corporate ecard platform case studies

Send All Clients’ Happy Birthday Effortlessly | Assante Wealth

Assante Wealth Management is a leading Canadian firm providing comprehensive wealth management solutions to individuals, families, and businesses across Canada. Its services are designed to simplify the complex aspects of wealth, offering a range of options that include financial planning, estate planning, tax planning, philanthropy, and more. Assante is committed to helping clients achieve financial peace of mind by leveraging its team of professionals and vast resources.

Assante sought a method to wish their clients on their birthdays seamlessly. Management has maintained records of each client’s birthday and desired to dispatch personalized automated birthday greetings. The envisioned process would involve simply uploading a datasheet, after which the system would send a birthday message to each recipient on their respective birthdays.

Portal Facts

Type: Multi-Users (English)
Special Occasions

Number of Users: 3
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 3,800+
View Rate: 70%

Design Examples

corporate ecard platform case studies
corporate ecard platform case studies


Assante Wealth Management was confronted with an arduous task – the manual dispatch of birthday eCards to its numerous clients. This process was far from straightforward, necessitating daily vigilance to ascertain the correct sending dates for each client. As the responsibility fell upon staff members, it involved a considerable investment of time and effort, pulling valuable resources away from other critical tasks.

The logical solution appeared to be the development of an in-house module capable of automating the process of sending these eCards. However, this solution was not without its own hurdles. It entailed extensive software design and development work, a process that would require not only technical skills but also an understanding of the company’s operational nuances and the specific needs of its client base.

Thus, Assante found itself facing a significant challenge: streamlining a time-consuming manual process with a digital, automated system that would have to be conceptualized, designed, and implemented from the ground up.


Zone1 responded to the challenge Assante Wealth Management faced by offering a distinctive solution: the deployment of the Zone1 “Special Occasions” module. This innovative technology was crafted to automate the process of sending birthday eCards, thus eliminating the need for tedious manual checks and dispatch. The module required only a simple datasheet upload, providing the precise solution that Assante needed to meet their requirements.

1. Brand Customizable eCard Platform: The cornerstone of this solution was the implementation of a Brand Customizable eCard Platform. With this, Assante Wealth Management could tailor their birthday greetings to align with their brand image, fostering a consistent and personalized experience for their clients. The platform was designed with a user-friendly interface, enabling the creation and customization of eCards without the need for technical expertise. It supported the incorporation of brand logos, color schemes, and preferred fonts, ensuring each eCard conveyed Assante’s distinctive brand identity.

2. Real-time Analytics: To provide Assante with insight into the effectiveness of their eCard campaigns, the Zone1 “Special Occasions” module incorporated a real-time analytics feature. This tool tracked key metrics like the number of eCards sent, opened, and the overall client engagement. This data could be viewed on a comprehensive dashboard, providing a clear picture of the campaign’s performance and helping Assante refine their strategies based on actionable insights.

3. Admin Controls for Datasheet Upload and Campaign Management: Crucial to the project was the ability for admins to upload updated datasheets and monitor the campaign. The “Special Occasions” module was equipped with robust administrative controls that allowed for seamless management of the eCard campaign. Administrators could upload datasheets containing recipient information, ensuring that eCards were dispatched accurately and on time. Additionally, the platform provided the ability to edit recipient lists, accommodating changes in client information. This comprehensive admin control ensured the smooth operation of the campaign and allowed for quick adjustments when necessary.

In summary, this solution by Zone1 seamlessly integrated a customizable eCard platform with real-time analytics and robust admin controls. This innovative blend of features enabled Assante Wealth Management to automate their birthday eCard dispatch, maintain brand consistency, monitor campaign performance, and efficiently manage their client database, effectively meeting their unique business requirements.

Critical Factors

Data privacy was of paramount importance to Assante, given the personal and sensitive nature of the information involved. In a time characterized by heightened digital scrutiny and frequent data breaches, there was an unequivocal requirement to safeguard the uploaded data. The Zone1 platform was designed with a staunch adherence to data protection regulations, ensuring compliance with global privacy standards. Every piece of information provided in the uploaded data was treated with utmost security and ethical consideration, affording Assante the assurance needed to utilize the portal without data safety concerns.

