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Forest City Realty Trust, Inc. is a real estate firm that employs over 4,000 individuals. The company owns, develops, manages, and acquires commercial and residential real estate in major markets across the United States. Its portfolio includes retail centers, apartment communities, office buildings, and mixed-use projects.

The management team recognized the need for a method to establish and cultivate relationships with their contacts – typically clients and customers – in a personalized and meaningful way on various occasions.

Portal Facts

Type: Enterprise (English)
Various Occasions

Number of Users: 1,500+
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 12,000+
View Rate: 80%

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Forest City encountered a challenge in unifying their employees and associates on a centralized portal for sending ecards, while also providing the portal admin with comprehensive reports on usage and user activities. Given their global user base, there was a strong demand for an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly approach to sending personalized greeting cards to contacts worldwide. The traditional method of physical cards posed logistical hurdles and high expenses, lacking the flexibility for swift customization. Forest City’s management sought a solution that could embody the brand’s distinctive style and music-centric ethos when connecting with both employees and clients.


The Zone1 eCard platform emerged as the ideal solution for Forest City’s unique challenges, thanks to its distinctive features and modules.

1. Brand Customizable eCard Platform: The Zone1 platform provided Forest City users with a high degree of empowerment, allowing them to create and share personalized eCards for various occasions such as holidays, thank you notes, announcements, invitations, and congratulations. The platform allowed for the incorporation of custom artwork provided by Forest City’s talented in-house design team, offering a wide range of design choices that perfectly captured the company’s aesthetic and added an extra layer of personalization. These eCards served as thoughtful and individualized expressions from Forest City users to their contacts, effectively reflecting the brand’s identity and capturing its unique style and ethos.

2. Global Reach: Zone1’s digital foundation brought significant advantages to Forest City by ensuring instant delivery of eCards. As soon as a user clicked “send,” the eCard would immediately land in the recipient’s inbox, regardless of their location in the world. This was a marked improvement over traditional mail, which could take days or weeks for international deliveries. Additionally, the digital nature of the platform meant that recipients could access their eCards on any internet-connected device, offering convenience and allowing for revisiting the eCards at any time.

3. Real-time Analytics: The Zone1 platform provided Forest City users with real-time analytics, offering valuable insights into the reception and interaction with their eCards. Users could track key performance metrics, such as open rates, to gauge the initial impact of their eCards. They could also gather data on when and where the eCards were accessed, providing a deeper understanding of recipient engagement patterns. The platform’s admin portal further enhanced these capabilities, enabling administrators to manage users, monitor campaign status, and generate comprehensive reports. This data-driven approach allowed Forest City to gain a comprehensive overview of their eCard outreach efforts, helping to optimize their impact and effectiveness.

In summary, the Zone1 eCard platform addressed Forest City’s unique challenges by providing a brand customizable solution that allowed for personalized and meaningful eCard exchanges. The platform’s global reach ensured instant and universal delivery, while real-time analytics empowered Forest City users with valuable insights for optimizing their eCard campaigns.

Critical Factors

The success of this initiative hinged on three crucial factors, each carrying significant weight.

Firstly, it was essential that the eCard portal embodied the distinctive essence of the Forest City brand. The portal needed to reflect the brand’s identity in every aspect, providing a consistent and familiar experience for users. To achieve this, Zone1 collaborated closely with the Forest City brand team, resulting in a collection of custom eCard templates that captured the unmistakable spirit of Forest City. These templates served as a creative canvas for users, allowing them to personalize their messages while staying true to the brand’s essence.

Secondly, data privacy held paramount importance. In an era of heightened digital scrutiny and data breaches, safeguarding user data was non-negotiable. The Zone1 platform was meticulously designed to adhere strictly to data protection regulations across all the countries where Forest City operates. This unwavering commitment to global privacy standards ensured that all user and contact information was handled securely and ethically. The platform’s robust security measures instilled confidence in users, assuring them that their data was safe while using the portal.

Lastly, scalability emerged as a critical success factor. With a workforce of over 4,000, Forest City required a platform that could handle a substantial volume of usage. It was imperative that the platform not only functioned smoothly during regular usage but also seamlessly accommodated thousands of users simultaneously sending eCards, especially during peak periods like the holiday season or promotional events. Zone1’s platform was purposefully designed with high-level scalability in mind, guaranteeing stable and reliable performance regardless of the demand.

