The Care & Share Project

The Care & Share Project has been put into place by Zone1 specifically during these critical times of uncertainty with the sole purpose of allowing people to share their thoughts, experiences and feelings of gratitude and care with others by sending free eCards. Designs which are majorly artworks are created and contributed for this event by professionals and diligent designers as well as innovative individuals with skills and talent to contribute to this Care & Share art project from all over the world.

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We are happy to contribute in any way we can, and we thank all the front-line heroes ranging from the healthcare specialists to the security personnel for their great work and effort during this crisis. They deserve the appreciation we are showing them and even more and we are thankful as well as grateful to have them as a part of our communities. You can now send unlimited Thank You, Miss You, Hope, Fearless, Stand Firm and Appreciation eCards to our front-line heroes, patients, your loved ones and every individual staying home and staying safe.


For Creative Designers

In the on-going event of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been taking part in lending a helping hand. How impressive would it be if creative designers from all over the world could in their own little way contribute to relieving the stress our front-line heroes and patients by sending unlimited messages using eCards to them and their loved ones, while still maintaining social distancing and ensuring that love and care is shared in the community.

We welcome you as a supporter to share your unique and beautiful designs through the Care & Share project, with the goal of supporting communities around the world during these difficult times. Please take a few minutes to create your designer account and upload your own original artwork to create eCard templates with your customized credit. Thanks to those designers who have already started to support us, showing their care and sharing their thoughts with everyone!


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