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We have a proven track record of creating online applications and solutions that support your brand and meet your business objectives. We balance art with functionality, delivering content in the most efficient and satisfying manner. We also use only the most current Internet writing standards to ensure that your content is structured for maximum web readability. Along with performing a pre-production scope analysis, we define your short-term and long-term goals, user navigation, marketing and public relations messages, timelines, and budgets.

Team Zone1 has years of experience and expertise working with online platform development and Internet technologies. We believe that it is extremely important to spend the right amount of time in research and brainstorming up front to be able to accurately nail down the requirements of a new project. We also consider the advantages and disadvantages of each platform before we agree on the right one for your company. Every platform that we have developed comes with its own unique set of business and technological rules. These platforms are all specially customized and tailored to exceed the needs of our clients.

Dedicated Corporate e-Cards Platform
Perfect for mid-sized to large-sized businesses.
Our Dedicated Corporate Platform was made for our clients who have a larger amount of organization-wide users and greater needs. The dedicated customized corporate platform is perfect for mid-sized to large-sized businesses who want to offer their own e-Card system to the employees across their entire organization. This platform comes with powerful features and tools to help promote your brand year-round in a wide variety of ways.

Upon request and based on your needs, Team Zone1 will tailor custom modules or modify some areas of the standard platform features to enhance your experience.

Small Business e-Cards Platform
For smaller sized businesses.
Our universal platform is meant for clients with limited users and smaller business needs. Zone1’s small business e-Card platform is called eSend. eSend is perfect for organizations that don’t wish to purchase their own dedicated system, but simply require a powerful means of delivering e-Cards to help promote their brand seasonally. Although the platform is universally shared with other Zone1 e-Card clients, each organization only has access to their own customized and branded templates. The dedicated platform user will still enjoy the same features and tools that are available to any client with the e-Card small business platform.
Online Fundraising Platform
Raise money for your noble causes
With this platform, anyone has the ability to take his/her message and use the tools available to reach out to people all over the world. Our business philosophy is focused toward complete satisfaction in raising funds for good causes. We focus our expertise on giving our clients targeted media with measurable results. We are determined to set you on a solid foundation where you can build upon it to be more successful. Stydos, a fundraising platform, makes it extremely simple to fundraise online for the things that matter to you the most. It’s easy to invite family and friends to donate to your important life events, projects, and causes.
Reward and Recognition Platform
Stay connected with your employees.
Through our rewards and recognition e-Cards platform, Zone1 helps large, even global, companies to recognize and reward their employees. Doing so increases employee engagement and can result in happier employees. This means higher production and improved business results. Our platform provides the tools every organization needs to increase performance by aligning employees to the organization and putting managers at the heart of your engagement strategy. Zone1’s platform supports your managers with dashboards that deliver clean and clear actions. This develops leaders to be better coaches and mentors, and puts social recognition at the heart of your business.



The e-Cards platform is terrific for interacting with customers, recognizing and rewarding employees, strengthening friendships, commemorating milestones, celebrating holidays, and much more. The e-Cards platform provides any of your registered employees with a branded and secure way of promoting your corporate identity both internally and globally.

Zone1’s platform is white-labeled and branded to match your company’s image. This gives your marketing team, sales representatives, human resource professionals, and other employees the ability to quickly and easily create and send a personalized message from your company’s domain address without using complicated databases, direct marketing, or co-branded systems.

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