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Zone1: The Best Way to Send Personalized
Christmas eCards to Your Customers.

Zone1 is a leading provider of Christmas eCard solutions for businesses of all sizes. With Zone1, you can send personalized Christmas eCards to your entire customer list, regardless of size.
● Fully Customized and Branded Business Portal.
● Send Unlimited eCards to Unlimited Recipients.
● Access for Unlimited Staff Members.
● Use Your Own Designs or Let Zone1 Create Them.
● Personalize eCards According to Recipient’s Christmas Preferences.
● Delivery Options: SMS or Email.
● Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking of eCard Campaigns.
● Generate Insightful Reports and Manage Users Effectively.

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    Powerful Features to Enhance Your Christmas eCards


    Users can select their ideal Christmas eCards and customize them by adding either a text or digital signature, you can add a personalized message to each eCard, or even use your own custom designs.

    Use Your Creative Design

    The Zone1 team is prepared to integrate your unique designs. Simply supply your artwork, and our team will make sure it perfectly captures the essence of the Christmas season.

    Fully Branded

    Brand your eCards with your company logo and colors. This will help your eCards stand out and look more professional.

    Bulk Sending

    Zone1 simplifies the process for companies looking to send Christmas cards in bulk. With just a few clicks, you can send eCards via email or SMS, and even share them on multiple social media platforms.

    Real-Time Analytics

    Gain real-time insights on user engagement and conversion rates to optimize your Christmas campaign. Our tool helps you manage users and generate concise reports for more effective outreach.

    Multiple Languages

    With Zone1 spread Christmas cheer and extend warm wishes in multiple languages, ensuring your messages resonate on a personal level, fostering meaningful connections during this Christmas.

    Let us assist you in crafting a memorable digital greeting cards that makes a lasting impression on your contacts. Sign up for a free trial of Zone1 today and see how easy it is to create unforgettable Christmas memories for your customers.
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    Discover the Zone1 Advantage

    ecard platfom- design your own ecard

    Extensive Library of Designs

    Zone1 provides an extensive collection of eye-catching B2B eCard templates for you to select from. Additionally, you have the option to provide your own custom designs or enlist Zone1’s design services to create personalized eCards tailored to your needs.

    Branded and Customized

    Your platform will be customized to match your brand, ensuring that each eCard distinctively represents your organization and offers a personalized experience for your staff.
    Customized and Branded ecards
    eCards platform- Unlimited Staff Members

    Unlimited Staff Members

    Zone1 offers a flat-fee business solution for secure staff registration and user management via your own email domain, allowing you to oversee activities without extra costs.

    Unlimited eCard Delivery

    With Zone1’s enterprise-level module, you can send unlimited eCards to unlimited recipients. There are no limits to how many eCards you can send or how many people you can send them to.
    eCards platform- Unlimited Sending
    eCard platform- Sender Identity

    Swift-eCard Module

    For single users, Zone1’s Swift-eCard portal provides a cost-effective, do-it-yourself solution that allows you to create and send eCards easily with just a few clicks, simplifying the entire process.

    Analytics and Insights

    Track the performance of your eCard campaign. Zone1 provides detailed analytics so you can see how many people are opening and viewing your eCards.
    eCards platform Admin Reports
    eCard platform-Fully Protected Data

    Data Protection

    Your data is housed in a dedicated, secure database, providing an additional layer of assurance that it will neither be mixed with nor shared alongside any other client data stored on our cloud server.

    Happy Clients with Our Corporate eCard Platform

    Choose Your Plan

    Our tailor-made eCard portal plans are designed to meet your unique needs, providing an eCard solution that aligns perfectly with both your specifications and budget. Zone1 also features a SWIFT innovation for small businesses interested in sending greetings through a pay-per-recipient pricing model.

    For Small businesses, startups, and individual professionals interested in sending eCards on behalf of their organization Medium to large-sized organizations that require multi-user access and seek a robust analytics tool for effective campaign tracking
    Users Exclusively for individual users Unlimited user access
    Customize Manage contacts, add logo, URL, signatures, personalized messages, and customize colors Manage, create group eCards, and include personalized messages using branded templates
    eCard design Choose from our selection of eCard templates Templates are branded and customized
    eCards deleiverd Pay as you go Unlimited eCard sending capability
    Real-Time analytics Enabled for Real-Time analytics Enabled for Real-Time analytics
    Pricing 50 cents per recipient Pricing packages available
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