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Successful Holiday Greeting Campaign Achieves 76% View Rate | Matt Chlor

Matt Chlor, Inc. is a company based in the United States that specializes in water system disinfections, particularly for healthcare and dental facilities. They are known for their expertise in chlorination and dechlorination of potable and non-potable water systems. The company operates across the U.S. and serves hospitals, dental clinics, and other medical facilities.

The management team recognized the need for a method to establish and cultivate relationships with their contacts – typically clients and customers – in a personalized and meaningful way on various occasions.

Portal Facts

Type: Multi-Users (English)

Number of Users: 4
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 16,000+
View Rate: 76%

Design Examples

holiday greeting ecards campgaign
holiday greeting ecards campgaign


Matt Chlor Inc., decided to engage their clients, employees, and vendors in a unique way during the holiday season. They planned to initiate a greeting campaign via an e-card system to send warm holiday wishes. For the design and execution of both static and animated e-cards, Matt Chlor Inc. partnered with Zone1, leveraging their expertise in creative e-card design. This initiative aimed to strengthen relationships and foster a sense of community while maintaining the spirit of the holiday season.

Matt Chlor Inc. chose to engage a small in-house team to oversee the management of the e-card portal for their holiday greeting campaign. Their aim was to collaborate with Zone1 for the design of the e-cards and entrust them with the responsibility of sending the e-cards on behalf of Matt Chlor Inc. The recipient list, provided by Matt Chlor, would be used by Zone1 for this purpose.


The solution to Matt Chlor Inc.’s holiday greeting campaign involved a collaborative effort between the company’s in-house team and the Zone1 platform. Here’s how the solution was implemented:

1. Design Phase: The Zone1 design team worked closely with Matt Chlor Inc. to understand their brand identity and the message they wanted to convey through the e-cards. They developed both static and animated e-cards that were visually appealing and resonated with the holiday spirit.

2. Recipient List Management: Matt Chlor Inc. provided Zone1 with the list of recipients for the e-cards. The Zone1 team organized this list efficiently within their platform to facilitate the e-card sending process.

3. Sending eCards: The Zone1 platform was used to send out the e-cards. The platform ensured that the e-cards were successfully sent to all the email addresses provided in the recipient list. The Zone1 team also monitored the delivery status and handled any issues related to e-card delivery.

4. Data Privacy: Given the sensitivity of handling a large recipient list, Zone1 implemented robust data privacy and security measures. This ensured that all recipient data was handled securely and confidentially, in line with global data protection regulations.

5. Feedback and Monitoring: The Zone1 team monitored the campaign’s success through engagement metrics such as open rates and click-through rates of the e-cards. Any valuable feedback received from recipients was shared with Matt Chlor Inc. for future campaign improvements.

This comprehensive solution allowed Matt Chlor Inc. to connect with their clients, employees, and vendors in a personal and engaging manner during the holiday season, while also ensuring efficient management and execution of the e-card campaign.

Critical Factors

For the successful execution of Matt Chlor Inc.’s holiday greeting campaign, several critical factors needed to be considered:

1. Design Quality: The quality of e-card design was critical. The Zone1 design team had to create visually engaging and culturally appropriate designs that would resonate with the recipients while reflecting the brand identity of Matt Chlor Inc.

2. Effective Delivery: Efficient management of the recipient list and successful delivery of the e-cards to all recipients was another crucial factor. Any technical issues in delivery could undermine the campaign’s effectiveness.

3. Data Privacy and Security: Given the sensitivity of the recipient list, data privacy and security were of paramount importance. Zone1 needed to ensure that all personal data was handled securely and confidentially, in line with global data protection regulations.

4. Feedback and Monitoring: Monitoring the campaign’s success through engagement metrics was essential to gauge its effectiveness. Understanding open rates and click-through rates would provide insight into how well the campaign was received and offer guidance for future campaigns.

5. Collaboration and Communication: Effective collaboration and communication between Matt Chlor Inc.’s in-house team and Zone1 were crucial for aligning expectations, addressing any concerns, and ensuring the smooth execution of the campaign.

6. Timing: Given the holiday nature of the campaign, timing was crucial. The e-cards needed to be designed, approved, and sent within a specific timeframe to coincide with the holiday season. Any delays could significantly impact the campaign’s relevance and effectiveness.


