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Client Case Study: Centurion Asset Management

Centurion Asset Management Inc., established in 2003, is a recognized leader in the Investment and Property Management industry providing quality investments and housing for all of its clients. They offer a variety of services like real estate investment, property management, and mortgage investment services. Their portfolio includes a variety of multi-residential properties, including apartments and student housing properties.

The management team at Centurion Asset Management was in search of a method to build and nurture relationships with their key contacts, primarily clients and customers. They sought to do this in a personalized and meaningful way, particularly during the holiday season.

Portal Facts

Type: Multi-Users (English)

Number of Users: 10
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 650+
View Rate: 71%

Design Examples

personalized holiday ecards
personalized holiday ecards


Centurion Asset Management’s eCard Initiative was launched with a specific set of challenges:

1. Limited Budget: The project was constrained by a limited budget which necessitated efficient resource allocation and cost-effective solutions. The challenge was to develop a high-quality, functional, and user-friendly eCard platform without compromising on the quality due to financial constraints.

2. Limited User Base: The intended user base for the eCard platform was relatively small. This created a challenge in terms of justifying the cost per user and ensuring that the platform would be widely adopted and used despite the smaller number of potential users.

3. Personalization: Given that the goal was to establish and nurture relationships with clients and customers, the eCards had to be personalized and meaningful. Creating a platform that enabled such personalization while being easy to use was a significant challenge.

4. Holiday Season Focus: The platform was particularly needed for the holiday season. This required a quick turnaround in terms of development and deployment of the platform, ensuring that it was ready to be used during the holidays.

5. Value for Money: Given the limited budget and user base, the project had to demonstrate clear value for money. This meant developing a platform that, despite the limitations, delivered tangible benefits and a satisfactory return on investment.


To address the unique challenges faced by Centurion Asset Management, a customized eCard platform solution was developed, incorporating the following key aspects:

1. Budget-Friendly Development: To ensure the solution was affordable, efficient resource allocation strategies were utilized. The development team focused on creating a lean, functional eCard platform that delivered all the necessary features without unnecessary additions that could inflate costs.

2. Client-Provided Artwork: Centurion’s in-house design team provided the artwork for the eCards. This not only ensured that the eCards were in line with the company’s brand identity but also helped to keep costs down as there was no need to outsource this element.

3. User-Friendly Interface: The eCard platform was designed with ease of use in mind, ensuring that even with a limited user base, the adoption rate would be high. The user interface was made intuitive and straightforward, with clear instructions and minimal steps required to create and send an eCard.

4. Personalized eCards: The platform allowed for high levels of personalization, making each eCard sent unique and meaningful. Users could select from a range of templates, add personalized messages, and send the eCards to their specific contact list.

5. Quick Turnaround: The project was fast-tracked to ensure readiness for the holiday season. The development and deployment timeline was optimized to guarantee that the platform would be available when users needed it most.

6. Value Maximization: By focusing on essential features, utilizing client-provided artwork, and encouraging user adoption through ease of use, the solution offered a significant return on investment, demonstrating clear value for money despite the project’s budget constraints.

Critical Factors

1. User Data Security: Given the sensitive nature of the information involved, data security was a critical factor. The eCard platform was designed with robust security measures to protect users’ personal information and ensure that data privacy standards were met at all times.

2. Cost-Effectiveness: Due to the project’s limited budget, it was crucial to develop a solution that offered a high return on investment. This meant focusing on delivering core functionalities and making use of client-provided artwork to keep costs down.

3. Ease of Use: To ensure high adoption rates despite the limited user base, the platform needed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Users should be able to easily navigate the platform, create, and send eCards with minimal effort.

4. Personalization: The success of the project was highly dependent on the level of personalization the platform could offer. Users needed to be able to create eCards that were unique and meaningful to the recipients.

5. Quick Deployment: With the platform’s usage being particularly high during the holiday season, the development and deployment process needed to be completed quickly. This ensured the platform was ready to use when it was most needed.

6. Brand Consistency: With the artwork being provided by the client’s team, it was vital to ensure that the final eCards were consistent with Centurion Asset Management’s brand identity. This would help in maintaining a consistent brand image across all communications.

