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Client Case Study: is the official website of the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), a not-for-profit organization with a vision to enhance the experiences of all Canadian athletes through quality coaching. CAC offers education and certification programs, provides resources for coaches, delivers national coaching congresses, and advocates for the profession. Its goal is to enhance the ability of coaches to better serve athletes and their own continuing development. sought to cultivate and enhance personalized, meaningful connections with their teams, including athletes and coaches. This objective was accentuated during the National Coaches Week, a time set aside for acknowledging and thanking coaches for their hard work. The organization wanted to create an engaging and memorable bilingual (English and French) experience, to further nurture these relationships. The initiative was particularly focused on expressing appreciation for the coaches’ performance and their crucial role in the success of the athletes.

Portal Facts

Type: Multi-Users Pro (English)
Connection Campaign

Number of Users: 36
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 1,250+
View Rate: 76%

Design Examples


The key challenges for this project included:

1. Bilingual Platform: Given that Canada is a bilingual country, a major challenge was the need to create an eCard portal in both English and French to cater to all coaches and athletes across the country.

2. Diverse User Base:’s community includes a broad array of users, ranging from professional coaches to athletes. The eCard portal needed to be intuitive and user-friendly for all, regardless of their technical expertise.

3. Data Security and Privacy: Given the sensitivity of personal data, it was crucial to ensure that the portal was secure and adhered to privacy regulations, keeping all user information safe.

4. Personalization and Impact: The platform needed to enable users to send personalized eCards that made an emotional connection with recipients, enhancing the impact of the gesture.

5. Timeline and Scalability: The portal had to be ready in time for National Coaches Week, and it needed to handle the high traffic of users sending eCards without any technical glitches.


The solution to the project was a comprehensive, yet user-friendly eCard portal, designed and implemented by Zone1.

1. Bilingual Portal Development: Zone1 developed a fully bilingual eCard portal to cater to the needs of the English and French-speaking users.

2. User Interface: An intuitive and user-friendly interface was designed to ensure all users, regardless of their technical skills, could easily use the portal.

3. Data Security: Strict security protocols were enforced to ensure the safety of users’ data. Compliance with privacy regulations was maintained at all times, ensuring the users’ information was safe and secure.

4. Personalization Features: The portal allowed users to send personalized eCards with their messages, enhancing the impact of the gesture and making each eCard meaningful.

5. Project Management: The project was managed effectively to ensure the portal was ready in time for National Coaches Week. The platform was designed to be scalable to handle a large number of users simultaneously without any glitches.

6. Artwork Provided by Client:’s design team provided the artwork for the eCards, allowing for a fully branded and personalized user experience that adhered to’s brand identity.

By addressing each of these factors, Zone1 was able to deliver a solution that not only met the needs of but also exceeded their expectations.


The process for this project was conducted in several phases:

1. Requirement Analysis and Planning: The first step involved a thorough understanding of’s needs and objectives. This included understanding the need for a bilingual platform, ensuring user data security, providing personalized eCard templates, and establishing the timeline for the project.

2. Design Phase: The design phase involved creating the user interface and user experience of the eCard portal. The design was kept simple and intuitive, ensuring ease of use for a diverse user base. During this phase, the artwork provided by’s design team was integrated into the portal design.

3. Development Phase: Once the design was finalized, the development phase began. This included building the bilingual eCard portal, incorporating necessary features for personalization, data security, and privacy. The portal was designed to be scalable to handle the high user traffic expected during the National Coaches Week.

4. Testing Phase: After the development was completed, the eCard portal went through rigorous testing to ensure all features were working as expected, and there were no security vulnerabilities. It also tested the system’s ability to handle high traffic loads.

5. Integration: The portal was then integrated with’s existing systems. This was done carefully to avoid any disruptions or complications.

6. Deployment and Monitoring: Once integration was successfully completed, the portal was deployed and made available to users. The platform’s performance was continuously monitored to ensure smooth operation and to quickly address any potential issues.

7. Feedback and Optimization: Feedback was gathered from users to understand their experience with the eCard portal. Based on the feedback, any necessary optimizations and improvements were made to enhance the user experience and overall functionality of the portal.

This methodical and structured process ensured the successful completion of the project, meeting the specific needs of


The project with achieved significant success in several areas:

1. User Engagement: The personalized, bilingual eCard portal was well received by the users, resulting in a significant increase in engagement levels. During the National Coaches Week, a high volume of users used the portal to send personalized eCards, indicating its successful adoption.

2. Data Privacy and Security: The stringent measures taken to ensure user data privacy and security proved to be successful. No breaches or violations of user data occurred, strengthening the trust users had in the platform and in

3. Platform Performance: Despite high user traffic during peak periods, the portal performed exceptionally well without any significant lags or downtime, demonstrating the effectiveness of the technical design and its scalability.

4. Positive Feedback: Feedback collected from users indicated a high level of satisfaction with the portal’s ease of use, features, and overall performance. Users appreciated the option to personalize their eCards and the seamless experience in both English and French.

5. Strengthened Relationships: The main objective of fostering and strengthening relationships with teams, athletes, and coaches was achieved. The personalized eCards allowed to communicate appreciation, acknowledgement, and well-wishes in a unique and memorable manner, further enhancing these relationships.

In summary, the project was a resounding success, effectively meeting the set objectives and exceeding expectations in terms of user engagement and platform performance. It has paved the way for future digital initiatives to further improve communication and relationship-building within