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Kidsave International is a nonprofit organization committed to finding loving and permanent homes for older children in foster care. Their mission is to connect children with caring adults through various programs and initiatives. Kidsave International works collaboratively with governments, communities, and families to advocate for the adoption and long-term stability of older children who face challenges in finding permanent homes. Through innovative programs, including hosting events and family visits, Kidsave International creates opportunities for children to meet and establish connections with potential adoptive families. Their efforts focus on ensuring that every child has a safe and nurturing environment where they can thrive and grow.

Kidsave International recognized the importance of fostering connections and spreading love and happiness among children, their families, and caring adults. To achieve this, they sought a method that would allow them to communicate in a lighthearted and humorous way. The solution they embraced was the use of eCards, specifically designed to convey messages of affection, such as “Love you.” An innovative feature of these eCards is that recipients have the opportunity to respond with their own “Love you too” eCard, further strengthening the bond and creating a positive exchange of affection and warmth. This approach enhances the sense of connection and happiness among all involved, reflecting Kidsave International’s dedication to creating loving and supportive environments for children in need.

Portal Facts

Type: Multi-Users Pro (English)
Connection Campaign

Number of Users: 28
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 1,700+
View Rate: 73%

Design Examples

personalized ecards for business
personalized ecards for business
personalized ecards for business


The project faced several challenges, with data security being a key concern:

1. Data Privacy and Confidentiality: Ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information was crucial. Given the nature of the project, which involved exchanging personal messages, it was essential to establish robust data protection measures. Safeguarding user data, contact details, and any other personally identifiable information (PII) required stringent security protocols to prevent unauthorized access or potential breaches.

2. Compliance with Data Protection Regulations: Adhering to various data protection regulations and laws presented a challenge. Different regions and countries have their own set of regulations governing data privacy. It was necessary to ensure that the project complied with these regulations to protect user data and maintain legal compliance.

3. Secure Data Transmission and Storage: As eCards contained personal messages and potentially sensitive information, secure transmission and storage of data were paramount. Implementing robust encryption methods and secure transmission protocols (such as HTTPS) were necessary to protect data during transit. Additionally, secure storage practices, including encryption at rest and access controls, needed to be in place to prevent unauthorized access to stored data.

4. User Authentication and Access Control: Managing user authentication and access control was a challenge to maintain data security. Implementing strong user authentication methods, such as secure password practices or multi-factor authentication, was essential to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts. Proper access controls needed to be in place to ensure that only authorized individuals had access to sensitive data and administrative functions within the platform.

5. Monitoring and Incident Response: Establishing a robust monitoring system to detect any suspicious activity or potential security breaches was crucial. This required implementing monitoring tools and processes to identify and respond to security incidents promptly. Having an incident response plan in place ensured that any security issues could be addressed effectively and efficiently, minimizing potential damage and ensuring the continued security of user data.

Addressing these challenges required a comprehensive and proactive approach to data security, involving the implementation of industry best practices and continuous monitoring and improvement to mitigate any potential risks and vulnerabilities.


Zone1 responded to the challenge Kidsave faced by offering a distinctive solution: the deployment of the Zone1 “Connection Campaign” module. This innovative technology was specifically designed to streamline and automate the process of sending connection eCards, eliminating the need for manual checks and dispatch. By leveraging the power of automation, the module simplified the campaign workflow, saving time and effort.

1. User-Friendly Interface Branded Portal: The Zone1 platform offered a user-friendly interface that made it easy for participants to navigate and create their eCards. The intuitive design and clear instructions ensured a seamless user experience, enabling even those with limited technical skills to participate and engage in the campaign effortlessly.

2. Interactive Features: To enhance the lighthearted and humorous nature of the campaign, Zone1 incorporated interactive features into the eCard creation process. Participants had the ability to add fun animations, humorous sound effects, and playful elements to their eCards, further enhancing the engagement and enjoyment of both the sender and recipient.

3. Real-Time Sharing and Responses: Zone1 enabled real-time sharing of eCards within the Kidsave community, facilitating immediate connections and responses. Participants could send eCards to their desired recipients, who could then respond with their own lighthearted and humorous eCard. This real-time interaction fostered a sense of connection and allowed for playful exchanges, spreading joy and laughter throughout the campaign.

4. Analytics and Reporting: Zone1 provided robust analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing Kidsave to track the success and engagement of the Connection Campaign. Comprehensive reports on eCard views, responses, and overall campaign metrics provided valuable insights to gauge the impact and effectiveness of the campaign. This data-driven approach allowed Kidsave to refine their strategies and optimize future initiatives.

Overall, Zone1’s solution for the Kidsave eCard Connection Campaign offered a seamless, interactive, and engaging experience for participants. By leveraging customizable eCard templates, a user-friendly interface, interactive features, real-time sharing and responses, and robust analytics, Zone1 facilitated a campaign that embraced lightheartedness and humor, fostering connections and spreading joy among participants.

Critical Factors

Several critical factors contributed to the success of the Kidsave eCard Connection Campaign:

1. Lighthearted and Humorous Approach: The campaign’s core element was its lighthearted and humorous approach to communication. This factor played a pivotal role in creating a positive and engaging environment for participants. By embracing humor and playfulness, the campaign fostered connections and encouraged open and enjoyable interactions.

2. Customizable and Playful eCard Templates: The availability of customizable and playful eCard templates was a critical factor in the campaign’s success. These templates allowed participants to express their creativity and personalize their messages, adding a touch of humor and uniqueness to their eCards. The variety of template options catered to diverse preferences, ensuring a wide range of humorous and engaging eCards.

