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Client Case Study: TellMed Strategies

TellMed Strategies is a health and medical education company based in Flemington, New Jersey, USA. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality, scientific, and evidence-based educational initiatives to the healthcare community. They aim to enhance the understanding of current research and clinical data, thereby promoting excellence in patient care. Through their well-developed and comprehensive strategies, TellMed helps healthcare professionals stay updated on the latest advancements and trends in the medical field. Their approach is grounded in a strong commitment to improving patient outcomes through continuous medical education.

TellMed Strategies was seeking a unique and engaging way to send holiday greetings to their clients, vendors, employees, and associates. Their vision was to incorporate a touch of humor into the eCard message, along with cartoon images that caricatured the faces of their management team. They desired an eCard that would not only convey their best wishes but also reflect their company’s character and spirit. To manage this task, they planned to enlist one dedicated individual who would operate through Zone1’s Single-User portal to create and send these personalized eCards.

Portal Facts

Type: Single-User (English)

Number of Users: 1
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 350+
View Rate: 78%

Design Examples

holiday greeting ecards


The primary challenge in this project was to craft a holiday eCard that stood out and effectively conveyed TellMed Strategies’ unique brand personality. The eCard needed to be fun and humorous, but also professional and reflective of the company’s ethos. It had to incorporate cartoon images of the management’s faces, which required a balance between creativity and respectful representation. Furthermore, given that only one individual would be managing the task through the Zone1 Single-User portal, it was essential to ensure the platform’s ease of use. The person needed to be able to efficiently design, customize, and distribute these eCards to a wide range of recipients, which included clients, vendors, employees, and associates. Hence, creating an engaging, distinctive, and professional eCard, while managing user-friendliness and effective distribution, posed a significant challenge in this project.


To address the challenge of this project, the following solution was devised:

1. Cartoon Design and Customization: A skilled graphic designer was employed by TellMed to create a series of professional and humorous cartoon images that represented the management of TellMed Strategies. The images were then provided to team Zone1 and used to customize the holiday eCards.

2. Creation of Engaging Content: To ensure the humor element resonated with the recipients and was in line with the company’s brand image, we crafted engaging and light-hearted messages. These messages were thoughtfully designed to express holiday wishes while also adding a playful element, thus striking the right balance between professionalism and humor.

3. Effective Distribution: The Zone1 platform has robust features that enable the easy uploading and management of recipient lists. Once the eCards were designed and ready, the project manager could seamlessly distribute them to clients, vendors, employees, and associates, ensuring that everyone received their personalized holiday greeting.

In essence, the solution involved utilizing a combination of creative design, engaging content creation, user training, and the effective use of the Zone1 platform’s distribution capabilities.


Here’s the process that was undertaken to successfully execute this project:

1. Requirement Gathering: First, we communicated extensively with TellMed Strategies to understand their unique needs and the specifics of their desired eCard design, including the humor and cartoon element.

2. Content Creation: In parallel with the design process, we worked on creating the humorous and engaging eCard messages. Each message was crafted with careful consideration to reflect the company’s brand and the holiday spirit.

3. eCard Distribution: Once the eCards were ready and the user was comfortable with the platform, the distribution phase began. The project manager was able to easily send out the eCards to clients, vendors, employees, and associates through the platform, ensuring a personalized greeting reached each one.

4. Post-Distribution Support: Even after the eCards were sent out, we stayed available for any required support or assistance. This ensured any potential issues or concerns were promptly addressed.

5. Success Evaluation: Finally, we evaluated the success of the campaign by gathering feedback from TellMed Strategies and analyzing platform usage data. This helped us understand the effectiveness of the solution and identify areas for future improvement.


The eCard project for TellMed Strategies was deemed a success, yielding several notable results.

Firstly, the creation and distribution of the eCards were well-received by the recipients. The combination of humor, personalized cartoon images, and holiday wishes resonated well with the clients, vendors, employees, and associates of TellMed. The eCards not only served their purpose of spreading holiday cheer but also helped to strengthen TellMed’s relationships with its contacts, enhancing the company’s brand image and goodwill.

Secondly, the process was smooth and efficient, thanks to the Zone1 Single-User portal. The individual assigned to manage the eCard distribution found the platform easy to use. The training provided ensured they could navigate through the platform effectively and distribute the eCards seamlessly. The assistance provided by Zone1’s support team further facilitated the process, ensuring that any questions or concerns were promptly addressed.

Lastly, the project allowed TellMed Strategies to express its unique brand personality creatively and engagingly, helping it to stand out among its contacts. The humor-infused eCards, coupled with the personalized cartoon images of the management team, made the company’s holiday greetings distinctive and memorable.

In summary, the project was successful in achieving its objectives of sending out unique and engaging holiday eCards, strengthening relationships, and enhancing TellMed’s brand image. Moreover, the ease of use of the Zone1 platform ensured a smooth and efficient process, contributing to the overall success of the campaign.