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Launch Global Recognition Program | ACCO

ACCO Brands Corporation is a world leader in branded office products. Their wide range of products includes brands such as Swingline, Kensington, Mead, Quartet, GBC, and others, which are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. With a focus on innovation, quality, and value, ACCO Brands is committed to delivering high-performing products to meet the evolving needs of the office and school environments. ACCO Brands employed approximately 6,600 people worldwide.

ACCO Brands aimed to initiate a recognition program for their employees, aptly named “ACCOlades.” This program was conceived as a global initiative to honor and acknowledge the hard work and achievements of the ACCO Brands team members, be they individuals or teams, who made a significant impact.

Portal Facts

Type: Enterprise (English)

Number of Users: 2,400+
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 12,000+
View Rate: 92%

Design Examples

employee appreciation ecards
employee appreciation ecards
employee appreciation ecards


An “ACCOlade” serves as a token of gratitude, communicated to colleagues as a testament to their dedication, assistance, and consistent excellence. It recognizes various accomplishments, from demonstrating extraordinary commitment to the team, enhancing a process for better productivity, to introducing innovative ideas that spur the company’s growth. In essence, an “ACCOlade” is an acknowledgment of exceptional efforts deserving recognition and a metaphorical pat on the back.

ACCO Brands sought to establish an eCard recognition portal exclusively for internal use. As such, all eCards were designed to remain within the company’s network and email domain, restricting users from sending these communications outside the organization or to external email addresses. However, to promote transparency and inclusive recognition, the system should be built with the ability to CC and BCC managers on these eCards, ensuring that achievements could be celebrated collectively within the confines of the company.

ACCO Brands also partnered with Zone1 for not just the technical implementation of the eCard platform, but also for the design of the artwork. Their objective was to incorporate the company’s unique brand identity and style into the visual elements of the recognition program.


The Zone1 eCard platform, with its adaptable structure, custom programming, and bespoke modules, emerged as the perfect solution to address the unique challenges faced by ACCO Brands.

1. Brand Customizable eCard Platform: The Zone1 platform offered a significant degree of empowerment to ACCO. It allowed them to craft and circulate ecards that were uniquely personal and reflected the brand’s identity. Crucial to this was the ability to incorporate customized artwork done by Zone1 design team.

These ecards were thoughtfully designed, offering ACCO users a way to express individual gratitude to their colleagues. They acted as extensions of the brand’s identity, effectively capturing and conveying ACCO’s distinctive style. Thus, they transformed the act of thanking one another for their contributions into a unique and personalized experience.

With Zone1’s technical expertise, robust security measures were applied to ensure that all communications remained within the company’s network. These restrictions were meticulously implemented to ensure accuracy and safeguard internal correspondence, thus creating a secure environment for the ecard exchange.

2. Internal Reach: The portal was meticulously designed to not only facilitate peer-to-peer communication but also to equip managers with powerful tools for acknowledging their teams’ efforts. This functionality fostered an environment of appreciation and recognition, encouraging managers to personally express their gratitude for the work accomplished by their teams.

The main objectives of the recognition program were to promote higher employee engagement, reduce absenteeism and employee turnover, decrease safety incidents and product defects, and enhance productivity. Ultimately, these efforts aimed to boost overall profitability.

3. Real-time Analytics: The Zone1 platform not only facilitated ecard creation and distribution but also offered a valuable feature in the form of real-time analytics. This feature enabled ACCO users to gain an in-depth understanding of how their ecards were being received and interacted with.

Furthermore, the Zone1 platform featured a sophisticated admin portal that was equipped with robust analytics and reporting capabilities. Administrators could access real-time data, manage users, and generate comprehensive reports. These reports provided a snapshot of the platform’s usage patterns, identifying the most active users, the most popular ecard types, and the peak times and days of ecard activity.

The combination of individual user tracking with the admin portal’s cumulative statistics and report generation capabilities provided ACCO with an unrivaled depth of insight into the recognition efforts of their employees. This data-driven strategy ensured the maximum impact and effectiveness of each ecard sent through the platform.

Critical Factors

It was imperative that the ecard portal mirrored the unmistakable essence of the ACCO brand. To actualize this, Zone1 collaborated intimately with ACCO brand team. This partnership birthed a collection of bespoke ecard templates, each imbued with the unmistakable ACCO spirit. The templates served as a creative canvas for users, allowing them to craft messages that were not only personalized but also true to the brand’s essence.

