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Client Case Study: Bales Beall LLP

BALES BEALL LLP is a Toronto-based law firm recognized for its extensive expertise in family law. Founded by top-rated lawyers, the firm prides itself on offering personalized, solution-oriented legal services that prioritize the well-being of their clients and their families. BALES BEALL LLP offers services in various areas of family law including separation and divorce, child custody and access, property issues, and spousal and child support.

BALES BEALL LLP desired to create a unique and memorable experience that would not only express their appreciation but also strengthen their relationships with their esteemed contacts. To facilitate this, they sought to implement an intuitive, efficient eCard portal. This platform would enable their team members to swiftly choose and dispatch eCards, thus guaranteeing smooth, personalized communication during the holiday season. A key feature of these eCards was to be the inclusion of multiple signatures from firm members, adding a distinct, personal touch to each message.

Portal Facts

Type: Multi-Users Pro (English)

Number of Users: 25
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 3,000+
View Rate: 74%

Design Examples


The first challenge was ensuring ease of use. The portal needed to be intuitive and user-friendly to cater to all users, irrespective of their technical abilities. With the wide range of technical proficiency levels among the firm’s personnel, it was crucial to design a system that could be easily navigated and allow effortless sending of eCards.

Additionally, another challenge was the unique requirement for the inclusion of multiple signatures from firm members on each eCard. This feature aimed to add a distinct, personal touch to each message, but posed a technical challenge due to the varying formats and sizes of signatures. Moreover, this also increased the complexity of the user interface, as the system needed to allow the selection of multiple signatures while keeping the process straightforward for the users.

These challenges necessitated careful planning and meticulous execution to ensure the successful implementation of the eCard portal that was both easy to use and met the specific needs of BALES BEALL LLP.


In response to the challenges, Zone1 presented a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique requirements of BALES BEALL LLP. To tackle the usability challenge, Zone1 designed an intuitive and straightforward user interface that made navigation and eCard sending effortless for all users, regardless of their technological expertise. Guided tutorials and support were also provided to help users get acquainted with the portal, thereby ensuring a smooth onboarding process.

For the specific requirement of including multiple signatures on each eCard, Zone1 developed a flexible system that allowed for the easy selection and addition of signatures from different firm members. The system was designed to handle varying formats and sizes of signatures while maintaining the quality of the eCard design. To ensure the seamless execution of this feature, Zone1 collaborated closely with BALES BEALL LLP to gather all the required signatures and integrate them into the eCard design process.

By designing a system that was easy to use and met the firm’s unique requirements, Zone1 was able to provide a solution that not only addressed the challenges but also exceeded BALES BEALL LLP’s expectations. The successful implementation of the eCard portal reaffirmed Zone1’s commitment to delivering tailored, robust solutions for its clients.


The process for this project started with a comprehensive understanding of BALES BEALL LLP’s requirements, goals, and the challenges they were facing. This was followed by a thorough analysis of their existing processes, along with the identification of areas where eCard implementation could enhance efficiency and communication.

Once the needs were identified, the Zone1 team started the design phase. The emphasis was on creating an intuitive user interface that would make navigation and sending of eCards straightforward for users of varying technological skills. Simultaneously, work began on developing a flexible system to include multiple signatures from different firm members on the eCards, ensuring that the design accommodated the firm’s unique requirements.

Next, the technical implementation phase commenced. This involved setting up the infrastructure needed for the eCard portal, integrating the designed user interface, and implementing the multiple signature feature. At this stage, close collaboration with BALES BEALL LLP was essential to gather all necessary signatures and integrate them into the system.

After the technical implementation, rigorous testing was conducted to ensure that all components worked as expected, and any bugs were swiftly fixed. Once the system was thoroughly tested and fine-tuned, it was rolled out to the team at BALES BEALL LLP.

The final phase was providing user training and support. This included creating guided tutorials and offering continuous support to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Furthermore, feedback was regularly sought from the users and necessary tweaks and enhancements were made to the system based on this input.

The overall process demonstrated a strong collaboration between Zone1 and BALES BEALL LLP, ensuring a solution that was tailor-made to the firm’s requirements and executed to high standards.


The implementation of the eCard portal for BALES BEALL LLP resulted in a multitude of successful outcomes, notably improving their connection with valued contacts through personalized, memorable communication.

One of the most significant results was the ease and efficiency with which team members could send personalized eCards to their contacts. The intuitive user interface reduced the time taken to send eCards and made the process straightforward, even for those with limited technological skills. This led to widespread adoption of the portal by the team and the consistent use of eCards for communication.

Moreover, the feature that allowed multiple signatures from different firm members to be included on the eCards was particularly appreciated. This feature catered to BALES BEALL LLP’s unique requirement and added a personal touch to the eCards, enhancing the overall experience for the recipient and reinforcing the bonds the firm shares with its contacts.

Finally, the successful execution of the eCard portal established a foundation for potential enhancements and future expansions. The portal, designed with flexibility and scalability in mind, provides a robust platform that can be adapted to accommodate evolving requirements. The positive feedback from both the team members using the portal and the recipients of the eCards indicates a successful integration of the solution, and positions the firm for further utilization of technology to improve its communication strategies.

Overall, the successful implementation of the eCard portal for BALES BEALL LLP is a testament to Zone1’s commitment to delivering customized solutions that cater to clients’ specific needs, and reinforces their status as a preferred partner for businesses looking to enhance their digital communication capabilities.