Scalability and stability also came to the fore as essential elements for success. Being a large organization with numerous clients, Assante required a platform capable of managing substantial usage volumes. The portal’s engine was designed to run daily queries, verifying the sending list and ensuring the accurate dispatch of birthday eCards to recipients. This comprehensive system maintained a track record of 100% accuracy, with no room for errors, thereby guaranteeing reliable service even at scale.


1. Requirement Gathering: The first step in the project was to understand Assante Wealth Management’s needs. This included gathering information about their current process of sending eCards, understanding the challenges they face, and learning about their vision for an automated system.

2. Artwork Design: Assante’s team took the initiative to provide the artwork designs for the eCards. These designs reflected the organization’s brand image and were aimed at creating a personalized experience for the recipients. They were required to be in a format that could easily be incorporated into the new system.

3. System Design & Development: With the requirements and artwork designs at hand, the Zone1 team began the design and development of the “Special Occasions” module. The system was crafted to automate the sending of birthday eCards, integrate the provided artwork designs, and provide real-time analytics.

4. Data Privacy & Security Measures: Data privacy and security were given paramount importance throughout the development process. The system was architected to adhere strictly to data protection regulations and global privacy standards.

5. Testing: Once the system was developed, it underwent rigorous testing to ensure accuracy and efficiency. It was tested for various scenarios to ensure it could handle a large volume of usage and maintain 100% accuracy in eCard dispatch.

6. Training and Implementation: Post-testing, training sessions were conducted for Assante’s team to familiarize them with the system’s operation. Once the team was comfortable with the platform, it was fully implemented. The system began running daily queries, sending birthday eCards with the provided artwork to the correct recipients.

7. Monitoring and Support: After the system was live, the Zone1 team continued to monitor its performance and provide necessary support. This ensured any issues were quickly resolved, and the platform remained efficient and reliable.

Throughout this process, regular communication between Assante and Zone1 was maintained to ensure the project stayed aligned with Assante’s needs and expectations.


1. Streamlined Operations: With the implementation of the Zone1 “Special Occasions” module, the once cumbersome process of manually sending birthday eCards was seamlessly automated. This led to a significant reduction in time and effort for Assante’s staff, who could now focus on more critical tasks.

2. Admin Control: A single admin was able to control the entire portal modules effectively. This enhanced the overall management and monitoring of the campaign, providing for efficient control over recipient lists and datasheet uploads. It made the process of adding, editing, and deleting recipient information a lot more manageable.

3. Data Security: The meticulous adherence to global privacy standards and stringent data security measures ensured that all sensitive and personal data uploaded was handled securely and ethically. This resulted in a secure platform where Assante could confidently operate without concerns about data breaches.

4. Improved Client Engagement: The brand-aligned, personalized eCards improved client engagement and added a personal touch to client interactions. It helped in fostering better relationships with clients and enhancing brand perception.

5. Scalability: The robust design of the platform ensured it could handle an immense volume of usage. Even with a large number of clients, the system ran efficiently, maintaining a track record of 100% accuracy in the dispatch of eCards.

6. Real-time Analytics: With the in-built real-time analytics, Assante had a clear picture of the campaign’s performance. This led to better decision-making and strategic planning, as they could track key metrics and understand client engagement more effectively.

In summary, the implementation of the Zone1 “Special Occasions” module resulted in a more streamlined, efficient, and effective process of sending birthday eCards, bringing about significant improvements in data security, client engagement, and overall operational efficiency.

“This is an excellent new technology that has made engaging our clients by celebrating those special occasions in their lives in a very easy to maintain system. The excellent support from the Zone1 team makes you feel not like one of the many but one of the privileged few; with personal email follow up and step by step explanations for anything you may need help with. They exceeded my expectations!”