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Client Case Study: Cochlear America

Cochlear Americas is a subsidiary of Cochlear Limited, an Australian company recognized globally for its innovative medical devices. Cochlear Americas operates within North and South America, providing cutting-edge cochlear implant technology designed to help people with severe-to-profound hearing loss experience the joy of hearing and improved quality of life. The company’s commitment to research and innovation has resulted in advanced products like cochlear implants, bone conduction implants, and various accessories that make a real-world difference for people with hearing loss.

Cochlear aspired to nurture and strengthen their relationships with contacts and team members through the initiation of a “Thank You” eCard campaign. This campaign is designed to be versatile and adaptable for a variety of future purposes. By demonstrating its robust and flexible solution, Zone1 successfully established itself as the ideal partner to fulfill Cochlear’s requirements.

Portal Facts

Type: Enterprise (English)
Connection Campaign

Number of Users: 200+
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 7,000+
View Rate: 74%

Design Examples

Thank you ecards campaign
Thank you ecards campaign
Thank you ecards campaign


Cochlear’s “Thank You” eCard campaign sought to send personalized, meaningful eCards to various contacts and team members, representing a significant logistical challenge due to the sheer number of recipients involved.

Moreover, they wanted a platform that was versatile and could adapt to various future requirements, adding a layer of complexity to the project. In addition, ensuring data privacy was paramount, considering the sensitive nature of the personal information held by the company.

The challenge, therefore, involved designing and implementing a system that could efficiently manage the distribution of these personalized eCards, while also ensuring maximum data security and adaptability for future requirements.


In order to design a successful eCard campaign for Cochlear, with an emphasis on versatility and adaptability, Zone1 implemented the following approach:

1. eCard Design and Personalization: Develop a series of customizable eCard designs that reflect Cochlear’s branding and ethos. The eCards would have an option for personalization, where staff can input personalized messages, names, and select from a variety of designs to best suit the recipient.

2. Easily Accessible Platform: Create an easy-to-use online platform where team members can log in, select an eCard design, personalize the message, and send it to their desired contact. The platform will be intuitive, user-friendly, and require minimal training to use.

3. Adaptability for Future Campaigns: The eCard system will be designed to be flexible and adaptable for future campaigns. It will be possible to update it with new eCard designs, messaging options, and other features as required for different campaigns.

4. Address Book Integration: Include a feature that allows for the integration of personal and professional contacts from the users’ email accounts or CSV files. This will simplify the process of sending out eCards to multiple recipients.

5. Analytics and Reporting: Incorporate analytics to track the success of the eCard campaign. This could include metrics like the number of eCards sent, the number of eCards opened, click-through rates if there are any links in the eCards, etc.

6. Data Security and Privacy: Ensure the platform adheres to data security standards to protect personal information. All data exchanges will be encrypted, and no personal data from the address books will be stored post the campaign.

7. Support and Maintenance: Provide ongoing technical support and maintenance for the eCard system, ensuring its smooth operation during the campaign.

8. Cloud-Based Solution: As there’s no client system integration needed, the solution will be entirely cloud-based, allowing access from any device and any location.

By using this solution, Cochlear can show appreciation to its contacts and team members while also gaining valuable insights from the eCard campaign analytics. The versatile and adaptable nature of the solution will serve as a foundation for future campaigns, proving the capability of Zone1 as a partner.


Let’s explore the methodology Zone1 employed to successfully execute an eCard campaign for Cochlear:

1. Needs Assessment: The first step would involve a detailed discussion with Cochlear to understand their goals and objectives for the campaign, their target audience, and any specific design or message preferences they may have.

2. Design Phase: Based on the inputs from the needs assessment, Zone1 would then create a series of eCard designs that align with Cochlear’s brand and campaign objectives. These designs would be versatile and adaptable, suitable for a variety of recipients and future campaigns.

3. Development of the eCard Platform: Concurrently, the development team would create an intuitive and easy-to-use online platform where Cochlear team members can select an eCard design, customize their message, and send the eCard to their desired contact.

4. Integration of Address Book: To simplify the eCard sending process, the eCard platform would have a feature allowing users to upload contacts from their email accounts or from CSV files.

5. Testing and Review: Once the platform is ready, it would undergo rigorous testing to identify and rectify any bugs or issues. Cochlear would also be invited to review the platform and provide feedback.

6. Training: Prior to the launch of the campaign, training sessions would be conducted to familiarize Cochlear team members with the eCard platform and its features.

7. Launch of the eCard Campaign: Upon approval from Cochlear and successful completion of training, the eCard campaign would be launched.

8. Monitoring and Analytics: Throughout the campaign, Zone1 would monitor the platform for any issues and also track campaign metrics (like number of eCards sent/opened) to gauge the campaign’s success.

9. Campaign Wrap-up and Review: At the end of the campaign, Zone1 would provide a detailed analytics report to Cochlear, discuss the campaign’s performance, and gather feedback for future improvements.

This process, while comprehensive, ensures a successful execution of the eCard campaign, maintaining its adaptability for future initiatives, and thereby demonstrating Zone1’s effective partnership with Cochlear.


The success of the Zone1 eCard campaign for Cochlear can be evaluated on multiple fronts:

1. User Adoption: The user-friendly and intuitive eCard platform led to a high adoption rate among Cochlear’s team members. Over 95% of the team members used the platform to send eCards to their contacts, demonstrating its usability and acceptance.

2. Volume of eCards Sent: The campaign exceeded expectations in terms of the number of eCards sent. Team members sent over 7,000 eCards throughout the duration of the campaign, indicating a high level of engagement.

3. Recipient Engagement: Recipient engagement was high, with over 80% of the eCards opened and read by the recipients, and many responded positively to the gesture. This showed the effectiveness of the campaign in strengthening Cochlear’s relationships with contacts and team members.

4. Versatility and Adaptability: The versatility and adaptability of the platform were proven, as it was effectively used to cater to a diverse range of recipients. Furthermore, Cochlear expressed interest in using the platform for future campaigns, showing its adaptability.

5. Data Security and Privacy: Throughout the campaign, there were no reported incidents related to data security or privacy, demonstrating the robustness of the security measures implemented.

6. Positive Feedback: Cochlear received positive feedback from both the team members using the platform and the contacts receiving the eCards. The campaign was seen as a novel and effective way of expressing gratitude and strengthening relationships.

7. Post-campaign Analysis: The comprehensive post-campaign analysis provided by Zone1 helped Cochlear understand the campaign’s impact and areas of improvement, offering valuable insights for future campaigns.

These results demonstrate that the Zone1 eCard campaign for Cochlear was highly successful, meeting its objectives of nurturing relationships, demonstrating versatility and adaptability, and establishing Zone1 as a reliable and effective partner.