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Hard Rock International is a globally recognized brand known for its portfolio of cafes, hotels, casinos, and live music venues. Founded in London in 1971, the brand has become synonymous with music, quality dining, and exciting entertainment experiences. The brand’s signature is its extensive collection of music memorabilia, displayed at its locations around the world. Hard Rock International operates in 68 countries, including 240 cafes, 31 hotels, and 12 casinos. The company employs over 30,000 people worldwide.

The management needed a way to connect and build relationships with their contacts, often clients and customers, in a personalized and meaningful way, particularly during the holiday season.

Portal Facts

Type: Enterprise (English)
Various Occasions

Number of Users: 3,200+
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 29,000+
View Rate: 78%

Design Examples

holiday ecards


Hard Rock International faced a challenge in consolidating their employees and associates onto a single portal for sending ecards, from which the portal admin could efficiently obtain reports on usage and user activities. With a global user base, there was a pressing need for an efficient, economical, and eco-friendly method to send personalized greeting cards to contacts worldwide. The use of physical cards presented logistical challenges and high costs. Additionally, these cards lacked flexibility for prompt customization. Hard Rock management were in search of a solution that could embody the brand’s unique style and music-centric ethos to their employees and clients. Hard Rock, as a global company operating with numerous domain names, also sought a solution that would allow users with various email domain names to participate on the portal.


Zone1 Corporate eCard platform, with its distinctive features and modules, proved to be the optimal solution for Hard Rock International’s unique challenges.

1. Brand Customizable eCard Platform: The Zone1 platform offered a significant degree of empowerment to Hard Rock users. It allowed them to craft and circulate ecards that were uniquely personal and reflected the brand’s identity. Crucial to this was the ability to incorporate customized artwork provided by Hard Rock’s talented in-house design team. This feature offered users a plethora of design choices that perfectly encapsulated the company’s aesthetic, thus providing an extra layer of personalization.

These ecards weren’t just standard messages. They were thoughtfully designed, individualized expressions from Hard Rock users to their contacts. They served as an extension of the brand’s identity, effectively capturing and conveying Hard Rock’s unique style and ethos.

Moreover, these ecards also acted as brand ambassadors, silently communicating Hard Rock’s values to every contact who received them. Every design choice, from the graphics to the color scheme, was a nod to the brand’s distinctive style, thus promoting a sense of unity and brand loyalty.

In essence, the Zone1 platform did more than facilitate the creation and dissemination of ecards. It provided Hard Rock users with a tool that could communicate the company’s unique ethos in a personalized and meaningful way, making every recipient feel special while simultaneously reinforcing the company’s branding.

2. Global Reach: The digital foundation of Zone1’s platform brought with it some powerful advantages. Firstly, the ecard sending process was instant. As soon as a user clicked “send,” their ecard would immediately land in the recipient’s inbox, regardless of where they were in the world. This was a substantial improvement over traditional mail, which could take days or even weeks for international deliveries.

Secondly, this digital approach completely transcended geographical limitations. No matter where users or their contacts were based, be it New York, Tokyo, Cape Town, or any location in between, they could send and receive ecards. This global reach was a critical factor for Hard Rock International, given their operations spanned over 50 countries.

Lastly, the digital nature of Zone1’s platform meant the ecards were always accessible. Recipients could view their ecard on any device with internet access, whether it was a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. They could also revisit their ecard at any time, adding a lasting element to the otherwise fleeting experience of card exchange.

In summary, the digital nature of Zone1’s platform allowed Hard Rock’s users to send and receive ecards instantaneously and universally, thereby overcoming any geographical constraints. It also ensured that the ecards were always accessible and enduring, further enhancing their impact.

3. Real-time Analytics: Zone1 eCard platform not only facilitated ecard creation and distribution but also offered a valuable feature in the form of real-time analytics. This feature enabled Hard Rock users to gain an in-depth understanding of how their ecards were being received and interacted with.

Users could track key performance metrics like open rates, which gave immediate feedback on the initial impact of their ecards. Beyond just knowing whether the ecards were opened, they could also see when and where the cards were accessed, providing a deeper understanding of their contacts’ engagement patterns.

Moreover, the platform provided an admin portal that was equipped with robust reporting capabilities. Admins could access these real-time analytics and generate comprehensive reports. These reports offered an overview of the platform’s usage statistics, detailing which users were the most active, which types of ecards were most popular, and which times and days saw the most ecard activity.

By combining individual user tracking with the admin portal’s overall statistics and report generation capabilities, the Zone1 platform offered an unparalleled level of insight into the outreach efforts of Hard Rock’s users. This data-driven approach helped to ensure that every ecard sent was as impactful and effective as possible.

Critical Factors

A trio of critical factors contributed to the success of this initiative, each bearing significant weight.

