more specifically tailored to the individual needs of clients.

Ready to Make E-cards for your business?

If sales have been slow recently and you’re looking for ways to rejuvenate things, or even if your business has been on a good run and you’re trying to make it better, then E-cards could well be the game changer you’ve been looking for. At B2B, we make unique and attractive E-cards which will surely grab the attention of both your present and prospective clients. Those we’ve produced E-cards for all have amazing stories of their satisfaction with what we’ve developed for them. Get in touch with us right away because we can’t wait to help you create E-cards that will take your business to the next level!

October 1, 2018


Kate Johnson