In summary, the convergence of brand alignment, stringent data privacy measures, and robust scalability formed the triumvirate of success factors. Together, they ensured that Zone1’s eCard platform met and surpassed the expectations of Forest City and its extensive user base.


The implementation process commenced with Zone1 focusing on seamlessly integrating its robust eCard platform into the client’s URL, granting exclusive access to Forest City users with a Forest City email domain. This critical implementation phase was meticulously executed, ensuring effortless access for all Forest City users while maintaining their workflow.

Once the system implementation was successfully completed, Zone1 turned its attention to developing eCard templates that truly embodied the Forest City brand. This involved an intensive collaboration with the Forest City brand team, combining their deep understanding of the brand’s aesthetic and ethos with Zone1’s design and user experience expertise. The outcome was a collection of distinctive eCard templates that effectively captured the essence of Forest City.

However, before the templates were made available to all users, they underwent rigorous testing with a pilot group representing a diverse cross-section of Forest City’s user base. This crucial phase enabled valuable user feedback, ensuring that the templates not only aligned with Forest City’s style but also catered to the diverse needs and preferences of its global user base.

With the successful implementation of the platform, the creation of captivating eCard templates, and positive feedback from the pilot group, the stage was set for a phased rollout. The implementation began with headquarters, allowing the core team to become proficient with the new platform before expanding it to the wider user base. Gradually, the platform was introduced to users in different countries.

During the rollout, training sessions and support materials were provided to users to enhance their understanding of the platform’s functionalities. This educational support ensured that users of varying technical proficiency could effectively utilize the platform and fully leverage its features.

In summary, the implementation process was thoughtfully planned and executed. It commenced with seamless system integration, followed by collaborative design efforts, thorough testing, and a phased rollout with comprehensive user support. This step-by-step approach facilitated a smooth transition for all users and set the stage for the successful adoption of the Zone1 eCard platform within the Forest City Company.


The implementation of Zone1’s eCard platform for Forest City yielded a range of positive results:

1. Enhanced Brand Representation: The eCard platform effectively reflected the Forest City brand identity. The bespoke eCard templates captured the essence of Forest City, enabling users to personalize messages while staying true to the brand’s style. This ensured consistent brand representation across all eCards sent, reinforcing the brand’s identity and enhancing its recognition.

2. Improved User Engagement: Forest City users embraced the eCard platform with enthusiasm. The user-friendly interface allowed for effortless creation, customization, and sending of eCards. The platform’s seamless integration into their workflow made it easy for users to connect with their contacts and build meaningful relationships. The availability of diverse eCard templates provided flexibility and catered to the unique preferences of users, resulting in higher user engagement.

3. Time and Cost Efficiency: The digital nature of the eCard platform brought significant time and cost savings for Forest City. Traditional physical cards incurred expenses and logistical challenges, including printing, mailing, and delivery. With the eCard platform, Forest City eliminated these expenses and the associated lead times. Instant delivery and accessibility of eCards allowed for timely communication, particularly during peak periods such as holidays. The platform’s scalability ensured smooth performance even during high user volumes, further enhancing time and cost efficiency.

4. Data Privacy and Security: The implementation of Zone1’s eCard platform prioritized data privacy and security. Adherence to global data protection regulations safeguarded user and contact information, instilling trust among Forest City users. The platform’s robust security measures protected sensitive data and ensured a secure eCard exchange environment.

5. Valuable Insights and Reporting: The real-time analytics and reporting capabilities offered by the eCard platform provided Forest City with valuable insights into eCard performance and user engagement. Key metrics, such as open rates and recipient interactions, allowed Forest City to assess the impact of their eCard campaigns and make data-driven decisions for future initiatives. The comprehensive reporting features provided an overview of platform usage, user activity, and campaign success, enabling Forest City to refine their strategies and optimize results.

Overall, the implementation of Zone1’s eCard platform resulted in a strengthened brand representation, improved user engagement, time and cost efficiencies, enhanced data privacy and security, and access to valuable insights for Forest City. The platform facilitated meaningful connections with contacts, fostered personalized communication, and enabled Forest City to effectively express their brand’s identity through a digital medium.

“With over 4,000 employees, sending e-cards on behalf of everyone’s’ business contacts seemed daunting. Zone1’s e-card web application made the process easy, efficient and affordable. The Zone1 team was easy to work with and flexible to our needs. The set up process ran smoothly and timely. Upon rolling out our new e-card site, we received wonderful feedback from the user community. Users found the system simple to use and intuitive to navigate. I would not hesitate to call on Zone1 again in the future.”


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