3. Seamless User Experience: The campaign’s success relied on providing a seamless user experience. The Zone1 platform, used for the campaign, offered a user-friendly interface, intuitive design, and straightforward eCard creation process. This factor made it easy for participants to navigate the platform, create their eCards, and engage in the campaign without any barriers or complications.

4. Two-Way Communication: By enabling recipients to respond with a reply eCard, the campaign promoted two-way communication. It transformed the campaign from a one-sided interaction to a dynamic and engaging conversation. This created a sense of reciprocity and encouraged active participation from both senders and recipients.

In summary, the ability to respond with a reply eCard in the Kidsave eCard Connection Campaign was a critical factor that enhanced two-way communication, promoted personalization and connection, increased engagement and participation, encouraged creativity and playfulness, and ultimately strengthened relationships among participants.


The Kidsave eCard Connection Campaign involved a systematic process to ensure its success. Here is an outline of the key steps involved:

1. Campaign Planning and Design: The campaign planning phase involved defining the objectives, target audience, and desired outcomes of the campaign. The Kidsave team collaborated with Zone1 to design the campaign’s concept, theme, and overall strategy. This phase also included brainstorming and creating a collection of lighthearted and humorous eCard templates that aligned with the campaign’s goals.

2. Platform Integration and Setup: This involved technical setup, customization of the platform to match the campaign’s branding, and ensuring seamless integration with Kidsave’s user database. User authentication and access controls were implemented to ensure the security and privacy of participant information.

3. User Registration and Account Creation: Participants were invited to register and create their accounts on the Zone1 eCard platform. The registration process involved providing basic information, such as name and email address, to authenticate and connect participants with their personalized accounts. Necessary guidance and support materials were provided to assist participants in creating their accounts smoothly.

4. Selection and Personalization of eCards: Once registered, participants had access to a collection of lighthearted and humorous eCard templates. They could browse through the templates, select the ones that resonated with them, and personalize them with their own messages and customization options. The user-friendly interface of the Zone1 platform made this process intuitive and enjoyable.

5. Sending and Receiving eCards: Participants could send their personalized eCards to their desired recipients from within the Zone1 platform. Recipients received notifications and accessed their eCards via email or a dedicated platform link. Upon opening the eCard, recipients could view the sender’s personalized message and enjoy the lighthearted and humorous content.

6. Reply eCards: An essential feature of the campaign was the ability for recipients to respond with a reply eCard. Recipients had the option to craft their own personalized response, incorporating humor and gratitude, and send it back to the original sender. This two-way interaction added an engaging and dynamic element to the campaign, encouraging ongoing conversation and connection.

7. Real-Time Engagement and Analytics: Throughout the campaign, participants could track the engagement and responses to their eCards through the Zone1 platform. Real-time analytics provided insights into eCard views, responses, and overall campaign performance. This data helped Kidsave assess the impact of the campaign, identify trends, and tailor future communications and initiatives.

By following this comprehensive process, the Kidsave eCard Connection Campaign successfully fostered lighthearted and humorous communication, facilitated engagement, and strengthened relationships among participants.


The Kidsave eCard Connection Campaign yielded several positive results, showcasing the success of the initiative in fostering connections and spreading joy through lighthearted and humorous communication. Here are the key outcomes of the campaign:

1. Increased Engagement and Participation: The campaign successfully engaged a significant number of participants, resulting in a high level of active involvement. Participants embraced the lighthearted and humorous approach, leading to increased interaction, eCard exchanges, and replies. This heightened engagement demonstrated the campaign’s ability to capture participants’ attention and encourage their active participation.

2. Strengthened Connections and Relationships: The campaign effectively facilitated the formation and strengthening of connections among participants. Through the exchange of humorous eCards and responses, participants developed meaningful connections and built stronger relationships. The back-and-forth interactions created a sense of camaraderie, fostering a community atmosphere centered around shared laughter and joyful communication.

3. Positive Emotional Impact: The campaign successfully evoked positive emotions and created a joyful experience for participants. The lighthearted and humorous nature of the eCards brought smiles, laughter, and a sense of happiness to both senders and recipients. The campaign’s ability to spread joy and uplift spirits contributed to an overall positive emotional impact on participants.

4. Increased Brand Awareness and Engagement: The Kidsave brand received increased visibility and awareness as a result of the campaign. The customized eCard templates, incorporating the Kidsave branding, helped reinforce the organization’s identity and mission. Participants actively engaged with the brand, resulting in heightened awareness of Kidsave’s initiatives and a positive association with the organization’s values.

5. Data Insights and Campaign Evaluation: The campaign generated valuable data insights through the Zone1 platform’s analytics and reporting capabilities. Kidsave could analyze key metrics such as eCard views, responses, and engagement patterns. This data provided valuable feedback on the effectiveness of the campaign, helping to refine strategies and inform future communication initiatives.

6. Long-lasting Connections and Memories: The Connections Campaign left a lasting impact on participants, creating memorable experiences and fostering enduring connections. The campaign’s emphasis on humor and lightheartedness contributed to participants forming meaningful and lasting memories associated with Kidsave. These connections and memories further strengthened the bond between participants and the organization.

In summary, the Kidsave eCard Connection Campaign achieved remarkable results, including increased engagement and participation, strengthened connections and relationships, positive emotional impact, heightened brand awareness, data insights for evaluation, and the creation of long-lasting connections and memories. The campaign successfully fulfilled its goal of spreading joy and fostering connections through lighthearted and humorous communication, making a positive impact on the Kidsave community.

“Zone1 gets a 10! From the exemplary customer service to understanding our goals as a non-profit organization, this has been one of the smoothest roll-outs I have been a part of. They delivered ahead of schedule, were responsive and understanding throughout development and a number of unforeseen modifications (our errors, not theirs). The system is stable and well built, user friendly, packaged well, and their customization made it a perfect fit for us. Highly recommended!”


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