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MTS Allstream Inc. is a prominent communication solutions company based in Canada. Previously a subsidiary of Manitoba Telecom Services, it provides a variety of services including local and long-distance telephony, wireless service, internet access, and television service to businesses and consumers all across Canada. The company operates a vast network of fiber optic cables to ensure high-quality data and voice communications. They’re known for their commitment to innovation and customer service.

Management recognized the need to nurture and strengthen relationships with their contacts, often comprising clients and customers. They aimed to achieve this through a personal and meaningful approach. To this end, they decided to equip their sales team with three distinct modules. First, they introduced the functionality to send online greeting cards, an effective method for building rapport. Second, they implemented a feature for sending evite cards for webinars, which also collects recipients’ responses. Finally, they added a customizable newsletter component to their suite, enabling the team to reach their contacts in a unique and tailored way.

Portal Facts

Type: Enterprise (Bilingual)

Number of Users: 850+
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 23,500+
View Rate: 70%

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custom ecards for business
custom ecards for business
custom ecards for business


Given its large national user base, MTS Allstream urgently required an efficient, economical, and eco-friendly method to dispatch personalized greeting cards and communication messages in English and French to global contacts. The traditional use of physical cards brought about logistical hurdles and considerable expenses, and lacked the flexibility for swift customization.

The MTS Allstream management team sought a solution that could represent the brand’s distinct style and music-centric philosophy to both employees and clients. They also aspired to engage their clients and vendors through a custom monthly newsletter, granting users the freedom to select articles that best suited their contacts and the services they provided.

To further elevate their communication efforts, MTS Allstream sought to host online webinars, furnished with the ability to dispatch invites to their contacts and compile their responses concerning attendance. Additionally, they desired to incorporate artwork produced by the employees’ children into the platform, transforming these drawings into ecards. This unique element not only added a personalized touch to the communication but also fostered a sense of community within the company.

MTS Allstream partnered with Zone1 for both the technical implementation and the artwork design across all three modules. Their aim was to mirror the company’s unique brand and identity through the visual elements of the campaign.

In essence, the aim was to develop a portal encompassing these components. The ideal solution would be a secure, 3-in-1 portal, designed with utmost data protection measures to ensure the privacy of ongoing communications.


The Zone1 eCard platform, thanks to its adaptability and the custom solutions provided by their developers, emerged as the ideal response to MTS Allstream’s unique challenges, paving the way for a long-term partnership.

1. Brand Customizable eCard Platform: The Zone1 platform offered MTS Allstream users a significant level of control and customization. It enabled them to create and distribute ecards and invitation templates that were not only uniquely personal but also reflected the company’s brand identity. Integral to this was the ability to include custom artwork crafted by Zone1’s talented in-house design team. This feature provided users with a multitude of design options that flawlessly mirrored the company’s aesthetic, thus adding an extra layer of personalization.

These ecards were more than standard messages. They were meticulously designed, personalized expressions from MTS Allstream users to their contacts, serving as an extension of the brand’s identity, successfully capturing and conveying the company’s unique style and ethos.

Furthermore, the newsletter module was designed to be user-friendly. It allowed the sales team to explore the available articles each month and choose which ones to include in the newsletter. This meant each salesperson could customize their own unique newsletter issue, distinct from those of their colleagues.

In essence, the Zone1 platform did more than just enable the creation and distribution of ecards by offering the three modules within one portal. It provided MTS Allstream users with a tool to communicate the company’s unique ethos in a personalized and meaningful way. It made every recipient feel valued while simultaneously reinforcing the company’s branding.

2. National Reach: The digital foundation of Zone1’s platform offered a number of significant advantages. Firstly, the process of sending ecards, invitation templates, and newsletters was instantaneous. The moment a user clicked “send”, their messages would land directly in the recipient’s inbox, irrespective of their location. This was a considerable improvement over traditional mail, which could take days, if not weeks, for international deliveries.