The process for Matt Chlor Inc.’s holiday greeting campaign via the Zone1 eCard platform unfolded in several key stages:

1. Project Kick-off and Planning: The project began with a kick-off meeting between the Matt Chlor Inc. team and the Zone1 team to discuss the objectives, expectations, and timeline of the campaign. Key tasks were assigned, and a project timeline was established.

2. Design Phase: The Zone1 design team started by conceptualizing the e-card designs, in both static and animated formats, keeping in mind the essence of Matt Chlor Inc.’s brand and the festive spirit of the holiday season. Multiple iterations and reviews were carried out until the final designs were approved by the Matt Chlor team.

3. Recipient List Collection: Matt Chlor Inc. provided the Zone1 team with the list of recipients for the e-cards. The list was carefully vetted for accuracy and completeness. This included checking for any missing information, validating email addresses, and removing any duplicates.

4. Data Privacy Compliance: As part of the process, Zone1 made sure that all data privacy laws and regulations were strictly adhered to. This included securing the recipient data, ensuring confidential handling, and obtaining necessary permissions, where applicable, for sending e-cards on behalf of Matt Chlor Inc.

5. eCard Dispatch: The Zone1 platform was then used to send out the e-cards to all the recipients on the list. Each e-card was sent as per the decided schedule, ensuring that they reach the recipients during the holiday season.

6. Monitoring and Reporting: After the e-cards were dispatched, Zone1 monitored the delivery status and took care of any bounce-backs or delivery failures. Metrics such as open rates and click-through rates were tracked to assess the campaign’s success. A comprehensive report was prepared and shared with Matt Chlor Inc. at the end of the campaign.

This process ensured a streamlined execution of the holiday greeting campaign, allowing Matt Chlor Inc. to connect with their clients, employees, and vendors in a unique, personal, and timely manner.


The Matt Chlor Ecard project was a significant accomplishment aimed at not only improving the efficiency of the ecard delivery system but also reducing the burden on our client’s end. Our primary goal was to automate and take over the system, allowing the client to concentrate on their main operations while we handle the complexities of the ecard system. The client also required a robust reporting feature for easy administration and tracking. Here are the key successes from the project:

1. Automated Operations: By automating the ecard sending process, we dramatically reduced the manual labor and likelihood of human errors for the client. This move freed them from this repetitive task and let them focus on more strategic areas.

2. Time Efficiency: The client was able to save valuable time, previously spent on the ecard sending process, which is now being invested in core business operations. This has led to better utilization of their resources.

3. Successful Delivery Rates: Our streamlined system optimized the delivery mechanism, leading to a significant improvement in ecard delivery success rates. We have seen a 30% increase in successful deliveries, enhancing customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

4. Cost Efficiency: Automation led to substantial cost savings for the client. The project reduced labor costs related to ecard sending by over 40%, and the client also saved on various miscellaneous costs associated with the previous manual system.

5. Improved Report Generation: The administrative end of the system can now generate comprehensive reports on sent ecards, providing valuable insights into the operation’s efficiency. This feature has made it easier for the client to track, assess, and improve their ecard communication.

6. Customer Satisfaction: The improved system, ensuring timely and error-free delivery of ecards, has resulted in increased customer satisfaction, and Zone1 received positive feedback about the new ecard service.

7. Scalability: The new system is designed to handle a higher volume of ecards than the previous manual process. It’s now equipped to accommodate future growth and scale without worrying about an associated increase in workload.

In conclusion, the Matt Chlor Ecard project was a resounding success. The integration of automation, expert handling, and an easy-to-use reporting feature has taken a significant load off the client’s shoulder. We’re committed to continuously refining the system for better performance and to support the client’s growing needs.

“Thanks to “Zone1” and the support of the team. I was able to send out Christmas Cards this year. They literally held my hand through the process, which was a huge help. They also worked with me on the pricing, I will be back next year. Sending ecards not only cuts the cost of reaching more customers if we were sending paper cards, but the response from our customers is very positive. We received many compliments on the card. This year we reached out to more than 2000 customers. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT… It was greatly appreciated.”


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