Data privacy was paramount. In an era of increased digital scrutiny and data breaches, the protection of users’ data was non-negotiable. The Zone1 platform was architected to adhere strictly to data protection regulations across all the countries where ACCO operates. This meticulous adherence to global privacy standards ensured that every piece of information provided by users and their contacts was handled securely and ethically. The platform’s rigorous security measures gave users the confidence to use the portal without concerns about their data’s safety.

Restricted within ACCO Brands’ network, ACCOlades serve to celebrate attitudes, behaviors, and results that contribute to the company’s progress towards becoming a best-in-class organization. They also provide a platform for acknowledging and appreciating acts of kindness demonstrated by colleagues within the ACCO Brands community, thereby fostering a sense of unity, mutual respect, and intra-company bonding.

In summary, the harmonious combination of brand alignment, stringent data privacy, and reliable scalability emerged as the trio of critical success factors. Collectively, they ensured that Zone1’s ecard platform not only met but also surpassed the expectations of ACCO Brands and its extensive network of users.


The implementation process began with Zone1’s concentrated efforts on integrating its sturdy ecard platform onto the client’s URL, restricting access to only users within the ACCO email domain. The platform was designed to maintain internal communication, only permitting ecard exchange within the ACCO network. This critical procedure was executed with careful attention to detail, facilitating effortless access for all ACCO users. The objective was to craft an intuitive interface that enabled users to seamlessly create, customize, and dispatch ecards without interfering with their regular workflow.

Post the successful system deployment, Zone1 shifted its focus towards creating ecard templates that genuinely embodied the ACCO brand. This task demanded an intensive collaborative process with the ACCO brand team, where their profound understanding of the brand’s aesthetics merged with Zone1’s expertise in design and user experience. The output was a unique assortment of brand-specific ecard templates, perfectly encapsulating the essence of ACCO Brands.

Before these templates were released to all users, they were approved by the management and underwent rigorous testing with a pilot group representing a diverse spectrum of the ACCO user base.

Following the successful platform implementation, development of the closed network with its safeguards, creation of engaging ecard templates, and positive feedback from the pilot group, the stage was prepared for a staged rollout of the platform. The implementation commenced with the headquarters, ensuring that the core team mastered the new platform before it was introduced to the broader user base. The platform was gradually expanded to users across different countries.

A downloadable guide was made available for all users, providing a thorough understanding of the portal’s elements and offering instructions on creating and sending ecards within the network. The guide also highlighted how the program was instrumental in enhancing communication and boosting productivity.

In conclusion, the implementation process was diligently planned and executed. It commenced with a seamless system integration, followed by cooperative design efforts, stringent testing, and finally, a phased and supportive rollout. This structured approach ensured a smooth transition for all users, laying the groundwork for successful utilization of the Zone1 ecard platform within ACCO Brands.


Users responded enthusiastically to the ability to send personalized, branded ecards, indicating that it significantly bolstered their internal outreach efforts. The platform’s features facilitated connections between colleagues in a more profound and impactful way.

One of the clearest indicators of success was the high open rates for the ecards dispatched via the platform. With a remarkable open rate exceeding 95%, the engagement levels surpassed initial projections. Such elevated engagement levels indicated that not only were the ecards reaching their intended recipients, but they were also resonating more effectively than traditional communication methods.

Users expressed substantial appreciation for the platform’s real-time analytics. The insights derived from these analytics allowed users to gain a deeper understanding of their colleagues’ behaviors and preferences. As a result, they could fine-tune their communication strategies, leading to even more successful outreach initiatives. The real-time analytics not only served as a measurement tool but also as a potent strategy enhancer.

The leadership and managers at ACCO Brands lauded the Zone1 eCard platform for its adaptability, customizability, and user-friendly interface. They recognized that the platform had significantly contributed to enhancing the positive reinforcement and appreciation culture within the organization, thereby propelling them towards their goal of becoming a best-in-class company.

In conclusion, the implementation of Zone1’s eCard platform at ACCO Brands was a triumphant success. The platform not only revamped the company’s communication strategy but also delighted its users, validating the leadership’s innovative decision. This success serves as a precedent for future digital transformations and stands as a testament to Zone1’s efficacious solution.

“Zone1’s technology and service has enabled ACCO Brands to launch our global recognition program (ACCOlades) throughout our global footprint. It has been a great success and would not have been possible without the teamwork of our partners at Zone1, thanks.”


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