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Client Case Study: MOL

MOL Logistics USA is a part of the global MOL Logistics network, a comprehensive logistics service provider with roots in Japan. MOL Logistics USA offers a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of its clients across various industries. This includes international freight forwarding by air and sea, customs brokerage, warehousing, distribution, and supply chain management services. They are dedicated to providing high-quality, customized logistics solutions that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their clients’ supply chains, ensuring timely and secure delivery of goods across the United States and globally.

MOL Logistics USA, as part of its continuous efforts to foster and strengthen business relationships, sought to implement a personalized eCard portal for the holiday season. They intended this portal to be a platform where their team members could send custom, heartfelt eCards to clients, partners, and other important stakeholders during the festive period.

The primary objective was to provide a memorable, unique experience that showcased their appreciation and reinforced the bond they share with their valued contacts. The eCard portal was envisioned to be user-friendly and efficient, allowing MOL Logistics USA team members to easily select and send eCards in a timely manner, ensuring a smooth, personalized communication during the holiday season.

Portal Facts

Type: Enterprise (English)

Number of Users: 350+
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 11,000+
View Rate: 75%

Design Examples

custom holiday ecards
custom holiday ecards
custom holiday ecards


The challenge of creating an eCard portal for MOL Logistics USA entailed several complexities. The project demanded not just the creation of an eCard platform, but one that could effectively handle the diverse needs of an organization with a large, international stakeholder base.

Firstly, the portal had to be versatile and user-friendly, designed to enable MOL Logistics USA team members to conveniently select and personalize eCards. This necessitated a system with an intuitive interface, able to cater to users of varying technical abilities, and capable of efficiently managing a high volume of eCards.

Secondly, given the international scope of MOL Logistics USA’s operations, the portal needed to accommodate a variety of cultural and linguistic contexts. The platform had to support eCards in different holiday traditions of its international recipients.

Additionally, the portal needed to be secure and privacy-compliant, assuring users that their personal information and messages were protected. This required robust security measures and strict adherence to data privacy standards.

Finally, the solution had to be scalable and flexible, capable of adapting to changes in user needs and demands, such as increased user volumes during peak holiday seasons or the introduction of new eCard designs and categories.

This blend of requirements presented a unique challenge – to design and implement a secure, user-friendly, and culturally sensitive eCard portal that could cater to MOL Logistics USA’s diverse, international audience and adapt to future needs and trends.


To address the challenges presented by MOL Logistics USA, Zone1 proposed a custom, secure, and user-friendly eCard portal, focused on simplicity and efficiency. The solution would be primarily English-based, which is widely spoken and understood by MOL Logistics USA’s international stakeholder base.

The eCard portal was designed with an intuitive user interface, enabling the team members to easily select, personalize, and send eCards. A range of festive designs were made available for users to choose from, catering to the varied aesthetic preferences within the organization.

The solution also included a personalized eCard feature, allowing users to customize their messages, enhancing the connection with the recipient and creating a more memorable experience.

Security and data privacy were crucial considerations in the solution. The portal was designed with stringent security measures, including data encryption and secure user authentication procedures. This ensured that the users’ personal information and messages were adequately protected, fostering confidence and trust in the system.

Additionally, the solution was designed to be scalable, allowing for potential expansion of users or addition of new eCard designs and categories in the future. This flexibility ensured that the system could adapt and evolve with MOL Logistics USA’s needs and trends, making it a lasting solution.

In essence, Zone1 developed a bespoke, secure, and user-friendly eCard portal that successfully met MOL Logistics USA’s specific requirements and provided a platform for meaningful, personalized communication during the holiday season.


Implementing the eCard portal for MOL Logistics USA involved a comprehensive, step-by-step process:

1. Needs Assessment: Initially, a detailed needs assessment was carried out to understand the specific requirements of MOL Logistics USA. This involved discussions with key stakeholders to ascertain their expectations and goals.

2. Design and Development: Based on the needs assessment, the design and development phase commenced. The interface was crafted to be user-friendly, with an emphasis on an intuitive design that would facilitate seamless navigation. The system was developed to support personalized eCards, with an array of design options. Additionally, stringent security measures were implemented to ensure the protection of users’ information.

3. Testing: Once the development phase was completed, the system underwent rigorous testing to identify and rectify any potential issues. This step ensured that the system was fully functional and reliable.

4. Training: After successful testing, a training session was conducted for the MOL Logistics USA team members. The training was designed to familiarize users with the system’s functions and features, empowering them to effectively utilize the portal.

5. Implementation: The eCard portal was then launched and made available to the team members. A monitoring system was also put in place to track the usage and performance of the portal, providing valuable insights for potential improvements.

6. Maintenance and Support: Post-implementation, Zone1 provided continuous support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of the portal. The system was designed to be scalable, allowing for the introduction of new eCard designs and categories and accommodating an increase in users, if needed.

This structured process ensured the delivery of a secure, user-friendly, and effective eCard portal, in line with MOL Logistics USA’s specific requirements and expectations.


The eCard portal developed for MOL Logistics USA was a significant success, delivering tangible results and meeting the company’s objectives:

1. Enhanced Engagement: The eCard portal fostered a sense of community within MOL Logistics USA, strengthening the bonds between team members and associates. The personalized eCards enabled users to share meaningful messages, enhancing the depth of their interactions and fostering a more engaged work environment.

2. Increased Efficiency: The easy-to-use interface and automated features of the portal simplified the process of sending eCards. This saved time and increased efficiency, particularly during the hectic holiday season, allowing team members to focus on their core tasks.

3. Positive Feedback: The feedback from users was overwhelmingly positive. They appreciated the variety of eCard designs, the ability to personalize messages, and the simplicity of the portal. The security measures were also lauded, with users expressing their confidence in the system’s data protection capabilities.

4. Scalability: The flexibility of the system proved beneficial as the user base and eCard usage grew. The portal adapted seamlessly to the increased demand, demonstrating its scalability and long-term viability.

5. Brand Reinforcement: The portal also served as a tool for brand reinforcement. The eCards, designed in line with MOL Logistics USA’s branding guidelines, subtly yet effectively reinforced the company’s brand identity each time an eCard was sent.

6. Cultural Sensitivity: The portal’s ability to support English, being a global language, ensured cultural inclusivity, accommodating MOL Logistics USA’s diverse audience.

In conclusion, the implementation of the eCard portal was a strategic move that brought about beneficial results for MOL Logistics USA. The success of this project highlighted the effectiveness of Zone1’s solution in addressing specific business needs while enhancing internal communication and engagement.