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The Ideal Communication Solution for Recruiters: The Mason Group

The Mason Group is a leading recruitment agency specializing in the recruitment of accounting and finance professionals in the Greater Toronto and Vancouver Areas. From financial analysts and accountants to executive leadership positions, they help connect employers with top talent in the industry. The Mason Group aims to maintain a strong bond with its stakeholders, clients, and employees, valuing clear and personalized communication. Their goal is to engage these individuals in a unique and meaningful way, especially during special occasions and holidays.

The Mason Group aimed to take their engagement efforts up a notch during the holiday season. Recognizing the impact of personalized and heartfelt messages, they sought to establish an eCard portal dedicated to this purpose. This portal would allow their team to send holiday-themed eCards to their stakeholders, clients, and employees, fostering a deeper connection with them. The initiative was intended to ensure that every recipient would receive a uniquely crafted message that expressed The Mason Group’s appreciation and warm wishes during the festive season. The use of eCards would not only align with their commitment to environmental sustainability but also provide a convenient and efficient way of reaching out to a large number of people.

Portal Facts

Type: Multi-Users Pro (English)

Number of Users: 36
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 6,000+
View Rate: 78%

Design Examples

branded ecard platform
branded ecard platform
branded ecards


The challenge for this project was multifaceted. First and foremost, The Mason Group required an eCard portal that was not only functional and user-friendly but also could align with their existing branding and communication style. The portal needed to allow their team to easily select and send personalized eCards in an efficient and timely manner, without the need for any complex technical knowledge. This required a high level of customization, both in terms of the platform’s functionality and the eCard designs.

Furthermore, The Mason Group required eCard designs that encapsulated their brand values, ethos, and the spirit of the holiday season. The eCards needed to be visually appealing, engaging, and convey their heartfelt messages in a way that resonated with their diverse audience. This demanded a deep understanding of their brand identity and creative skills to translate this into effective eCard designs.

Lastly, ensuring a smooth user experience was a critical aspect of this project. The platform needed to be intuitive and seamless, allowing the team at The Mason Group to dispatch their holiday greetings without any glitches or difficulties. This required careful planning, testing, and fine-tuning of the platform by Zone1 to meet these specifications.


In response to the challenges posed by the project, Zone1 delivered a solution that was perfectly in line with the needs of The Mason Group. Initially, our team started with understanding The Mason Group’s brand, their audience, and the objectives of the eCard campaign. This helped us conceptualize and design eCards that truly embodied the spirit of their brand and the holiday season.

To meet the functional requirements, we designed an intuitive eCard portal tailored specifically for The Mason Group. The portal was built with a user-friendly interface that allowed team members to effortlessly select and send eCards. The portal was equipped with a suite of features that made the process of sending eCards more streamlined and efficient, including an option to schedule the sending of eCards, thus automating the process and saving valuable time during the busy holiday season.

On the creative front, we provided The Mason Group with multiple eCard design options, all reflecting their brand ethos and holiday messages. Once finalized, these designs were integrated into the portal, ready to be selected and personalized by the team.

Finally, to ensure a seamless user experience, we undertook extensive testing and fine-tuning of the platform, ironing out any potential glitches or difficulties in the user journey. Our team also provided ongoing support and guidance to The Mason Group’s team throughout the holiday season to make sure their eCard campaign was delivered smoothly and successfully.


The process of creating the eCard portal for The Mason Group was as follows:

1. Discovery Phase: This phase involved understanding The Mason Group’s needs, their target audience, and the objectives of the eCard campaign. Our team held several meetings with The Mason Group to gain a thorough understanding of their brand and the goals for the campaign.

2. Design Phase: Based on the information gathered, Zone1’s creative team developed multiple eCard design concepts that reflected The Mason Group’s brand identity and the spirit of the holiday season. Each design was presented to The Mason Group for feedback and revisions were made accordingly until we achieved a design that was in line with their vision.

3. Development Phase: Once the designs were finalized, our development team worked on creating a user-friendly eCard portal that was easy to navigate and allowed for the personalization of eCards. The portal was equipped with features such as scheduling of eCards and multiple sending options, all designed to make the process more efficient.

4. Testing and Launch Phase: Prior to launching the portal, we conducted rigorous testing to ensure all features were functioning as expected. Any bugs or glitches found during this phase were promptly fixed. Once we were confident in the performance of the portal, it was launched and made accessible to The Mason Group’s team.

5. Support Phase: Post-launch, our team provided continuous support to The Mason Group’s team, assisting with any technical difficulties and ensuring the smooth execution of their eCard campaign. We also monitored the success of the campaign, providing regular updates and reports on its progress and performance.

The process was designed to be collaborative and iterative, allowing for ongoing feedback from The Mason Group and adjustments as necessary. This ensured the end result was an eCard portal that met their needs and facilitated a successful holiday campaign.


The successful completion of the eCard portal project for The Mason Group led to several tangible benefits. One of the most significant was the elevated level of engagement the company was able to achieve. The personalized eCards sparked a notable increase in interest among recipients, leading to a markedly higher open rate and interaction than what was typically observed with their previous campaigns. This demonstrated the effective use of personalization in fostering stronger connections with their audience.

In addition, the eCard campaign played a crucial role in enhancing The Mason Group’s brand image. The high-quality design of the eCards, combined with the personal touch they offered, projected an image of a professional and caring organization. This not only helped to strengthen existing relationships with clients and customers but also attracted the attention of potential new connections, amplifying the company’s reputation and reach.

Finally, the positive feedback received from both recipients and team members was a testament to the success of the project. Many recipients expressed their appreciation for the personalized eCards, noting the thoughtfulness behind them. Similarly, team members praised the user-friendly nature of the eCard portal, commenting on its ease of use and efficiency in facilitating the sending process. This widespread positive reception underscored the value and impact of the project, further reinforcing The Mason Group’s decision to engage Zone1 for this endeavor.