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Client Case Study: Cogeco

Cogeco Inc. is a Canadian telecommunications and media company. Its operations are focused in Canada and the United States and include radio broadcasting, cable television and internet services, business information and communications technology services, among others. It operates under several different brands, including Cogeco Connexion, Cogeco Media, Atlantic Broadband, and Cogeco Peer 1. Cogeco employs several thousand employees across its various divisions.

Cogeco’s management was in search of a solution that would facilitate the cultivation of personal and meaningful relationships with their key contacts, predominantly clients and customers. The need for such an interactive communication tool became increasingly apparent during the festive season. Moreover, the solution was required to support bilingual communications, accommodating both English and French Canadian languages, to cater to their diverse clientele.

Portal Facts

Type: Enterprise (Bilingual)

Number of Users: 290+
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 2,800+
View Rate: 82%

Design Examples

ecards for business
ecards for business


1. Bilingual Communication: One of the major challenges in this project was developing a platform that could efficiently manage bilingual communication. Ensuring that the platform supported both English and French Canadian, and facilitated seamless switching between the two, was a significant task.

2. Cultural Sensitivity: Accommodating two languages also meant considering cultural nuances and differences. The eCards and overall design of the platform needed to resonate with speakers of both languages and be sensitive to cultural contexts.

3. User Experience: Maintaining an intuitive and seamless user experience in both languages was crucial. The platform had to be easy to navigate and use regardless of the language setting.

4. Language-Specific Regulations: Compliance with any language-specific regulations and policies was another challenge. The project had to ensure the platform met all necessary standards and rules related to bilingual communications.

5. Translation Accuracy: Any content on the platform, including pre-made eCards, had to be accurately translated to ensure the intended message was clearly communicated. Avoiding translation errors or misinterpretations was vital.

6. Testing and Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing was required to ensure all features and functions worked smoothly in both languages. Quality assurance measures had to be carried out in English and French Canadian to ensure a bug-free, high-quality platform.

7. Data Security and Privacy: As with any digital platform, ensuring user data was securely stored and managed was paramount. The platform needed to comply with all relevant data protection laws.

8. Smooth Integration: The platform had to be easily accessible and work seamlessly with Cogeco’s existing systems. This included being hosted on a Zone1 subdomain for easy access.


1. Collaborative Design: Zone1 closely collaborated with the Cogeco design team to ensure that the eCard designs aligned perfectly with Cogeco’s brand identity and resonated with their customers. The designs catered to a range of occasions, sentiments, and preferences, offering a wide selection for users to choose from.

2. Bilingual Platform: The platform was built to support both English and French Canadian, with a seamless switch mechanism. This allowed users to choose their preferred language for navigation and interaction, thereby enhancing user-friendliness and accessibility.

3. Accurate Translation: Zone1 ensured that all pre-made eCard content was accurately translated into French Canadian. They used professional translators to ensure the meaning, tone, and cultural nuances of the original text were preserved.

4. Compliance with Regulations: The platform was designed to comply with any language-specific regulations, further strengthening its suitability for Cogeco’s bilingual communication needs.

5. Testing in Both Languages: Rigorous testing and quality assurance processes were implemented to ensure a smooth user experience in both languages. This covered all features and functions, from the user interface to the eCard sending process.

6. Hosting on Zone1 Subdomain: To ensure smooth deployment and operation, the eCard platform was hosted on a subdomain of This made it easier for users to access the platform while maintaining a secure and reliable hosting environment.

7. Continuous Support: Zone1 provided continuous technical support to Cogeco, addressing any issues promptly and ensuring the platform remained up-to-date and compliant with any new language-related rules or regulations.


1. Project Initiation and Planning: The initial phase of the project involved understanding Cogeco’s unique requirements for the bilingual eCard platform. The project scope, timeline, and key roles and responsibilities were defined during this phase.

2. Design Collaboration: In this stage, the Cogeco and Zone1 design teams worked together to produce eCard designs that echoed Cogeco’s brand while appealing to their diverse clientele. The artwork and design elements were supplied by Cogeco to ensure brand consistency across all creative content.

3. Platform Development: Zone1 then embarked on building the eCard platform in both English and French Canadian. The platform included features such as bilingual support, eCard customization, and an intuitive user interface. Given the tight timeline, careful project management was necessary to ensure timely completion of this stage.

4. Content Translation: Concurrently, the content for the ready-made eCards was being translated into French Canadian by professional translators. This process ensured that the platform catered to both English and French Canadian speakers, facilitating accurate and culturally sensitive communication.

5. Integration and Hosting: The bilingual eCard platform was subsequently integrated with Zone1 AWS cloud-based servers. It was then hosted on a subdomain of, ensuring secure and easy access for all Cogeco users.

6. Quality Assurance and Testing: Rigorous testing was conducted in both languages to ensure smooth functionality of all platform features. This involved a comprehensive check of the user interface, eCard sending process, language switching functionality, and other integral features.

7. Training and Deployment: After the platform was thoroughly tested and approved, it was launched. Zone1 provided training to Cogeco’s staff, enabling them to efficiently use the platform and handle minor issues that might arise.

8. Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Post-launch, Zone1 continued to offer technical support, promptly addressing any emerging issues and keeping the platform updated in line with any new language-specific regulations. This ensured the platform’s consistent performance over time.


1. High Engagement: The platform achieved an impressive open rate of 82%, which indicates high engagement levels. Users readily adopted the platform for sending personalized eCards, showing that the eCard initiative was well received.

2. Stronger Relationships: The personalized eCards allowed Cogeco to establish and strengthen relationships with its contacts in a unique and personal way. Both clients and employees felt more valued, which increased their loyalty towards Cogeco.

3. Bilingual Communication: The bilingual nature of the platform allowed for seamless communication with all users, regardless of their language preference. This was a major win, considering the bilingual communication needs of Cogeco’s stakeholders.

4. Brand Consistency: Thanks to the collaborative design process and use of artwork provided by Cogeco, the eCards maintained consistency with Cogeco’s brand identity. This reinforced Cogeco’s brand image each time an eCard was sent.

5. Increased Productivity: With the platform, sending personalized eCards became a swift and effortless process. This saved a considerable amount of time for employees, leading to improved productivity.

6. Secure and Compliant: The platform proved to be reliable, secure, and compliant with data privacy standards, ensuring user trust and continuous usage.

7. Ongoing Support: Zone1’s continuous support ensured the platform’s optimal performance and user satisfaction, securing the long-term success of the project.

The success of the eCard initiative demonstrated the effectiveness of personalized, digital communication in fostering relationships and engaging users. It’s a testament to the potential such platforms hold for enhancing corporate communications.