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Client Case Study: Smith Anderson

Smith Anderson is one of the largest business and litigation law firms headquartered in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, USA. They provide a full suite of legal services to a diverse range of clients, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Their practice areas include corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, employment law, real estate, tax law, and more. With a strong commitment to delivering high-quality, client-centered services, Smith Anderson has earned a reputation as a trusted legal advisor in both regional and national matters.

With the desire to build upon their strong client relationships, they sought a solution that would allow for personalized, timely, and engaging correspondence during the festive season. Acknowledging the potential benefits of this digital strategy – such as efficiency, convenience, and eco-friendliness – the firm was keen to adopt a system that would empower their team to send holiday greetings swiftly and effortlessly. This initiative was aligned with their commitment to client-centric service, strengthening their connection with clients and associates in a meaningful and memorable manner.

Portal Facts

Type: Multi-Users (English)

Number of Users: 8
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 1,300+
View Rate: 74%

Design Examples

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corporate ecards platform
corporate ecards platform


One of the key challenges that Smith Anderson faced was to create an engaging and unique festive experience that would stand out and resonate with their clients and associates. The firm was aware that in the clutter of holiday season correspondence, it was critical to create a communication that was not just timely, but also captivating and memorable. This necessitated the design of eCards that were more than just a regular holiday greeting – they needed to be a reflection of the firm’s identity, ethos and gratitude towards its clients.

Additionally, the firm was keen on leveraging the potential of animation to make their eCards dynamic and visually appealing. While this added a layer of complexity in terms of design and execution, they believed that an animated eCard would be far more engaging and impactful. Hence, the challenge was to find a partner who could not only understand their unique requirements, but also had the technical expertise and creativity to design compelling animated eCards.

In addition to the design, another challenge was to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for the team members in terms of selecting and sending these eCards. Given that this was to be done during the busy holiday season, the process had to be efficient and user-friendly, enabling the team to send out the eCards in a timely manner without any glitches. Hence, the challenge was to have a system that was easy to navigate, reliable, and efficient, ensuring that the process of sending out holiday greetings was a pleasant and hassle-free experience for the team.

In summary, Smith Anderson needed a comprehensive solution that would address their need for uniquely designed animated eCards and an efficient, easy-to-use portal to send these out, all within the limited timeframe of the holiday season.


To address the challenges faced by Smith Anderson, Zone1 proposed a comprehensive solution that combined creative design with technical expertise and user-friendly functionality.

Firstly, Zone1’s team of skilled designers embarked on creating unique eCard designs that were a reflection of Smith Anderson’s identity and ethos. To make the eCards stand out and engage recipients, the team leveraged their expertise in animation. They created dynamic, animated eCards that not only conveyed the holiday greetings but did so in a manner that was visually captivating and memorable. Care was taken to ensure that the animations were smooth, the design aesthetic was in line with Smith Anderson’s brand image, and the overall look and feel of the eCards was appealing.

Simultaneously, the technical team at Zone1 worked on setting up a user-friendly eCard portal for Smith Anderson. The portal was designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing team members to select and send eCards with ease. The system was robust and reliable, ensuring a smooth, glitch-free experience for the users. Features such as the ability to preview eCards before sending, add personalized messages, and track the eCards sent were incorporated into the portal, enhancing its functionality and user experience.

The combined efforts of the design and technical teams resulted in a comprehensive solution that addressed Smith Anderson’s needs effectively. The uniquely designed animated eCards coupled with the efficient, user-friendly portal ensured that Smith Anderson was able to provide a memorable, unique experience for their clients and associates during the holiday season, while also reinforcing their brand image.


The process for this project started with a careful understanding of Smith Anderson’s needs and expectations for their holiday eCard portal. The Zone1 team engaged in detailed discussions with Smith Anderson to grasp their vision for the portal and the eCards, as well as their brand identity and communication style.

Following this, Zone1’s design team embarked on creating the eCard designs. They conceptualized and created a variety of designs, incorporating animations to make the eCards dynamic and engaging. Each design was reviewed and refined until it met the desired standards and was in alignment with Smith Anderson’s brand image.

Meanwhile, the technical team began setting up the eCard portal. They focused on creating an intuitive, user-friendly system that was easy to navigate and efficient to use. The system was rigorously tested to ensure its performance, reliability, and security.

Once the portal was ready and the eCard designs were finalized, the eCards were uploaded onto the portal. The portal was then rolled out to Smith Anderson’s team, with comprehensive training provided to ensure they could efficiently use the portal to send eCards.

Throughout the process, there was constant communication between the Zone1 team and Smith Anderson. Feedback was actively sought and incorporated, ensuring the solution delivered was in line with Smith Anderson’s expectations and needs.

The entire process was managed efficiently and professionally by Zone1, ensuring that Smith Anderson’s eCard portal was ready in time for the holiday season.


The successful results of this project were marked by positive feedback and a significant increase in user engagement. The eCard portal developed by Zone1 was well-received by the team at Smith Anderson. They found the platform intuitive and straightforward to use, which facilitated the smooth delivery of eCards during the holiday season.

The animated eCards designed by Zone1 were particularly appreciated, providing a vibrant and dynamic way for Smith Anderson to extend their holiday greetings. The eCards effectively embodied the company’s brand image while adding a touch of festive cheer, leading to positive reactions from the recipients. The customization options provided further enriched the eCard sending experience, enabling the sender to personalize each eCard and strengthen the connection with the recipient.

The project significantly boosted Smith Anderson’s communication during the holiday season, with a substantial increase in the number of eCards sent compared to previous years. The ability to track and monitor the sending process also added a layer of transparency and control that was highly appreciated by the management.

In terms of technical performance, the eCard portal ran smoothly throughout the season, with no reported issues or downtime. The robustness of the platform, coupled with the success of the eCard campaign, underscored the value of the solution provided by Zone1.

Overall, the project was a resounding success, achieving Smith Anderson’s goal of providing a unique, memorable experience to their contacts during the holiday season. The positive results reaffirmed the effectiveness of eCards as a communication tool and the proficiency of Zone1 in delivering a comprehensive, high-quality solution.

“The team at Zone1 went above and beyond to meet our expectations for our Firm’s Holiday ECard. We were thrilled with the quality, quickness of production and responsiveness to our questions. We now have a quality piece our Firm can feel good about, and we will definitely be using them in the future.”


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