Secondly, this digital approach bypassed geographical constraints entirely. Users could send and receive messages regardless of where they or their contacts were located within Canada. This national reach was crucial for MTS Allstream, considering their operations spanned across the country.

Lastly, the digital nature of Zone1’s platform ensured the messages were always accessible. Recipients could open their ecard on any device with internet access, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. They could also revisit their ecard whenever they wished, adding a sense of permanence to the typically transient experience of card exchange.

In summary, the digital foundation of Zone1’s platform empowered MTS Allstream users to dispatch and receive ecards instantaneously and universally, effectively surmounting any geographical barriers. Moreover, it ensured that the ecards were consistently accessible and enduring, thereby magnifying their influence and impact.

3. Real-time Analytics: In addition to facilitating ecard creation and distribution, the Zone1 platform offered a valuable real-time analytics feature. This capability allowed MTS Allstream users to gain an in-depth understanding of the reception and interaction with their ecards.

Users could monitor key performance metrics like open rates, which provided immediate feedback on their ecards’ initial impact. Beyond simply knowing whether the messages were opened, users could also see when and where the messages were accessed, yielding a deeper understanding of their contacts’ engagement patterns.

Furthermore, the platform included an admin portal armed with robust reporting capabilities. Admins could leverage these real-time analytics to generate comprehensive reports. These reports provided an overview of platform usage statistics, outlining the most active users, the most popular types of ecards, and peak times and days for ecard activity.

By merging individual user tracking with the admin portal’s overarching statistics and report generation capabilities, the Zone1 platform provided an unmatched level of insight into MTS Allstream users’ outreach efforts. This data-driven approach ensured each message sent was as impactful and effective as possible.

4. Newsletter Articles Generator: The Zone1 platform equipped the admin with a straightforward interface within the admin module to add monthly articles. The feature allowed them to compose the copy and attach an image for each article. It also provided the capability to activate and deactivate articles from the list, offering more control and ensuring up-to-date content.

Critical Factors

It was vital that the ecard portal echoed the distinctive essence of the MTS Allstream brand. The company’s iconic brand identity needed to reverberate through every facet of the portal, instilling a sense of familiarity and consistency for its users. To bring this to life, Zone1 worked closely with the MTS Allstream brand team. This collaboration gave rise to a series of tailor-made ecard templates, each infused with the unmistakable spirit of MTS Allstream. These templates served as a creative canvas for users, enabling them to compose messages that were not just personalized, but also true to the brand’s essence.

Data privacy was of utmost importance. In an age characterized by increased digital scrutiny and data breaches, safeguarding users’ data was a non-negotiable requirement. The Zone1 platform was designed to strictly comply with data protection regulations where MTS Allstream operates. This careful adherence to global privacy standards ensured that every piece of information provided by users and their contacts was managed securely and ethically. The platform’s stringent security measures gave users the confidence to use the portal without concerns about the safety of their data.

Scalability emerged as a third crucial success factor. As a sizable national organization in Canada, MTS Allstream required a platform capable of handling high volumes of usage. It wasn’t sufficient for the platform to perform seamlessly during periods of average usage; it had to flawlessly manage thousands of users concurrently sending ecards, invites, and newsletters, particularly during peak times like the holiday season or special promotional events. Zone1’s platform was designed with this high-level scalability in mind, assuring stable and reliable performance regardless of demand.

In summary, the harmonious combination of brand alignment, stringent data privacy, and robust scalability became the trio of success factors. Together, they ensured that Zone1’s ecard platform could not only meet but surpass the expectations of MTS Allstream and its vast user base.


The implementation process commenced with Zone1 prioritizing the integration of its robust ecard platform onto the client’s URL, thereby restricting access to only those users with an MTS Allstream email domain. This critical integration process was conducted with extreme precision, thereby ensuring seamless access for all MTS Allstream users. The aim was to establish an intuitive interface where users could effortlessly craft, customize, and dispatch messages without hampering their workflow.

