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Kloeckner DESMA Elastomertechnik GmbH is a leading global manufacturer of injection molding machines and systems for rubber and silicone processing, based in Germany. With a comprehensive range of products and services, Kloeckner DESMA focuses on meeting the highest requirements in terms of quality, efficiency, and precision in the field of elastomer technology. This innovative company provides tailored solutions to customers worldwide, supporting industries such as the automotive sector, medical technology, and the consumer goods industry. Combining advanced technology, deep expertise, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Kloeckner DESMA has earned a reputation for excellence in elastomer technology.

The leadership team at Desma recognized the importance of a strategic approach to building and strengthening personalized, meaningful relationships with their contacts, including clients and customers using personalized holiday eCards. This need was especially amplified during the holiday season when their goal was to deliver a uniquely engaging and memorable experience to their diverse audience.

Portal Facts

Type: Multi-Users (Multi-Languages)
Various Occasions

Number of Users: 12
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 7,800+
View Rate: 76%

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personalized holiday ecards
personalized holiday ecards
personalized holiday ecards


For Desma, the challenge was multifaceted. They sought to:

1. Create Personalized Experiences: The company wanted to send personalized holiday eCards to their clients and customers during the holiday season. This required a platform that could handle customizations to meet the individual preferences of a diverse audience.

2. Manage Large Volumes: As a global company, Desma had a large contact list. The platform needed to be able to manage large volumes of B2B eCards, ensuring each one was sent to the correct recipient without any errors.

3. Easy to Use: With various members of the team involved in the eCard campaign, the platform had to be user-friendly and easily navigable for users with varying levels of technical expertise.

4. Maintain Brand Consistency: All holiday eCards had to maintain Desma’s brand consistency, enhancing their brand recognition and making a memorable impression on the recipients.

5. Data Security: Given the sensitive nature of their contacts’ information, Desma needed assurance that all data used in the eCard campaign would be stored and managed securely.

6. Track Performance: The platform needed to provide performance tracking and reporting features to help Desma assess the success of the personalized Holiday eCards campaign.


To address Desma’s specific requirements, Zone1 provided a tailored corporate holiday ecards solution as follows:

1. Customizable eCard Platform: Zone1 offered a robust and flexible eCard platform that allowed Desma to design and send personalized eCards to each contact. The platform supported high levels of customization, facilitating the creation of unique eCards that reflected Desma’s brand image.

2. Scalable Infrastructure: The platform was built to handle large volumes of eCards, ensuring smooth delivery to each contact in Desma’s extensive database. This scalability prevented any bottlenecks during the campaign, ensuring a smooth user experience.

3. Seamless System Integration: Zone1’s eCard platform was designed to seamlessly integrate with Desma’s existing systems. This ensured a streamlined process and minimized any disruptions to Desma’s normal business operations.

4. User-friendly Interface: The platform featured a user-friendly interface that was easy to navigate, making it easy for team members of varying technical expertise to create, customize, and send personalized Holiday eCards.

5. Secure Data Management: Zone1 ensured secure data management by implementing robust encryption measures, giving Desma peace of mind that their sensitive contact information was safe.

6. Performance Tracking and Reporting: Zone1’s platform offered advanced performance tracking and reporting features, enabling Desma to monitor the success of their eCard campaign in real-time.

7. Collaborative Approach: While Desma provided the creative work, Zone1 ensured its successful implementation. The creative assets supplied by Desma were integrated into the platform, maintaining their brand consistency across all eCards.

By providing a tailored solution, Zone1 was able to effectively meet Desma’s unique needs, ensuring the successful execution of their eCard campaign. Despite being based in Germany, Desma chose Zone1 for the following reasons:

Global Presence: Zone1’s strong global presence and reputation for providing reliable, high-quality holiday greetings ecard solutions made it an attractive choice for Desma, irrespective of geographical differences.

Multilingual Support: Zone1’s platform supports multiple languages, making it adaptable and relevant for a global company like Desma.

Highly Customizable: Zone1’s platform offers a high degree of customization, which was crucial for Desma in maintaining their brand identity and creating personalized experiences for their contacts.

Security: Zone1’s commitment to robust data security measures ensured that Desma’s sensitive contact information would be handled securely.

Exceptional Customer Service: Zone1’s track record of excellent customer service and support ensured that any issues or queries Desma had would be quickly addressed, regardless of the time zone difference.

By providing a superior product and exceptional service, Zone1 was able to overcome geographical barriers and was the clear choice for Desma’s eCard campaign.


The process for Desma’s Personalized Holiday eCards campaign with Zone1 consisted of the following steps:

1. Initial Consultation: Zone1 started with a consultation to understand Desma’s needs and requirements. This discussion covered the specific features Desma wanted in the eCard platform, the volume of eCards, the integration with existing systems, and data security requirements.

2. System Design and Setup: Zone1 then designed and set up the eCard platform based on the specifications provided by Desma. This included the creation of customizable eCard templates.

3. Creative Integration: Desma provided Zone1 with their creative work. Zone1 integrated these assets into the eCard platform, ensuring brand consistency across all eCards.

4. Training: Zone1 conducted training sessions for Desma’s team to familiarize them with the platform’s features and functionalities. This ensured the team could effectively use the platform to design, customize, and send eCards.

5. Testing: Before the campaign was launched, Zone1 conducted thorough testing of the platform. This step was crucial to ensure that the platform functioned correctly, the eCards were delivered to the right recipients, and all data was securely handled.

6. Campaign Launch: After the successful completion of testing, the eCard campaign was launched. Desma’s team used the platform to send personalized eCards to their contacts.

7. Performance Monitoring and Reporting: Throughout the campaign, Zone1 provided Desma with real-time performance tracking and reporting. This allowed Desma to monitor the success of their campaign and make any necessary adjustments.

8. Post-Campaign Review: After the campaign concluded, Zone1 conducted a post-campaign review with Desma. This review was used to assess the success of the campaign and to identify any areas for improvement in future campaigns.

This detailed and systematic process ensured the successful execution of Desma’s eCard campaign with Zone1.


The Personalized Holiday eCards campaign executed for Desma by Zone1 yielded successful results as follows:

1. Positive Engagement: The eCards were well-received by the clients and customers of Desma. The recipients appreciated the personalized touch, which resulted in positive feedback and heightened engagement.

2. Brand Recognition: The consistent use of Desma’s creative work across all eCards helped boost the company’s brand recognition. This led to an enhanced image of the company in the minds of its clients and customers.

3. Efficient Management: The Zone1 platform allowed Desma to efficiently manage the entire campaign, from designing and sending eCards to monitoring the performance. This saved the company considerable time and resources.

4. High Delivery Success Rate: Thanks to the robust and scalable infrastructure of Zone1’s platform, the eCards were delivered successfully to all intended recipients. The platform’s handling of large volumes of eCards ensured there were no errors or delays in delivery.

5. Secure Data Handling: Zone1’s secure data management measures provided Desma with the assurance that their sensitive contact information was handled securely. There were no instances of data breach or loss throughout the campaign.

6. Informative Reporting: The performance tracking and reporting features of the Zone1 platform provided Desma with valuable insights into the success of their campaign. This helped them make informed decisions for future eCard campaigns.

In conclusion, the eCard campaign was a success, achieving Desma’s goal of strengthening their relationships with their clients and customers in a personalized and memorable way.