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Holiday eCards for Law Firm | MOI Solicitors

MOI is a Vancouver-based law firm focused exclusively on corporate and securities law matters. Bennett Jones is one of Canada’s premier business law firms with deep experience in complex transactions and litigation matters.

The leadership at MOI identified the need for an approach to forge and nurture relationships with their contacts, predominantly clients and customers, in a personalized and significant manner during the holiday season. They planned for a compact team at MOI to manage the dispatch of the holiday eCards for law firm. Thus, they sought a solution that would empower the assistants to send eCards on behalf of the company.

Portal Facts

Type: Multi-Users Pro (English)

Number of Users: 30
Number of Admins:

eCards Delivered: 8,200+
View Rate: 80%

Design Examples

branded holiday ecards


The eCard campaign for MOI posed several distinct challenges that Zone1 was set to tackle:

1. Multi-role Accessibility: A unique requirement of this project was to create “Sending Profiles,” which would allow assistants to send online holiday greeting cards on behalf of multiple executives. The challenge here was to develop a module where assistants, upon login, would be presented with a list of executives they were authorized to represent.

2. User Rights Management: The system needed to have robust user rights management to control which executives an assistant could send eCards for. The assignment of these roles was to be determined by an administrator.

3. Versatility of Control: Another complexity of the project was to grant the assistants control over the executive’s signature, recipient list, eCard design, and sending process. This required the platform to be highly customizable to ensure authenticity and consistency with MOI’s branding.

4. Sender Identity Management: A crucial part of the project was ensuring that professional ecards appeared in the recipients’ inboxes as being sent directly from the executive’s email address, not the assistant’s. This posed a technical challenge to maintain the perception of personal communication from the executives themselves.

5. Ease of Use: Given the multi-layered functionality of the platform, it was important that the platform remained user-friendly and intuitive for both the assistants and the administrators managing the roles.

6. Data Security and Privacy: As the platform would handle sensitive executive and client information, ensuring robust data security and privacy was a vital aspect of this project.

These challenges required Zone1 to come up with an innovative, flexible, and secure solution for MOI’s unique eCard campaign needs.


As a corporate ecard platform, Zone1 approached the MOI’s project with a tailored solution designed to meet the unique needs and challenges. Here’s how Zone1 addressed the project requirements:

1. Multi-role Accessibility: Zone1 developed a “Sending Profiles” module. On login, the system would recognize the assistant’s user credentials and display a list of executives they were authorized to represent. This allowed assistants to send eCards on behalf of multiple executives seamlessly.

2. User Rights Management: Zone1 implemented a robust user rights management system. Administrators could assign assistants to executives, determining who each assistant could send eCards on behalf of. This ensured that the correct assistants had the right access and control.

3. Versatility of Control: Zone1 created a platform that offered a high degree of personalization and control. Assistants could customize the executive’s signature, select recipients, choose the best holiday eCards design, and manage the sending process. This ensured consistency with MOI’s branding and personal touch in every communication.

4. Sender Identity Management: Zone1 integrated an advanced email system that ensured eCards appeared in the recipients’ inboxes as being sent directly from the executive’s email address. This feature maintained the perception of direct, personal communication from the executives.

5. Ease of Use: Despite the complex features, Zone1 developed a user-friendly interface for both assistants and administrators. This made the platform easy to navigate and operate, simplifying the eCard sending process.

6. Data Security and Privacy: Zone1 ensured high-level data security by implementing industry-standard encryption technologies. This safeguarded all sensitive executive and client information handled by the platform.

Zone1’s solution was a blend of intuitive design and advanced technology, offering MOI a powerful and flexible platform to nurture their client relationships via personalized eCards.


Zone1 employed a systematic approach to execute MOI’s project, ensuring every unique requirement was adequately addressed:

1. Requirement Gathering: Initial meetings were held with MOI to understand the project’s unique needs, including the concept of “Sending Profiles.” The goal was to capture every requirement for building a platform that would serve MOI’s purposes effectively.

2. System Design and Development: Based on the gathered requirements, Zone1 designed a user-friendly platform capable of handling the diverse needs of different user roles. This phase involved creating a robust user rights management system, an advanced email system, and a high degree of customization.

3. Module Integration: The “Sending Profiles” module was integrated into the system, allowing assistants to send eCards on behalf of multiple executives. This module ensured that each assistant saw only the profiles they were authorized to access.

4. System Testing: Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure all components, including the “Sending Profiles” module, worked seamlessly. This process helped identify and fix any bugs or issues.

5. User Training: Once the platform was ready and tested, a training session was conducted for MOI’s administrators and assistants. This session explained how to use the platform effectively, including how to send eCards, manage executive profiles, and customize eCards.

6. System Deployment: After successful testing and training, the system was deployed. The platform was monitored to ensure all operations were running smoothly.

7. Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Zone1 provided ongoing support and maintenance, helping MOI navigate any challenges encountered during the operation. They also offered services for future upgrades and adjustments based on feedback.

8. Review and Feedback: After the project’s completion, Zone1 conducted a review session with MOI to understand their experiences with the platform and collect feedback for future improvements.

This systematic process ensured that MOI’s unique eCard campaign needs were addressed successfully, demonstrating Zone1’s commitment to delivering personalized solutions.


The implementation of the eCard campaign by Zone1 resulted in several successful outcomes for MOI:

1. Effective Role Management: The “Sending Profiles” module effectively managed the roles of assistants and executives. Assistants could send eCards on behalf of multiple executives with ease, enhancing the efficiency of MOI’s eCard campaign.

2. High Degree of Personalization: The platform’s customization features were used extensively, allowing each eCard to be personalized with the executive’s signature and tailored to the recipient. This led to a highly personalized and meaningful experience for the recipients.

3. Successful Sender Identity Management: All eCards appeared in the recipients’ inboxes as being sent from the executive’s email address, maintaining the perception of personal communication from the executives.

4. Ease of Use: Both administrators and assistants found the platform easy to navigate and use, facilitating smooth operation and reducing the need for ongoing technical support.

5. Strong Data Security: No security breaches were reported during the campaign. The robust encryption measures ensured that sensitive data remained secure, promoting trust in MOI’s communication process.

6. Positive Feedback: MOI received positive feedback on the eCard campaign. Recipients appreciated the personalized eCards and the meaningful connection they created.

7. Interest in Future Campaigns: Following the success of the eCard campaign, MOI expressed interest in using the platform for future campaigns, indicating the value and adaptability of the solution.

Overall, Zone1’s solution effectively addressed MOI’s unique needs, making the eCard campaign a resounding success and providing a platform for strengthening MOI’s relationships with its clients and customers.

“You made what is normally a very stressful project, quite painless. What other companies shied away from you met head on and came up with a reasonable solution at a suitable price. Thanks so much for delivering a really beautiful holiday card that we are quite proud to share.”


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