7. Scalability: Even though the initial user base was limited, the platform needed to be scalable to accommodate potential future growth in the number of users or the scope of features offered.

8. Ongoing Support and Maintenance: To ensure the long-term success and usability of the platform, ongoing technical support and periodic maintenance were necessary. This would also help in swiftly addressing any issues or glitches that might occur post-deployment.


The process for creating Centurion Asset Management’s eCard platform involved several key steps:

1. Needs Assessment: The first step was to thoroughly understand Centurion’s specific needs and challenges. This involved in-depth discussions with the client about their objectives, target user base, budget constraints, and other specific requirements like user data security.

2. Design and Development Plan: Once the project requirements were clear, a detailed design and development plan was formulated. This plan outlined the key features of the platform, the use of client-provided artwork, the timeline for completion, and the measures to be taken to ensure user data security.

3. Artwork Integration: The client’s design team provided the artwork to be used for the eCards. The development team then integrated these designs into the platform, ensuring they were properly formatted and displayed.

4. Platform Development: The technical team at Zone1 started building the eCard platform according to the agreed-upon plan. This involved developing the user interface, the eCard creation features, the personalization options, and the data security measures.

5. Security Implementation: Special attention was given to implementing robust security measures to ensure the protection of user data. This included data encryption, secure data transmission protocols, and access control mechanisms.

6. Quality Assurance and Testing: Once the platform was developed, it went through rigorous quality assurance checks and testing. This ensured that all features worked correctly, the user interface was intuitive and user-friendly, and the data security measures were foolproof.

7. Deployment: After successful testing, the platform was deployed and made available to Centurion’s users. This was done well in time for the holiday season to ensure maximum utilization.

8. User Training: Users were provided with training and support to understand how to use the platform. This involved demonstrating how to create and send eCards and how to use the personalization features.

9. Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Post-deployment, ongoing support was provided to address any technical issues, and regular maintenance was carried out to ensure the smooth operation of the platform.


The eCard platform project for Centurion Asset Management was a resounding success, with several significant outcomes:

1. High Adoption Rate: The user-friendly design of the platform encouraged high adoption rates among Centurion’s staff. Even with the initial limited user base, the eCard platform was extensively used, especially during the holiday season.

2. Increased Engagement: The ability to send personalized eCards helped increase engagement with clients and customers. Recipients appreciated the personal touch, which helped strengthen relationships and improve overall customer satisfaction.

3. Data Security: The robust data security measures implemented ensured that user data was kept secure. There were no instances of data breaches or leaks, reinforcing trust in the platform and its safety measures.

4. Brand Consistency: With the artwork being provided by Centurion’s team, the eCards were consistent with the company’s brand identity. This helped maintain a unified brand image across all communications.

5. Cost-Effectiveness: Despite the project’s limited budget, the solution provided substantial value for the investment. The use of client-provided artwork and a focus on essential features allowed for a budget-friendly solution without compromising on functionality or quality.

6. Timely Deployment: The platform was ready for use in time for the holiday season, the period with the highest anticipated usage. This ensured the solution was available when it was most needed.

7. Positive Feedback: The platform received positive feedback from both users and eCard recipients. Users found the platform easy to use and appreciated the personalization features. Recipients enjoyed the personal touch that the eCards added to Centurion’s communications.

8. Scalability: The platform proved to be scalable, accommodating an increase in the number of users and expanded feature requirements with ease. This ensured the platform remained a viable solution for the company’s future growth.

9. Sustained Support: The ongoing technical support and maintenance offered by Zone1 ensured the platform continued to operate smoothly even post-deployment, adding to the project’s overall success.

“We enjoyed using the platform as it has made sending Christmas e-cards easier. The platform is very straightforward and easy to use. We were even able to track who opened the cards and who did not, which proved to be useful for our team follow-ups. Overall, the platform has saved the team a lot of time and effort due to its simplicity and practicality, especially during these times when we don’t have the opportunity to meet and thank our clients in person.”


corporate ecard platform clients