After the successful system integration, which included the invite and newsletter modules, Zone1 shifted its focus towards developing ecard templates that authentically represented the MTS Allstream brand. This step entailed an intensive collaboration with the MTS Allstream brand team, merging their deep understanding of the brand’s aesthetic and ethos with Zone1’s proficiency in design and user experience. The outcome was a range of unique, brand-specific ecard templates that effectively embodied MTS Allstream’s spirit.

However, before the templates were made available to all users, they underwent rigorous testing with a pilot group consisting of a diverse representation of the MTS Allstream user base. This initial phase was crucial to gather invaluable user feedback, guaranteeing that the templates not only aligned with MTS Allstream’s style but also catered to the varied needs and preferences of its users.

With the successful integration of the platform, the development of engaging ecard, invite, and newsletter templates, and positive feedback from the pilot group, the stage was set for a staged rollout of the platform. The deployment began with the headquarters, ensuring the core team was proficient with the new platform before it was introduced to the wider user base.

Throughout the rollout, training sessions and support materials were provided to the users to facilitate their understanding of the platform’s functionalities. This educational support ensured that each user, regardless of their technical proficiency, could effectively utilize the platform and fully leverage its features.

In summary, the implementation process was painstakingly planned and executed. It began with flawless system integration, proceeded with collaborative design endeavors, rigorous testing, and concluded with a staged and well-supported rollout. This step-by-step strategy ensured a smooth transition for all users, laying the groundwork for the successful utilization of the Zone1 ecard platform within MTS Allstream.


The outcome of implementing the Zone1 eCard platform at MTS Allstream was nothing short of phenomenal, as expressed by the company. Users eagerly reported that their newfound ability to send personalized, branded messages for a variety of occasions and uses significantly amplified their outreach efforts. They discovered that the platform’s features allowed them to connect with their contacts in a more meaningful and impactful way, all with the benefit of ease of use.

Boasting a remarkable open rate of over 70%, the levels of engagement surpassed initial expectations. This high engagement indicated that the ecards weren’t merely reaching their intended recipients but were resonating with them in a way traditional communication methods had not achieved.

Users also expressed considerable appreciation for the platform’s real-time analytics. The insights derived from these analytics enabled users to better comprehend their contacts’ behaviors and preferences. As a result, they could refine their communication strategies, leading to even more effective outreach efforts. The real-time analytics thus functioned not just as a tracking tool, but also as a strategy enhancer.

Another key area where the Zone1 eCard platform demonstrated its value was in its scalability. During high traffic periods, such as significant events and holiday seasons, the platform flawlessly managed the increased load. The platform’s reliability, even under high demand, further solidified its value within the MTS Allstream community.

MTS Allstream leadership joined the chorus of praise, lauding the Zone1 eCard platform for its flexibility, customizability, and user-friendly interface. They acknowledged that the platform had made a significant contribution to enhancing the company’s outreach and communication strategy, aligning it more closely with the company’s vibrant and dynamic brand image.

The success of this initiative extended beyond praise and high user satisfaction. It also furnished the administration with a clear understanding of all the operations on the portal and gathered the results from the invites sent by users to their contacts, thereby determining the number of attendees for each webinar and event they hosted. MTS Allstream successfully utilized the platform to send out over 75 invites for various webinars and events, demonstrating the efficacy and versatility of the Zone1 solution.

In conclusion, the implementation of Zone1’s eCard platform at MTS Allstream was a tremendous success. The platform not only enhanced the company’s communication strategy but also delighted its users and vindicated its leadership’s decision to innovate. The success of this project sets a precedent for future digital transformations within MTS Allstream and serves as a testament to Zone1’s effective solutions.

“I wanted to take a moment to thank-you and your team for the incredible job on our 2008 e-cards project. Thanks to you our project was completed on time and on budget and delivered a great finished product. Your positive attitude and personal mantra that “anything is doable” made working with you under often tight timelines, an absolute pleasure. We continue to rely on you to guide us within the industry best practices for e-marketing and appreciate your new and innovative ideas to further increase the functionality and usability of the site.”