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Client Case Study: BEM, Kind Cards

BEM, Kind Cards, based in Australia, is an organization dedicated to spreading positivity and fostering connections through the power of kind words. They believe in the impact of simple acts of kindness and leverage this idea in their operations. Their primary service involves designing and distributing “Kind Cards,” which are thoughtful, heartfelt cards intended to inspire, uplift, and show appreciation or encouragement to the recipients. Their mission is to enhance social cohesion and foster a sense of community by providing a platform that encourages and simplifies acts of kindness.

BEM, Kind Cards, sought to digitize their heartwarming concept by introducing online versions of their Kind Cards. The goal was to create an open platform where visitors could browse and select eCards from diverse categories without the need for registration. Once the visitors make a donation, they would gain access to send these eCards. This digital approach aimed to make acts of kindness even more accessible, allowing their message of positivity and connection to reach a wider audience while also supporting the organization through donations.

Portal Facts

Type: Enterprise (English)
Various Occasions – Public

Number of Visitors: 8,500+
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 13,500+
View Rate: 70%

Design Examples

digital greetings cards
digital greetings cards
digital greetings cards


The execution of the BEM, Kind Cards project presented several significant challenges that needed to be addressed to ensure its successful realization.

Firstly, creating an open platform where visitors could browse, select, and send eCards without registration was a considerable challenge. The typical eCard platforms require user registration for personalization and delivery tracking. However, to uphold the ethos of Kind Cards – simplicity and ease of spreading kindness – it was essential to make the platform accessible without such requirements.

Secondly, integrating the donation mechanism into the eCard sending process was another hurdle. It was crucial to ensure a seamless user experience where the donation process didn’t disrupt the journey of choosing and sending an eCard.

Thirdly, the project demanded the categorization of eCards, allowing users to choose cards based on different themes or sentiments. This required thoughtful organization and presentation to help users find the perfect card easily.

Finally, the platform had to uphold the aesthetics and heartwarming touch inherent in the physical Kind Cards. Translating the unique charm of physical cards into the digital format while ensuring they still held the personal, heartfelt essence was a significant part of this challenge.

Overall, these challenges required innovative solutions to create a user-friendly, engaging, and emotionally resonant platform for digital Kind Cards.


In response to the challenges posed by the BEM, Kind Cards project, Zone1 developed a series of thoughtful solutions.

To address the first challenge of creating an open platform without requiring user registration, Zone1 designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allowed visitors to easily browse and select eCards. The platform was built to accommodate users’ privacy and maintain simplicity in sending eCards, all while ensuring the cards could be personalized and sent seamlessly.

The second challenge, involving the integration of a donation mechanism, was handled meticulously. Zone1 integrated a secure and straightforward donation system into the platform, ensuring it was woven seamlessly into the user journey. Upon making a donation, users were immediately directed to the eCard sending process, creating a fluid and intuitive user experience.

To cater to the need for categorization of eCards, Zone1 developed an organized display system. The system classified cards into various categories, enabling visitors to effortlessly navigate through the assortment of eCards, find their desired sentiment, and make a selection.

Finally, to retain the heartfelt essence of the physical Kind Cards in the digital format, Zone1 worked closely with BEM, Kind Cards. They ensured that each digital eCard was designed with utmost care, maintaining the aesthetics, charm, and emotional resonance that Kind Cards is known for.

In conclusion, Zone1’s solutions led to the successful creation of an open, user-friendly platform that enabled the visitors to send personalized eCards in exchange for a donation, encapsulating the core values of BEM, Kind Cards in a digital format.


The process for executing the BEM, Kind Cards project can be broken down into the following key steps:

1. Understanding the Requirements: The Zone1 team first sought to thoroughly understand BEM, Kind Cards’ vision and requirements for the project. This involved discussions and brainstorming sessions to identify the key goals and challenges.

2. Platform Design and Development: Zone1 began the development of an open, user-friendly platform. The focus was on a seamless user experience, ensuring visitors could easily browse, select, and send eCards without registration.

3. Integration of Donation Mechanism: The team integrated a secure and efficient donation mechanism into the platform. It was crucial that the donation process was interwoven seamlessly into the user journey, creating a smooth transition from donation to eCard selection and sending.

4. Creation and Categorization of eCards: Working closely with BEM, Kind Cards, Zone1 developed a variety of eCards that upheld the heartfelt essence of the physical Kind Cards. They also organized these cards into various categories, making it easy for visitors to find and select the perfect card.

5. Quality Assurance and Testing: Once the platform was developed, it underwent rigorous testing to ensure functionality and user-friendliness. Any glitches or user experience issues were resolved during this phase.

6. Launch and Monitoring: After successful testing, the platform was launched. Post-launch, the team continued to monitor the platform for any issues and gather user feedback for potential future enhancements.

Throughout the entire process, there was ongoing communication and collaboration between Zone1 and BEM, Kind Cards, ensuring the final product was aligned with their vision and expectations.


The implementation of the BEM, Kind Cards project was a great success, as evidenced by the significant results obtained.

Firstly, the launch of the new open platform transformed the way BEM, Kind Cards interacted with their supporters. The platform’s user-friendly interface and simple navigation allowed for an easy browsing experience. With no need for registration, users could conveniently select and send eCards, leading to increased user engagement and interaction with the platform.

The integration of the donation system proved to be a major accomplishment. By integrating the donation process into the eCard sending journey, supporters were encouraged to contribute to the cause. The simplicity and seamlessness of the process led to an increase in donations, thereby contributing to the overall success of the project.

Furthermore, the categorization of eCards based on various sentiments helped users find their perfect card effortlessly. This, coupled with the ability to personalize eCards, added a touch of intimacy and made each card special.

Finally, the digital eCards were able to capture the charm and heartfelt essence of the physical Kind Cards. The result was an engaging, emotionally resonant experience for users, which elevated the overall success of the platform.

The BEM, Kind Cards project proved to be a landmark achievement for Zone1, enhancing its reputation for delivering innovative, user-centric solutions. The platform’s successful launch and its subsequent results highlighted Zone1’s technical prowess, creative ingenuity, and commitment to client satisfaction.