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Client Case Study: Mitacs

Mitacs is a non-profit organization based in Canada that is dedicated to advancing research and innovation. By forging collaborations between academia and industry, Mitacs is able to provide a platform for researchers to apply their expertise to real-world problems, thus driving technological advancements and economic growth. The organization offers a variety of programs to support research, development, and training across many disciplines. The overarching aim of Mitacs is to foster a culture of innovation that powers the development of cutting-edge solutions, contributes to knowledge transfer, and cultivates a new generation of highly skilled researchers and professionals.

Mitacs aspired to foster and enrich their relationships with their esteemed contacts by crafting a unique and memorable experience. In order to accomplish this, they decided to implement an intuitive, efficient eCard portal. This portal would empower their team members to quickly select and send eCards, thereby ensuring fluid and personalized communication throughout the holiday season. To bring their vision to fruition, Mitacs engaged the services of Zone1 for the design of their eCards.

Portal Facts

Type: Multi-Users (Bilingual)

Number of Users: 12
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 3,500+
View Rate: 77%

Design Examples

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For the Mitacs project, the main challenge was to design an eCard portal that was both intuitive and efficient. Mitacs needed a solution that could streamline the process of selecting and sending eCards, a task that could become complicated and time-consuming given the large number of contacts to whom the cards were to be sent. They also required a high degree of customization in the eCards to provide a personal touch, which added complexity to the project. Additionally, they wanted to ensure that the platform could handle the high volume of eCards that were to be dispatched during the holiday season, demanding superior performance and reliability. Balancing the need for user-friendliness, efficiency, customization, and robust performance posed a significant challenge.


In response to the challenges of the Mitacs project, Zone1 devised an innovative and effective solution. We built an intuitive, efficient eCard portal that streamlined the process of eCard selection and delivery. This user-friendly platform was designed to facilitate the rapid selection of eCards and their dispatch to the intended recipients. To cater to Mitacs’ desire for personalization, we incorporated a high degree of customization into the eCards. Users could choose from a variety of designs, messages, and other elements to craft an eCard that perfectly embodied their sentiments.

Moreover, the eCard portal was engineered to handle high volumes of eCards, ensuring that performance and reliability would not be compromised even during the busiest periods. The platform was rigorously tested for scalability, and enhancements were made as necessary to ensure its readiness for peak usage during the holiday season. The result was a bespoke eCard portal that met all of Mitacs’ requirements, combining ease-of-use, efficiency, customization, and robust performance into a seamless solution.


The process to deliver the desired eCard platform for Mitacs consisted of several steps:

1. Needs Analysis: This is the first and arguably the most crucial step in the process. In this stage, Zone1 conducted detailed discussions with Mitacs to understand their specific requirements, challenges, and goals for the eCard portal. It was essential to comprehend the volume of eCards they planned to send and the level of customization they wanted in the eCards.

2. Solution Design: Based on the understanding derived from the needs analysis, Zone1 formulated a strategic solution design. This involved outlining the core features of the eCard portal, including its user-friendliness, efficiency, customization capabilities, and high performance during peak usage.

3. Development and Customization: The development team then started building the eCard portal, ensuring to incorporate all the features outlined in the solution design. The team worked on creating a range of customizable eCard designs and messages, in line with Mitacs’ preferences.

4. Testing: Once the eCard portal was developed, it was thoroughly tested to identify and resolve any potential issues. The testing phase included scalability tests to ensure that the platform could handle high volumes of eCards during peak usage times.

5. Deployment: After successful testing and any necessary adjustments, the eCard portal was deployed. Mitacs team members were then able to use the platform to select and send customized eCards to their contacts.

6. Support and Monitoring: Post-deployment, Zone1 provided ongoing support and monitored the performance of the eCard portal, especially during the holiday season, to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for Mitacs.


The implementation of the eCard portal by Zone1 for Mitacs proved to be an immense success. It was embraced enthusiastically by the team members, who found the platform user-friendly and efficient. It facilitated swift, hassle-free selection and dispatch of eCards, which was particularly useful during the busy holiday season.

A significant impact was noted in the way Mitacs communicated its appreciation to its contacts. The portal allowed for a unique and memorable expression of gratitude, strengthening their relationships further. The eCards themselves, designed in collaboration with Mitacs, were well-received and appreciated for their customization and personal touch.

The overall performance of the platform exceeded expectations. It successfully handled the high volumes of eCards sent during peak times, demonstrating its robustness and reliability. The ongoing support and monitoring provided by Zone1 ensured a smooth experience and swift resolution of any minor issues that arose.

The success of this project significantly boosted Mitacs’ ability to convey their gratitude and foster stronger bonds with their esteemed contacts. Furthermore, it showcased Zone1’s capability in delivering a tailored solution that effectively catered to Mitacs’ specific needs and objectives, thereby cementing the relationship between both organizations.