  • Firstly, it was imperative that the ecard portal mirrored the unmistakable essence of the Hard Rock brand. Hard Rock’s iconic brand identity needed to resonate clearly through every aspect of the portal, ensuring a sense of familiarity and consistency for its users. To actualize this, Zone1 collaborated intimately with Hard Rock’s brand team. This partnership birthed a collection of bespoke ecard templates, each imbued with the unmistakable Hard Rock spirit. The templates served as a creative canvas for users, allowing them to craft messages that were not only personalized but also true to the brand’s essence.
  • Secondly, data privacy was paramount. In an era of increased digital scrutiny and data breaches, the protection of users’ data was non-negotiable. The Zone1 platform was architected to adhere strictly to data protection regulations across all the countries where Hard Rock operates. This meticulous adherence to global privacy standards ensured that every piece of information provided by users and their contacts was handled securely and ethically. The platform’s rigorous security measures gave users the confidence to use the portal without concerns about their data’s safety.
  • Finally, scalability emerged as a third key success factor. As an organization with over 3,200 users spread across more than 50 countries, Hard Rock needed a platform that could handle an immense volume of usage. It was not enough for the platform to function smoothly during periods of average usage; it had to flawlessly accommodate thousands of users simultaneously sending ecards, particularly during peak times such as the holiday season or special promotional events. Zone1’s platform was designed with this high-level scalability in mind, guaranteeing stable and reliable performance regardless of the demand.

In summary, the synergistic blend of brand alignment, rigorous data privacy, and robust scalability emerged as the triumvirate of success factors. Together, they ensured that Zone1’s ecard platform could meet and exceed the expectations of Hard Rock International and its expansive user base.


The implementation process kicked off with Zone1 focusing on integrating its robust corporate ecard platform on the client’s URL, allowing only users with Hard Rock email domain to access the portal. This essential implementation process was performed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the provision of seamless access for all Hard Rock users. The goal was to create an easy-to-navigate interface where users could effortlessly create, customize, and send ecards without disrupting their workflow.

Following the successful system implementation, Zone1 shifted focus towards the development of ecard templates that truly represented the Hard Rock brand. This involved an intensive collaborative process with the Hard Rock brand team, which combined their intimate understanding of the brand’s aesthetic and ethos with Zone1’s expertise in design and user experience. The result was a suite of unique, brand-specific ecard templates that effectively captured Hard Rock’s essence.

However, before these templates were rolled out to all users, they underwent rigorous testing with a pilot group comprising a diverse cross-section of Hard Rock’s user base. This preliminary phase was essential to gather valuable user feedback, ensuring the templates not only matched Hard Rock’s style but also met the diverse needs and preferences of its global users.

With the successful implementation of the platform, the creation of captivating ecard templates, and positive feedback from the pilot group, the stage was set for a phased rollout of the platform. The implementation started with the headquarters, ensuring the core team became adept with the new platform before it was introduced to the broader user base. Gradually, the platform was extended to users in various countries.

During the rollout, training sessions and support materials were provided to users to aid their understanding of the platform’s functionalities. This educational assistance ensured that each user, regardless of their technical skill level, could utilize the platform effectively and take full advantage of its features.

the implementation process was meticulously planned and executed. It started with seamless system integration, followed by collaborative design efforts, rigorous testing, and finally a phased and supportive rollout. This step-by-step approach ensured a smooth transition for all users and set the stage for the successful usage of the Zone1 ecard platform within Hard Rock International.


The results of implementing the Zone1 eCard platform at Hard Rock International were nothing short of impressive. Users enthusiastically reported that the newfound ability to send personalized, branded ecards provided a considerable boost to their outreach efforts. They found that the platform’s features enabled them to connect with their contacts in a more meaningful and impactful way.

One of the most tangible indicators of this success was the high open rates for the ecards sent through the platform. With an astounding open rate of over 75%, the engagement levels exceeded initial expectations. This high engagement demonstrated that the ecards were not only reaching their intended recipients but also resonating with them in a way that traditional communication methods had not.

Users also expressed significant appreciation for the platform’s real-time analytics. The insights gleaned from these analytics empowered users to understand their contacts’ behaviors and preferences better. Consequently, they could adjust their communication strategies, leading to even more impactful outreach efforts. The real-time analytics thus served not just as a measurement tool, but also as a strategy enhancer.

Another key aspect where the Zone1 eCard platform demonstrated its prowess was its scalability. During peak traffic periods, such as major events and holiday seasons, the platform handled the increased load flawlessly. The platform’s stability, even under high demand, further solidified its value within the Hard Rock community.

Hard Rock’s leadership joined the chorus of praises, applauding the Zone1 eCard platform for its flexibility, customizability, and user-friendly interface. They acknowledged that the platform had made a significant contribution to enhancing the company’s outreach and communication strategy, thereby aligning it more closely with the company’s vibrant and dynamic brand image.

The success of this initiative didn’t just end with praise and high user satisfaction. It also led to discussions within Hard Rock’s strategic think-tank about expanding the use of the Zone1 eCard platform into other aspects of Hard Rock’s operations. Such a move underscores the real value and impact of the solution and signals the platform’s potential to revolutionize how Hard Rock communicates, both internally and externally.

In summary, the implementation of Zone1’s eCard platform at Hard Rock International was a resounding success. The platform improved the company’s communication strategy, delighted its users, and validated its leadership’s decision to innovate. Its success sets a precedent for future digital transformations within Hard Rock and serves as a testament to Zone1’s effective solution.

“Being in 52 countries worldwide, your service allowed us to uniformly communicate to our partners. The site was easy for users and everyone at zone1 was quick to assist. Thanks for making us look so good!”